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flock; flocke; flocked; flockes; flocking; flockt; flod; flode; flodes; floe
  1. On the grassy plain were feeding large flocks of goats and sheep, the latter with strange, large, fatty protuberances on either side of the tail.

  2. At all events the first light of history falls upon him here, as a shepherd lad, watching his flocks by the Leader, and striving to think out the deep things of the divine life, with the most ardent longings in his soul after it.

  3. Our host has flocks so numerous, that it would startle you to hear their numbers told.

  4. As for our fellows, what if they do at times drink a little more wine than they pay for, or even take a lamb or kid from the flocks they protect, or kiss a wench before she has consented; is that any thing to make a hubbub about?

  5. But being a woman, she was unwilling to remain a mere listener; so, elaborately framing a question in Portuguese, she addressed the head shepherd, seeking to know how far the migrations of these flocks resembled the Spanish mesta.

  6. The birds had come into the open to feed, and small flocks were scattered along the valley every few hundred yards.

  7. Indeed, we had hardly been beyond sight of a yurt during the entire two days, and great flocks of sheep and goats were feeding on every grassy meadow.

  8. While we were in the pass a dozen flocks of geese slipped by above our heads, flying very low, the "wedges" showing black against the starlit sky.

  9. Two great flocks of demoiselle cranes were daintily catching grasshoppers not a hundred yards away.

  10. Along the sand banks of the river we saw many flocks of swan geese (Cygnopsis cygnoides).

  11. Flocks of goats and fat-tailed sheep drifted up the valley, and now and then a herd of cattle massed themselves in moving patches on the hillsides.

  12. In the next process, the flocks are intimately mixed by passing over and under a series of rollers, and come forth from the last looking something like wool.

  13. So rapidly did the greedy devil devour it, that the two attendant imps were kept fully employed in feeding; and fast as the pack of rags diminished, the heap of flocks increased.

  14. The flocks are carried away to the mixing-house.

  15. The tired flocks come in Whose bleating ceases to repeat, Whose wandering is done.

  16. And yet it will be done As sure as flocks go home at night Unto the shepherd's arm!

  17. The ground, which was rather swampy, was covered with an abundance of coarse green grass, amongst which we could see flocks of wild geese grazing in great numbers.

  18. The plains below were silent; but the air was noisy with the cries of the flocks of geese and wild-duck, who were winging their flight from the lake towards the rich fields of cranberries farther inland.

  19. Flocks of these birds kept flying round the ship, and the water itself, through which we passed, literally teemed with gulls and every imaginable kind of sea-fowl.

  20. Around us reigned perfect peace; the chattering flocks of parrots, which had made the woods noisy during day-time, had gone to their leafy roosts, and not a breath of wind stirred the silent trees.

  21. It was really a beautiful and very quaint scene, the harbour with its green, lapping water looking for once like a field of flowers, and the flocks of seagulls wheeling overhead and screaming at the unwonted sight.

  22. Small birds were flitting about in the hedges, and large flocks of rooks and starlings were feeding in the ploughed fields.

  23. Then there was a great rushing sound in the sky, and from far and near there flew flocks of snow-white sea-gulls.

  24. Several branches of the Church had been organized, and Elders had been ordained to take care of the flocks and to continue the work.

  25. These large waders are found in moderately large flocks both in the interior and on the coast in the fall.

  26. These seem to be one of the least abundant of our shore birds, single individuals being found in flocks of other species rather than in flocks by themselves.

  27. These small birds are found in large flocks both on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, during migrations, but rarely in the interior.

  28. The immense flocks generally keep out in the open waters of the lakes or rivers; where they feed by diving.

  29. During the spring flight immense flocks of these birds pass through Oregon and follow down the west coast.

  30. After the breeding season, they congregate in large flocks and keep together about the snow line, getting their supply of seed and insect food.

  31. These are often found in large flocks with the above, especially in the fall, during migration.

  32. They are usually found only in pairs among the swiftly running streams, or in the winter in small flocks on the coasts.

  33. These little birds are found commonly in company with small flocks of the Chickadee, and like them may be seen hanging on the under side of the outer ends of the coniferous trees in search of their insect food.

  34. These are a North American bird, and great travelers in large flocks all over the country, separating at breeding time, and mating up, with a pair or two selecting some orchard or suitable locality to remain during nesting time.

  35. John Watson pastured sheep, where corn harvests now wave in abundance; and his flocks spread about to the doors of the M'Dermots and Isbel Kirk.

  36. These flocks gradually decreased, and much suspicion was attached to his Irish and heathenish neighbours, for they attended no place of worship, not even the conformed Curate's; but there was no proof against them.

  37. All flocks are collected near the farm at night and a shepherd with a big resin torch sits up on guard.

  38. We passed a few Arab encampments, formed of dark tents, where the nomads come at certain seasons to cultivate the surrounding land, together with their flocks of sheep and goats.

  39. Towards the east more and higher hills could be seen, but we had to be careful of reconnoitring, as there were flocks of sheep on the slopes not far away.

  40. They still own considerable herds of cattle and enormous flocks of goats and sheep, and their cultivations are very extensive.

  41. Tukenda is the big man, whose influence reaches from south of Mswa to Boki; he has a small herd of cattle and large flocks of goats, and his people are evidently flourishing and very friendly.

  42. The stream is cut up by numerous islands and sandbanks, haunted by vast flocks of geese, pelicans, and flamingoes.

  43. Nothing impressed me so much as the vast flocks of birds.

  44. With five shots from a rifle I killed three geese, eight duck, and two pelicans, and that from camp: had I fired at some of the flocks I saw on the march I might have doubled the result.

  45. I have often seen large flocks collecting on any strange piece of clothing or blanket, especially if such blanket be placed out to dry after rain.

  46. This is noticeable in the building of small, detached houses at a distance from the main villages, the greater convenience to crops, flocks and water outweighing the defensive motive.

  47. The flocks consist of sheep and goats which are allowed to run together at all tunes.

  48. The flocks are usually driven up into the corrals or inclosures every evening, and are taken out again in the morning, frequently at quite a late hour.

  49. Nor is the soil with flocks fed down, not plow’d, ‭ Nor ever in it any seed was sow’d.

  50. And then, gratified ‭ With flocks of souls of men and dames deceas’d ‭ Shall all thy pious rites be.

  51. Of oxen fifty head ‭ In ev’ry herd feed, and their herds are seven; ‭ And of his fat flocks is their number even.

  52. In which are fed the famous flocks that bear ‭ The wealthy fleeces, on a delicate lair ‭ Being fed and seated.

  53. To whose worth the law of lays ‭ In all kinds is ascrib’d, if feeding flocks ‭ By continent or isle.

  54. Beneath these trees the turf was resplendent with spring flowers, on which were quietly grazing flocks of white sheep, supplying the place of the aristocratic deer.

  55. I mounted a crag, and looked about me till I saw flocks of birds, all hovering over one place, a good stretch from me.

  56. The plain looked, he said, like an immense pasture covered by flocks of sheep.

  57. May it redound to the glory of God, the salvation of our souls, and the flocks entrusted to our charge!

  58. At evening, flocks of parrakeets and great black orioles came to roost, courting the safety which they had come to associate with the clearings of human pioneers in the jungle.

  59. The Indians had not only killed their companions, but their flocks and herds had all fled in fright, and could not be again gathered together.

  60. It was a fine spring morning when the father started for his new home, with his wife and children, his flocks and herds.

  61. Consequently, when their flocks and herds multiplied, they were not restrained within narrow dimensions, but could spread over the mountains round about.

  62. He was rich apparently both in flocks and servants, a kind of chief or sheikh, not only with a large establishment of his own, but enjoying the respect, and in some degree able to command the services, of many of the humble people around him.

  63. The rich robber that spared his own flocks and herds to feed the traveller, and stole the poor man's ewe lamb, is a real flesh-and-blood criminal to him.

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