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Example sentences for "amateurish"

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amasses; amassing; amat; amata; amateur; amateurs; amative; amativeness; amator; amatorious
  1. The literary beginnings he had made in Frankfort now seemed to him amateurish and trivial; he felt that he had to turn over a new leaf, and, under the guidance of E.

  2. Most of the separate tales are crude or amateurish and have only historical interest, though as a class they furnished the plots for many Elizabethan dramas, including several of Shakspere's.

  3. His complaints were always accompanied with a devotional air and an avowal of supreme indifference to what he regarded as the indecent treatment he received at the hands of the amateurish bureaucrats at the Admiralty.

  4. I could not talk with Anazeh very well, because when he tried to understand my amateurish Arabic and to modify his flow of stately speech to meet my needs, he always put his head down, and the helm with it.

  5. The old chief was pretty amateurish at the helm, whatever his other attainments.

  6. The first of Benham's early essays was written in an almost boyish hand, it was youthfully amateurish in its nervous disposition to definitions and distinctions, and in the elaborate linking of part to part.

  7. The second day of this waiting was worse for Kepple than the first, and he suffered much from the pressure of this amateurish bandaging.

  8. Money is wasted by amateurish selection of food and clothing, and nutritive values are squandered by poor cooking.

  9. I found that the government had coƶperated unreservedly with all the philanthropic work of women and had given them a wide sphere in which they could rise above amateurish effort and carry out plans calling for administrative ability.

  10. During the whole of the first year of the war it was in this amateurish way that things went on.

  11. Thus when Hilda got into the train at Euston, she had in her head a plan of campaign compared to which the schemes entertained by her on the afternoon of the disastrous servants episode seemed amateurish and incomplete.

  12. This amateurish effort is composed for the most part in a strangely unmetrical attempt at blank verse.

  13. It is an amateurish performance, partly in prose, partly in verse, either blank or rimed in couplets.

  14. From being outside of the universe he was suddenly brought into it, and from the position of a free commentator and critic, an easy amateurish editor of the whole affair, reduced to that of humble ingredient and contributor.

  15. Cheap and easy results would dangle before him, little amateurish conspicuities at exhibitions helped by his history; putting it in his power to triumph with a quick "What do you say to that?

  16. Peter contributed to it in his amateurish way and watched with solicitude the effect of his care and the fortune of his hints.

  17. But gradually during the amateurish delights of these occupations and through the frivolities of a gay life there had been growing in Anna's mind a desire for serious work.

  18. Feminine accomplishments, such as embroidery, amateurish drawing and painting, awakened her active hostility.

  19. Mrs. Pepys and Miss Margaret Pen may serve to indicate the sort of work being done in amateurish fashion in various homes.

  20. The amateurish quality of the painting may be in part explained by the fact that in but one case, that of Mary Beale, was there any impetus or training such as are necessarily associated with work adopted as a profession.

  21. They ignore the physician and cure themselves with patent medicines or mental healing: they ignore the banker and broker and make their investments in accordance with their own amateurish inspiration.

  22. He feels as amateurish as if he were to operate on the abdomen without knowing its anatomy.

  23. This does not mean that the not less amateurish way ought to be taken of accepting his delusions and appearing to be in full agreement with him.

  24. Even Zara's amateurish hand thus finally withdrawn, it became Mary's task to find some worthy and capable person to act as mistress.

  25. Do we ever at all examine it save in an amateurish and clumsy fashion?

  26. But our living is more amateurish than that young lady's drawing; though surely we ought every one of us to be professionals at living!

  27. And if you care to ascend the torrents, you will find they have been scientifically dammed by the administration, whereas the peasant, when they overflow and ruin his crops, contents himself with damning them in quite an amateurish fashion.

  28. He can do a little amateurish shop-keeping, he is fairly good as a cook, but his true strength, as he frankly admits, consists in eating and drinking.

  29. I may have been fanciful, but at that time I was seeing the human panorama not for itself but as a reflection of my own amateurish scribblings.

  30. I have decided to withdraw it, I don't want it published, so please send it back to me instantly, and write me a letter saying how amateurish it is.

  31. He was set to work writing press notes about authors of whom he had never heard at Oxford and whose books he soon discovered to be amateurish or worse.

  32. My amateurish vanity leads me to a hope that I can capture him just at the crucial moment when he thinks he is successful in his escape from pursuit.

  33. It doesn't seem so amateurish as you would make it.

  34. It is an amateurish work in which Spenser tried various meters; and to analyze it is to discover two discordant elements, which we may call fashionable poetry and puritanic preaching.

  35. I therefore persisted in talking to him, trying him with subject after subject, until I discovered him to be an enthusiast upon the arts of painting and music--in both of which I also dabbled, in an amateurish way.

  36. My knowledge of disease was of the slightest and most amateurish kind, and, for aught that I could tell to the contrary, might not even be sufficient to enable me to diagnose the case correctly, much less to treat it successfully!

  37. She went to work in the usual amateurish way, which spelt reckless waste and extravagance; paying L5 to L7 per package for what could have been previously arranged for at about 10s.

  38. It should also be obvious that if any person exhibited such an amateurish display of incompetence and bungling as the accusations allege, that person would be more than useless for any Secret Service work, however simple it might be.

  39. He took long walks and studied the flora and fauna of the country round Cambridge in his amateurish but intense way.

  40. As I have just said, he was a happy combination of the amateurish and intense.

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