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  1. Strabo’s remarks on cosmology may well be quoted here as showing the heights to which the science of geography had attained among the Greeks.

  2. To be sure, the Oriental thinkers applied the same poetical conceptions to cosmology that dominated them in other fields.

  3. In Egyptian cosmology Nut (the Sky) is thrust and held apart from her brother Geb (the Earth) by their father Shu, who corresponds to the Greek Atlas.

  4. Footnote 1604: Earth, in the cosmology of Hesiod, is a disk surrounded by the river Oceanus and floating upon a waste of waters.

  5. Where Aristarchus halted, however, another worker of the same period took the task in hand and by an altogether wonderful measurement determined the size of the earth, and thus brought the scientific theories of cosmology to their climax.

  6. Primitive Japanese cosmology does not differ in any important respect from the primitive cosmology of other races.

  7. The cosmology is thoroughly Johannine, and only awaits the name of the Logos.

  8. A supramundane physics or cosmology was evolved at the same time.

  9. No Cosmos is complete from which the question of Deity is excluded; and all Cosmology has a side turned towards Theology.

  10. The Monotheistic cosmology and view of nature were borrowed from it (see, for example, 1 Clem.

  11. To this rationalism, the objects of knowledge are unvarying, ever the same: even cosmology attracts interest only in a very small degree.

  12. There seemed to be given here a reliable, because revealed, Cosmology and history of the world--which already contained the foundation of everything worth knowing.

  13. The attitude of Mani's Cosmology, therefore, to the Christian doctrine of Redemption is similar to that of Hegelian Cosmology to the doctrine of the Trinity.

  14. The sufi Cosmology has a similar doctrine concerning the different stages of existence through which the soul has to pass in its journey heavenward.

  15. This difference relates to neither {242} ethics nor cosmology exclusively, but to the religious judgment itself in which these two are united.

  16. Cosmology and ethics are independent of religion, 228.

  17. There can be no doubt that the cosmology of the Eddas is to some extent infected by the source from which we derive it.

  18. Now in the Norse cosmology the rainbow had the same name as the Indian patha-devayano, gods'-path.

  19. The dogmas of revelation lie between the cosmology and ethics; they are indefinitely expressed so far as they contain the idea of salvation; but they are very precisely worded in so far as they guarantee the truth of the cosmology and ethics.

  20. In the cosmology of the Apologists the two fundamental ideas are that God is the Father and Creator of the world, but that, as uncreated and eternal, he is also the complete contrast to it.

  21. When the dissonant schools forsook the heights of metaphysic and cosmology to devote themselves to moral culture, an inevitable tendency to eclecticism, to a harmony of moral theory, set in.

  22. The Babylonian cosmology carries us a long way back, but not to the beginning of such mystical conceptions.

  23. The Babylonian cosmology is that of Genesis without the first verse.

  24. It will be seen that our knowledge of the cosmology of Nippur is still scanty and uncertain.

  25. But a curious legend, which has been much misunderstood, still preserves traces of the old cosmology of the great sanctuary of Northern Babylonia.

  26. The cosmology of Eridu thus made water the origin of all things; the world we inhabit has sprung from the deep, which still encircles it like a serpent with its coils.

  27. But the cosmology itself has been strangely changed.

  28. This again harmonises but ill with the cosmology of the preface to the poem; but the astronomers had long since divided the heaven between the gods of the Babylonian triad, and the honour of first doing so is accordingly assigned to Merodach.

  29. Once more, therefore, we are taken back to Eridu and the shores of the Persian Gulf, and to the cosmology which saw in the water the origin of all things.

  30. In the chaos of Tiamat, accordingly, I see the last relics of a cosmology which emanated from Nippur, and was accepted wherever the influence of Nippur prevailed.

  31. Influenced though it has been by the cosmology of Eridu, the elements of which it is composed go back to an inland and not to a maritime State.

  32. But this conception of the world of gods and men stands in glaring contrast to the cosmology of Eridu.

  33. The cosmology of Genesis has its roots in the cosmology of Eridu, and the first home of mankind is placed by the Old Testament in Eden, "the plain" of Babylonia, which was watered by the Tigris and Euphrates.

  34. His cosmology and his ontology are a philosophical exposition of the Jewish conception of God's relation to the universe, his ethics and his psychology of the Jewish conception of man's relation to God.

  35. In this way Philo associates his cosmology with his theology.

  36. And this cosmology will be ruled by the same principle.

  37. This view led back to strict monotheism, so that the cosmology of the rabbis spoke alternately of the divine wisdom and the Torah as the instruments of God at Creation.

  38. The Babylonian conception of heaven prevailed throughout the Middle Ages and influenced both the mystic lore about the heavenly throne and the philosophic cosmology of the Aristotelians, such as Maimonides.

  39. All medieval attempts to solve the problem of miracles were based upon this curious combination of Aristotelian cosmology and Mohammedan or Jewish theology.

  40. For an admirable summing up of the mediaeval cosmology in its relation to thought in general, see Rydberg, Magic of the Middle Ages, chap.

  41. For the earlier cosmology of Cosmas, with citations from Montfaucon, see the chapter on Geography in this work.

  42. This conception, then, like the idealistic, was translated into a speculative cosmology and thrown like a vast net around the universe at large, as if to keep it from coming to pieces.

  43. Philosophy bound the once erect form of human endeavor and progress to the chariot wheels of cosmology and theology.

  44. The anima libera, the free mind of the sixteenth century, of Galileo and his successors, was the counterpart of the disintegration of cosmology and its animistic teleology.

  45. There is no religion that is not a cosmology at the same time that it is a speculation upon divine things.

  46. The traditions whose memory it perpetuates express the way in which society represents man and the world; it is a moral system and a cosmology as well as a history.

  47. It needs much building out in the direction of Ethics, Cosmology and Cosmogony, Psychogenesis, etc.

  48. I also repeated my course in Cosmology in the new woman's College which has lately been established in connection with our University.

  49. The Ptolemaic cosmology having been adopted by Milton in the elaboration of his poem, he describes the universe in conformity with the doctrines associated with this form of astronomical belief.

  50. Notwithstanding this, he selected the Ptolemaic cosmology as the scientific basis upon which he constructed his 'Paradise Lost,' and in its elaboration adhered with marked fidelity to this system.

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