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  1. Since both Irenæus and Valentinus consider redemption to be the special work of Christ, the cosmological interest in the doctrine of the second God becomes subordinate to the soteriological.

  2. Here also the philosophical and cosmological interest prevails; the history of salvation appears only to be the continuation of that of the cosmos.

  3. The Gnosis is formally a philosophy of revelation, that is a Scripture theology,[700] and materially a cosmological speculation.

  4. Not only, however, did Origen employ the Greek ethic in its varied types, but the Greek cosmological speculation also formed the complicated substructure of his religious system of morals.

  5. Thus we see that, prior to 1550, ecclesiastics had commenced to write upon cosmological subjects with our letters and in the languages of Guatemala, and that, on the other hand, Christian cosmogony had become a text for Indian songs.

  6. These first chapters give us cosmological Ideas and Notions, purporting to be originally Indian, which, at their very inception, show a singular admixture of foreign elements.

  7. Cordemoy Cosmological Argument, the in Locke in Rousseau in Leibnitz in Kant Cotes, Roger Cousin, Victor Cremonini Crescas, Chasdai Creuz, K.

  8. The cosmological proof runs: Contingent beings point to a necessary, self-existent Being, the eternal truths especially presuppose an eternal intelligence in which they exist.

  9. In one sense, therefore, we should in practice begin with the Anthropological Argument, and then use the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments as warranting the application to nature of the conclusions which we have drawn from man.

  10. The Cosmological Argument, or Argument from Change in Nature.

  11. Here again we see that the most approved forms of the Cosmological Argument are obliged to avail themselves of the intuition of the infinite, to supplement the logical process.

  12. The value of the Cosmological Argument, then, is simply this,--it proves the existence of some cause of the universe indefinitely great.

  13. The defects of the Cosmological Argument.

  14. The causative power which we have proved by the Cosmological Argument has now become an intelligent and voluntary power.

  15. This argument is is part an application to man of the principles of both the Cosmological and the Teleological Arguments.

  16. Diman, Theistic Argument: "Not only do we observe in the world the change which is the basis of the Cosmological Argument, but we perceive that this change proceeds according to a fixed and invariable rule.

  17. We must be sure of his existence, no matter what the fate of our cosmological theories might be.

  18. Because Tyndall is great in experimental science, many are apt to accept his cosmological conclusions.

  19. Science rests on observation of facts; but our professor tells us that he obtains his great cosmological idea of "a cosmical life" by prolonging his vision backward "across the boundary of the experimental evidence.

  20. The story of the creation in six days played, we know, a great part in the earlier stages of cosmological and geological science.

  21. The Jehovist narrative does shine by the absence of all efforts after rationalistic explanation, by its contempt for every kind of cosmological speculation.

  22. Yet it is possible the selection presented him with no difficulty, since cosmological myths were not popular tales, but priestly speculations, with which he was quite unacquainted.

  23. The cosmological opinions expressed in the Koran are few, and merely introduced incidentally: so that it is not easy to understand how they could have interfered so seriously with free discussion on the former changes of the globe.

  24. And yet Cuvier is the real founder of modern cosmological geology, and thus in a certain sense the father of biological evolution.

  25. In his scheme the hereditary Cosmological taint, which is such an invariable characteristic of the family, is very strong, though disguised and almost transfigured by learning and genius.

  26. In an article concerning the cosmological problem, published in the first number of the 'Vierteljahrsschrift f.

  27. The argument for the Divine existence which proceeds on the principle of causality is generally called the cosmological argument, but sometimes, and perhaps more accurately, the aetiological argument.

  28. It is impossible to keep the aetiological argument entirely separate either from the ontological or cosmological argument.

  29. It has also been sometimes called the cosmological argument; the very word cosmos, like the Latin mundus and our own universe, implying order.

  30. Cosmological speculations were not the only ones attracting the attention of the Greek scientists.

  31. After the Greeks had satisfied themselves that they possessed a cosmological theory which answered the demands of reason they turned their investigations to the question of how matter was changed into its innumerable forms.

  32. Under the stimulus of this direct contact, the final shape was given by Hebrew writers to their cosmological speculations.

  33. To this material popularly produced, a literary shape would be given through the same medium that remodeled the popular cosmological speculations.

  34. Contains translations of the Babylonian Cosmological Texts, and discusses their bearings on the O.

  35. With the fifth tablet, therefore, we leave the domain of popular myth completely and pass into the domain of cosmological speculation.

  36. The description of Mashu accordingly is a reflex of the cosmological conceptions developed in Babylonia.

  37. Hence the strange mixture of popular notions and fancies with comparatively advanced theological speculations and still more advanced scientific theories that is found in the cosmological system.

  38. It is the same myth that we have come across in the creation epic and which, as we have seen, was instrumental in moulding the advanced cosmological conceptions of the Babylonians.

  39. The zikkurat and the basin together would thus become living symbols of the current cosmological conceptions.

  40. The limitations of the cosmological speculations of the Babylonians find a striking illustration in the manner in which the beginnings of human culture are placed on a level with the beginnings of heavenly and terrestrial phenomena.

  41. The Terahites must therefore have brought these cosmological traditions with them upon migrating from the Euphrates Valley to the Jordan district.

  42. Like the cosmological efforts of most primitive or barbarian peoples it does not partake of the character of a creation myth so much as an account of an evolution from chaos and the establishment of physical laws.

  43. It is almost certain that this cosmological myth was at one time recounted of Ea, and perhaps even at an earlier date of Bel.

  44. The assumption of two Gods necessarily led to cosmological speculations.

  45. Its motive was not cosmological or metaphysical, but religious and historical.

  46. The various cosmological speculations and beliefs of ancient Chaldea were collected together in later times and an attempt made to combine them into a philosophical system.

  47. This cosmological conception was carried with the rest of Babylonian culture to the West, and after passing through Canaan found its way into Greek philosophy.

  48. The cosmological proof is, as we have already seen, that every cause in the world being at the same time an effect, it cannot be the sufficient reason of anything.

  49. It is in the chapter we have just been considering, the fourth chapter of "The Law of Freedom," that we find Winstanley's last recorded utterances on cosmological and theological problems.

  50. And yet the highly philosophic and rational attitude toward cosmological and theological speculations Winstanley attained to in his last pamphlet, placed before our readers in Chapter XVI.

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