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  1. They can connote only the ethic of the life conditions of the worshipper.

  2. For the rest, the Mazdean ethic has the usual priestly character as regards the virtue it assigns to sacrifice; [227] but otherwise compares favourably with Brahmanism.

  3. In the more exact rendering of those translators who closely reproduce the original he remains beyond question a freethinker, [1117] placing ethic above creed, though much given to the praise of wine.

  4. The pamphlet of 1730, however, is a eulogy of the ethic of Jesus, who is deistically treated as a simple man, but with all the amenity which the deists usually brought to bear on that theme.

  5. So little efficacy is there in a transcendental ethic for any of the actual emergencies of life.

  6. Towards the Jehovah and the ethic of the Old Testament he holds, however, the attitude rather of an ancient Gnostic than of a modern rationalist; and in his philosophy he is either a very "godly" deist or a pantheist miscarried.

  7. They believe in future recompenses, but not in providential government of this life; and at various points they improve upon the current ethic of Christendom.

  8. An ideal art critic would, no doubt, see the enduring beauty under every school; equally an ideal moralist would see the enduring ethic under every code.

  9. The truth is that the tradition of Christianity (which is still the only coherent ethic of Europe) rests on two or three paradoxes or mysteries which can easily be impugned in argument and as easily justified in life.

  10. But it was Montaigne certainly who turned that emancipating ethic into current coin.

  11. But the humanitarian ethic is essentially social, and this passion of sympathy is its chief root.

  12. As this becomes more and more clearly formulated as an ideal, its ethic transcendence of convention and law not only becomes clear, but the desire for its realisation becomes expressed.

  13. Bill Gosper Horwitz of computer keyboards, master math and LIFE hacker at MIT AI lab, guru of the Hacker Ethic and student of Chinese restaurant menus.

  14. The precepts of this revolutionary Hacker Ethic were not so much debated and discussed as silently agreed upon.

  15. He is ready to ruin even that primary ethic by which all things live, for his strange and eternal vengeance upon some one who never lived at all.

  16. But I deal here with what ethic and philosophy come from being fed on fairy tales.

  17. By referring to the ethic inspiring the actor we can always pronounce some conduct to be fine and other acts base.

  18. For, after all, this new proletarian ethic is nothing else than class-consciousness under a new name.

  19. See this beautifully illustrated, in Mr. Pope's Ethic Epistles, III.

  20. Mr. Pope has since struck out a new Scheme of Ethic Poems, in which he has deserv'd as much of the Moral World, as Sir Isaac Newton did of the Natural.

  21. His Ethic is founded on his doctrines about man's nature, the Universal Nature, and the relation of every man to everything else.

  22. Cleanthes also connects Ethic and Politic, or the study of the principles of morals and the study of the constitution of civil society; and undoubtedly he did well in subdividing Ethic into two parts.

  23. Ethic in the narrower sense and Politic; for though the two are intimately connected, they are also very distinct, and many questions can only be properly discussed by carefully observing the distinction.

  24. His subject is Ethic, and Ethic in its practical application to his own conduct in life as a man and as a governor.

  25. Sidenote] Critique of utilitarianism and the reform of Ethic and of Economic.

  26. Our Metaphysic is in agreement with the atomic theory, our Psychology with mechanicism, our Ethic and Aesthetic with hedonism.

  27. The law, which is at once ethical and aesthetic, reveals itself in this case in a word employed alike by Ethic and Aesthetic.

  28. Ethic and Economic cannot but be gainers, as we have said of Logic and Aesthetic, by a more exact determination of the relations that exist between them.

  29. We have also distinguished the two forms of the practical activity, as economic and ethic (VII.

  30. But the value of the personality is an ethical value: the whole sphere of ethic is included in it.

  31. For Schleiermacher, the sphere of Ethic included the whole Philosophy of the Spirit, in addition to morality.

  32. Accepting here the leadership of Kant, I doubt the legitimacy of Maxwell's logic; but it is impossible not to feel the ethic glow with which his lecture concludes.

  33. Three weeks before his death Pope was sending off copies of the Ethic Epistles--apparently with the Atossa lines--to his friends.

  34. Part of his work was used for the fourth book of the Dunciad, and the remainder corresponds to what are now called the Ethic Epistles.

  35. He had just distributed to his friends some copies of the Ethic Epistles, and in those copies the Atossa appeared.

  36. The weakness already conspicuous in the Essay on Man mars the effect of the Ethic Epistles.

  37. The doctrine of quietism and indifference to joy has no place in the ethic of Jesus.

  38. The narrow Puritanism of a past age may need the corrective of the broader Humanism of to-day, but not less must the Ethic of self-culture be reinforced by the Ethic of self-sacrifice.

  39. An Ethic which takes no account of psychological assumptions would be impossible.

  40. Above all, we need an ethic which will show that religion must be co-extensive with life, transfiguring and spiritualising all its activities and relationships.

  41. The commandments of Moses, in so far as they have their roots in the constitution of man, have not been superseded, but taken up and spiritualised by the Ethic of the Gospel.

  42. The foundation of good fiction and good poetry seems to be ethic rather than ├Žsthetic.

  43. But whatever we call it, it is to this Self or Heart that everything which is ethic and therefore permanent must appeal.

  44. Forsyth, in The Christian Ethic of War, tells us that "war is not essentially killing, and killing is here no murder.

  45. The failure of Christianity to avert bloodshed, and the horrors under which Christendom is now submerged, are naturally used as a proof that the ethic of Christianity is lamentably feeble.

  46. They have reached the conclusion that the ethic of the Sermon on the Mount is the revolutionary leaven for which the world is waiting.

  47. Many who have suffered at the hands of the Germans will be inclined to agree, but the trouble from the point of view of the Christian ethic is not removed by such a simple solution.

  48. Lonnie, automatically applying his fully-developed Ethic One, always considered it a nice sentimental touch that the one-man agency's final case was successful.

  49. But he always replied only with a superior smile when asked by reporters to put the philosophy and the triple ethic into words.

  50. Writing to Euphrates, his great enemy, that is to say the champion of pure rationalistic ethic against the science of sacred things, he says: 17.

  51. The conscious articulation of genuinely modern tendencies has yet to come, and till it comes the ethic of our own life must remain undescribed.

  52. DNI's new Industrial Management Section on the twelfth floor had already begun filling up with young Tokyo University graduates, guys who embodied the work ethic in human guise.

  53. The American work ethic was alive and well; it was just temporarily on the wrong side of the globe.

  54. You see, I'd never bought into the nudity-is-wholesome ethic of the Age of Aquarius.

  55. Tell you the truth, I'm second to nobody when it comes to admiring Japan's ethic and their guts.

  56. Or again philosophy was likened to an egg of which ethic was the yolk containing the chick, physic the white which formed its nourishment while logic was the hard outside shell.

  57. Of the three departments we may say that logic deals with the form and expression of knowledge, physic with the matter of knowledge, and ethic with the use of knowledge.

  58. Ethic was the good fruit, physic the tall plants, and logic the strong wall.

  59. ETHIC We have already had to touch upon the psychology of the Stoics in connection with the first principles of logic.

  60. He preferred therefore to liken it to a living organism, logic being the bones and sinews, physic the flesh and blood, but ethic the soul.

  61. He told Spence in the last years of his life: "I had once thought of completing my ethic work in four books.

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