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descried; descries; descript; description; descriptions; descriptivo; descry; descrying; descubierto; descubrimiento
  1. It will be seen that this limitation would not prevent us from regarding stories about the gods as folk-tales in origin; for most of the gods bear descriptive names, e.

  2. Some of these are merely of a descriptive character, e.

  3. The Punans recite or sing a story in blank verse descriptive of this passage of the soul.

  4. No descriptive details of the Muruts are available.

  5. A period of stagnation was inevitable in the scientific productive activity of sociology, after the first original observations in descriptive social anatomy and in the natural history of human societies.

  6. The following sketch, descriptive of this, the first buffalo hunt of the Pioneers, is from the graphic pen of Horace K.

  7. Clark Company Full descriptive circulars will be mailed on application "The most important project ever undertaken in the line of Philippine history in any language, above all the English.

  8. This careful thrusting forward of outward and unmeaning particulars, in the hope of giving that reality to a picture which genius only has the art to do, is becoming a weariness in modern descriptive writing.

  9. The Evening Walk" and "Descriptive Sketches" show plainly the prevailing influence of Goldsmith, both in the turn of thought and the mechanism of the verse.

  10. There are no doubt in the Divina Commedia (regarded merely as poetry) sandy spaces enough both of physics and metaphysics, but with every deduction Dante remains the first of descriptive as well as moral poets.

  11. But there is one truly Wordsworthian passage which already gives us a glimpse of that passion with which he was the first to irradiate descriptive poetry and which sets him on a level with Turner.

  12. Here Coleridge, who had contrived to see something more in the "Descriptive Sketches" than the public had discovered there, first made his acquaintance.

  13. Goldsmith was evidently his model in the Descriptive Sketches and the Evening Walk.

  14. It would serve no purpose to collect the numerous references from Puritan sermons, moral and descriptive essays, plays, and letters of the time.

  15. Sir James Thornhill was in the habit of making sketches and descriptive memoranda in his various travels and excursions.

  16. If there were no other fact descriptive of slavery, than that the slave is dumb, this alone would be sufficient to mark the slave system as a grand aggregation of human horrors.

  17. It has been said of Mr. Douglass, that his descriptive and declamatory powers, admitted to be of the very highest order, take precedence of his logical force.

  18. The name "Publicity department" is the most descriptive title that can be given to the part of the staff devoting its energies to the many variations of news-spreading involved in this work.

  19. His first move usually is to distribute descriptive notices among his customers, telling them what he knows about it and inviting them to send in their orders.

  20. The authoress writes with considerable descriptive power, and all through the stirring narrative never permits us to lose sight of natural surroundings.

  21. The Republic of Argentina is a country so enormous and diversified that to attempt here to give anything but the merest descriptive outlines would be futile.

  22. The name of this province in English signifies "between the rivers"; descriptive of the region bounded on the one side by the waterway we have ascended, and on the other by the Uruguay River.

  23. Read his remarkable volume of poems, descriptive of life in Central and South America.

  24. This will include, firstly: a descriptive notice of the Laurentian formation itself.

  25. It produced a copious crop of descriptive and controversial literature, but for the most part technical, and confined to scientific transactions and periodicals, read by very few except specialists.

  26. There are in Homer two famous descriptive passages in which this delight in curious metal-work is very prominent; the description in the Iliad of the shield of Achilles* and the description of the house of Alcinous in the Odyssey.

  27. All that is henceforth left to desire is a descriptive catalogue worthy of its unique contents.

  28. Something evaporates in translation of course, and as the book was my first effort, there will be found divers inaccuracies and errors therein; but enough remains to give some idea of Gautier's imaginative powers and descriptive skill.

  29. It was realized at once that the cub-reporter had unsuspected capacities and his talents were allowed expansion in the direction of descriptive stories.

  30. He was fond of repeating scraps of poetry descriptive of heroic combats, feats of arms, or of the prowess of the Baresarks, or Berserkers, as described in Norse sagas.

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