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  1. There was no permanence anywhere; all was no more than the shifting accidental and fleeting combinations of the permanent atoms of which the cosmos was composed.

  2. The telescope put an end to the flattering assumption that the cosmos circled around man and the little ball he lives on.

  3. Thus the Greek idea that man is a microcosm, a world in miniature, reflecting the cosmos on a smaller scale, was expressed in the Tannaitic schools as well.

  4. Consequently the great thinkers and moralists of heathendom were forced to deny the deities, before they could assert either the unity of the cosmos or a design in life.

  5. That is, the idea of divine justice is revealed, not in the world as it is, but in the world as it should be, the ideal cosmos which lives in the spirit.

  6. If we wish to speak of a power that permeates the cosmos and turns the wheel of life, it is far more correct to speak of God's creative goodness.

  7. Indeed, the modern view of evolution in place of creation has the grave danger of leading to pantheism, to a conception of the cosmos which sees in God only an eternal energy (or substance) devoid of free volition and self-conscious action.

  8. The physical cosmos itself is not a thought, but an act.

  9. The physical cosmos is the mould, and man is the molten metal that is poured into it.

  10. Cosmos Mindeleff, [SEAL] Acting for the Secretary of the Interior.

  11. The profound security of Carlyle's sense of the unity of the Cosmos is like that of a Hebrew prophet; and it has the same expression that it had in the Hebrew prophets--humour.

  12. They were neither Radicals nor Socialists, but Liberals, and a Liberal is a noble and indispensable lunatic who tries to make a cosmos of his own head.

  13. Why should not these worlds be inhabited by a race equal or even superior in intelligence to ourselves, according to their place in the cosmos of creation?

  14. In another chapter we have lightly touched upon the greatness of the Universe, in the cosmos of which our earth is but an infinitesimal speck.

  15. Its length, breadth, height and circumference are illimitable, boundless; the great eternal cosmos without beginning and without end.

  16. Secretary of the Cosmos Club has not yet been presented for payment.

  17. Doubtless, a creator of a Cosmos could have devised a better method; but creatures of this particular Cosmos must put up with this particular method.

  18. It is the truth of the sneer, stamped out from the black iron of the Cosmos and interwoven with mighty rhythms of sound into a fabric of splendor and beauty.

  19. The pantheist believes that to reach the nirvanic plane is to attain to holiness; Christianity says that all the planes of the cosmos are tainted, and if one reached even the seventh, one would still have need of cleansing.

  20. Hence man is able to climb beyond the defiled cosmos into the pure heaven of God.

  21. Memory would keep man in the cosmos even though he were reincarnated a million times.

  22. It testifies to the fact that the cosmos is only partially subject to judgments either of good or of evil; that value has a genesis and a history within an environment that is at best plastic and progressively submissive.

  23. If incapacity may be said to be the metaphysical evil, the taint of the cosmos at large, overindulgence may be said to be the original sin, the taint of life itself.

  24. It is held that goodness must not lose its meaning, even if it be necessary that its claims upon the cosmos should be somewhat abated.

  25. This is the first and last campaign, the war of life upon the routine of the mechanical cosmos and its forces of dissolution.

  26. The deity represents this purpose in the cosmos at large, and rallies the forces of nature to its support.

  27. Now, this moment give me all the thought, all the idea, ali the soul expressed in the cosmos around me.

  28. Were the cosmos twice as wide, the soul could run over it, and return to itself in a time so small, no measure exists to mete it.

  29. A nexus of ideas exists of which nothing is known--a vast system of ideas--a cosmos of thought.

  30. That my soul might be more than the cosmos of life.

  31. I cease, therefore, to look for deity in nature or the cosmos at large, or to trace any marks of divine handiwork.

  32. Thus the worlds that are, lie between the ruins of the worlds that have been and the chaotic materials of the worlds that shall be; and, in spite of all waste and destruction, Cosmos is extending his borders at the expense of Chaos.

  33. That conception has its greatness just in this, that it derives the whole Cosmos of Becoming out of the moved circle, whereas Parmenides contemplated the true "Existent" as a resting, dead ball.

  34. He found himself resenting, even as he experienced, the humbling which had been imposed upon him by the cosmos itself.

  35. I prefer to cut down my notions of the cosmos to a tolerable size.

  36. But if there were even a mental equal to men, no matter how unhuman such a creature might appear, if there were a really rational animal anywhere in the cosmos off of Earth, the result would be catastrophic.

  37. While he slept, the world wagged on and the cosmos continued on its normal course.

  38. The cosmos is very much alive, because Sex is the axis (X-is) upon which it rotates in perfect harmony.

  39. To him, the everlasting and fundamental truths of the Cosmos are told in a succession of moving pictures.

  40. If they have not faith in its appeal, it were surely vain and foolish to voice it But we are assured that "God always keeps his promises," which is simply one way of saying that the law of the cosmos is reliable.

  41. Again we are reminded that the law of the cosmos is wise; that there are no mistakes nor flaws in the cosmic scheme.

  42. The genie who lived in the wonderful lamp in his brain had taught him already that he knew nothing about whole stellar spaces in this strange cosmos that he, the thing he called himself, inhabited.

  43. A cosmos of new worlds was spread before him now.

  44. Dimly the young man had begun to realize that it was a very queer cosmos in which he had been called to exercise his being.

  45. Brinkworth Street, its outlook and its ideals, was a cosmos he had yet to traverse and explore.

  46. This absurd cosmos of airships and automobiles bores us to tears.

  47. A half-degree sun doesn't radiate heat enough to keep a ship warm, when the rest of the cosmos is effectively near zero Kelvin.

  48. The stars went out and the universe reeled and the Med Ship became a sort of cosmos all its own.

  49. Douglas had just put the finishing touch to the table: a bunch of cosmos sent down by the Misses Grant.

  50. Beyond the labyrinth was an old-fashioned garden, but now in October chrysanthemums and late roses and cosmos were all that was left of the riot of color that could be seen there during the spring and summer.

  51. And where once burned the eye of the Cosmos will be naught but a hideous emptiness.

  52. I've attempted to tell the biological history of the cosmos in a single page.

  53. It may be well to remember that Sir Isaac Newton was a Theist of the most pronounced and thorough conviction, although he had a great deal to do with the reduction of the major Cosmos to mechanics, i.

  54. We are controlled, as being intrinsic parts of an entire cosmos suffused with law and order.

  55. One group of philosophers affirms, in accordance with its teleological conception, that the whole cosmos is an orderly system, in which every phenomenon has its aim and purpose; there is no such thing as chance.

  56. In language which its authors doubtless understood literally, but which more advanced thinkers afterwards interpreted figuratively, it describes how confusion was reduced to order, how a cosmos emerged from chaos.

  57. The Babylonian story of the slaying of Tiamat by Marduk is a myth of the creation of cosmos out of chaos.

  58. In our solar system we have a fair sample of the Cosmos in miniature, though our Sun is so modest in size, compared with the great orbs that appeal to us by their number and brilliancy.

  59. We must take a little account of the Cosmos nowadays--it helps to rectify our bearings.

  60. More especially the cosmology of Anaximander resembles the modern doctrine of evolution in its conception of the indeterminate ([Greek: to apeiron]) out of which the particular forms of the cosmos are differentiated.

  61. In his Naturgeschichte des Himmels, in which he anticipated the nebular theory afterwards more fully developed by Laplace, Kant sought to explain the genesis of the cosmos as a product of physical forces and laws.

  62. It is true he sets out with a transcendent Deity, and follows Plato in viewing the creation of the cosmos as a process of descent from the more to the less perfect according to the distance from the original self-moving agency.

  63. James Sully in the 9th edition of this encyclopaedia as a "natural history of the cosmos including organic beings, expressed in physical terms as a mechanical process.

  64. This we may believe not merely from the foregoing reasonings, but also from the opinion of opponents who suppose the Cosmos to be generated.

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