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  1. It is said to occur usually in the spring of the year, when the melting snows and rains bring to the surface the subterranean waters from rich soils containing nitrogenous materials in which the bacteria have been existing.

  2. It was concluded that West Point and its dependencies would be the depositories of a great portion of the stores and ammunition of the allied armies.

  3. At the north end of the broad street, or common, is the house of Colonel Daniel Shattuck, a part of which, built in 1774, was used as one of the depositories of stores when the British invasion took place.

  4. Their employment as depositories was at first resorted to to a limited extent, but with no avowed intention of continuing them permanently in place of the Treasury of the Constitution.

  5. Dictionaries are but the depositories of words already legitimated by usage.

  6. No other depositories of power have ever yet been found, which did not end in converting to their own profit the earnings of those committed to their charge.

  7. I wrote it to Doctor Rush; and there ended all my labor on the subject; himself and Doctor Priestley being the only depositories of my secret.

  8. He was surprised at this, as he supposed the mounds alone were used as depositories of the dead, and was at first disposed to attribute these burials to a people who had occupied the ground long subsequent to the authors of the works.

  9. In this region the works are mostly simple conical tumuli of small or moderate size, found on the uplands, ridges, and bluffs as well as on the bottoms, and were evidently intended chiefly as depositories of the dead.

  10. From Him all created things did proceed, and to the depositories of His law they did revert.

  11. We must pray to Almighty God, that we and our American brethren--who seem now to be the sole depositories of the Protestant truth, and of civil and religious liberty, may be as one.

  12. The Bank and its branches were the sole depositories of the funds of the Government.

  13. The Bank and its branches were made the depositories of the funds of the Government.

  14. They have this special advantage, that they take personal pleasure in the manner their table is kept; they can, to a certain point, superintend the depositories of their confidence, and even on many occasions direct them.

  15. The principal depositories of proclamations have the following distinguishing characteristics: The British Museum collection, although but sparsely represented for the eighteenth century, is notably full for the seventeenth century issues.

  16. Each of these depositories had large numbers of the earlier proclamations and possessed certain issues which existed in no other place.

  17. Several arched apartments in its thick walls were depositories for the powder and other ammunition for the defence of the town.

  18. It was proposed to make them receivable everywhere and to establish at various points depositories of gold and silver to be held in trust for the redemption of such notes, so as to insure their convertibility into specie.

  19. Whether the depositories should be permitted to sell or purchase bills under very limited restrictions, together with all its other details, was submitted to the wisdom of Congress and was regarded as of secondary importance.

  20. Indies in the Spanish offices and depositories should be brought together in one place.

  21. There it frequently remained; and such depositories of the family wealth were occasionally, from death and other causes, completely forgotten.

  22. Mark's Text to so little purpose as not to have discovered that the six uncials on which you rely are the depositories of an abominably corrupt Recension of the second Gospel?

  23. Nay, who will venture to deny that those codices are indebted for their preservation solely to the circumstance, that they were long since recognized as the depositories of Readings which rendered them utterly untrustworthy?

  24. These local institutions now became the sole depositories of the Government funds which the National Bank had formerly held.

  25. Twenty-one State banks were employed as Government depositories after the destruction of the first Bank of the United States (Ib.

  26. The histories of ancient depositories of documents, which have been recently published in considerable number, have been modelled on this admirable work.

  27. This concurrence of favourable conditions becomes more and more frequent with the organisation of newspapers, of shorthand writers, and of depositories of documents.

  28. In fact, the documents contained in uncatalogued depositories and collections are practically non-existent for researchers who have no leisure to work through the whole of their contents for themselves.

  29. The functionaries charged with the administration of depositories of documents have not always displayed the zeal which they now display for making their collections accessible by means of accurate catalogues.

  30. The depositories of which we possess complete descriptive catalogues are rare; there are many collections preserved in celebrated institutions which have only been catalogued in part, and the bulk of which still remains to be described.

  31. The functionaries attached to the depositories of documents.

  32. The extensive cemeteries of Tennessee and Missouri have often been mentioned, and it has been conjectured that the caves of Kentucky and Ohio were grand depositories of the dead of the ancient people.

  33. They are the principal depositories of ancient art; they cover the bones of the distinguished dead of remote ages; and hide from the profane gaze of invading races the altars of the ancient people.

  34. It has already been remarked, that the mounds are the principal depositories of ancient art, and that in them we must seek for the only authentic remains of the builders.

  35. Baird described these depositories in London in the Magazine of American History, ii.

  36. This text is elaborately illustrated by notes, with references and extracts, largely drawn from the recondite sources and the depositories already referred to.

  37. We have already seen that in the depositories of the Commune "most of the seals are broken," that enormous sums in plate, in jewels, in gold and silver coin have disappeared.

  38. The ice depositories are beautiful; they always remain at a temperature of 12 or 20 deg.

  39. We also had some trouble at one of the depositories when it was first opened, this being in a rather unruly district in the lower part of the city.

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