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Example sentences for "flocked"

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floccose; flocculent; flocculi; flock; flocke; flockes; flocking; flocks; flockt; flod
  1. I remember my long journey, like a dull, oppressive dream, Across the empty prairies till I caught the distant gleam Of a city in the beauty of its broad and shining stream On whose bosom, flocked together, float the mighty swans of steam.

  2. That's the year we struck the payin' streak over t'other side of the mountain, and folks flocked in here thicker'n buzzards arter a dead sheep.

  3. At two o'clock, when the young teacher dismissed her class, they flocked about her as she crossed the road to the inn.

  4. They flocked into the City in such numbers from within the British lines (and many from within our lines also) that often during that season there were not houses enough to shelter them.

  5. The country people in the vicinity also flocked to the public markets, bringing all kinds of provisions, which they readily sold at moderate rates for hard cash; and thus the adjacent country was supplied and enriched with specie.

  6. Many Lombards flocked to Venice at that time, and the Masonic Guild had its schools and laborerium there.

  7. In his grounds, on a high hill, were the ruins of the temple of the Eleusinian Ceres, and he determined to restore this temple, as devotees flocked there during the Ides of September, and had no refuge from sun or rain.

  8. I hardly like to tell how often I have seen the face of the sick and dying brighten as he drew near, or how the little children, as they flocked out of school, would run to him, shouting his name for very glee.

  9. Crowds of angry citizens flocked round the archiepiscopal house, and already there was talk of attacking it when a message from the Council of Regency commanded a suspension of all proceedings in the case.

  10. Foreign craftsmen flocked to Moscow during the glorious reign of Alexis, and the Russia Company prospered, but the English settlers received a temporary check when the quarrel rose between King and Parliament.

  11. From various motives the Russian leaders flocked to him as he marched towards Moscow.

  12. Thither I haste, and there had flocked already All Uglich.

  13. To keep the city's peace, that is the task Entrusted to us twain, but you forsooth Have little need to watch; Moscow is empty; The people to the Monastery have flocked After the patriarch.

  14. The manuscript adds, that many miracles were shown day by day by the Lord at the tomb of this prelate, to which people flocked from every side.

  15. His countrymen, whom he now called his subjects, soon flocked to his standard from all quarters.

  16. In closing the gates of the Irish parliament, they had been shut out from the mart where they had flocked night and day to sell their influence, their artifices, and themselves.

  17. When all the ladies in despair Saw Queen Kauśalyá wailing there, And the poor king oppressed with pain, They flocked around and wept again.

  18. Nor could the gay-clad people there Who flocked round Ráma true and fair, One sign of altered fortune trace Upon the splendid hero’s face.

  19. People and Bráhmans flocked to meet Their monarch ere he gained the street.

  20. The birds of every wing had flocked To stately trees by breezes rocked: These bowed their wind-swept heads and said: “My lady sweet, be comforted.

  21. Then bards who chant celestial lays And nymphs of heavenly birth Flocked round upon that flood to gaze That streamed from sky to earth.

  22. Ever as he spoke, the people flocked closer around him, hanging on his words as if he were reading their secret hearts, so that the sergeants could not come nigh him for the press to lead him away.

  23. No wonder that the Seekers welcomed him and flocked round him, drinking in his words as if their thirsty souls could never have enough.

  24. The people in the neighboring rooms flocked to the place of the accident.

  25. From all directions flocked new crowds of workingmen and striplings.

  26. Students flocked to Paris from all parts of Europe, and the left bank of the Seine became a colony of colleges.

  27. On the Good Fridays of each year the chapel scarcely sufficed to contain the crowds of sick persons who flocked to it from all parts of the city.

  28. Denis, as Suger set up a great school for the fashioning of gold and silver, as well as for writing and painting; and so famous did it become, that brethren from other monasteries flocked to the monks of S.

  29. Then he raised the war cry through the town, and the valiant Laestrygons at the sound thereof, flocked together from every side, a host past number, not like men but like the Giants.

  30. And these many ghosts flocked together from every side about the trench with a wondrous cry, and pale fear gat hold on me.

  31. And they gathered and flocked about the black blood, and I took counsel how I might question them each one.

  32. They flocked to me, for I could help them.

  33. And Indians flocked to me: Billy the Pelican, Hooked Nosed Weasel, Hungry Mole, Big Jawed Prophet, And many others.

  34. And vagrants from all the winds flocked thither.

  35. It seemed that the usurers and dealers in precious metals in London had flocked to the Dart upon the news of the treasure.

  36. During his labours he was not forgetful of the needs of the coloured people, who flocked to hear him preach, and many of them were soundly converted.

  37. On the Fourth of July a grand ball was given at the Coffman Hotel, to which flocked young people from Marion and all the surrounding country; there were at least fifty couples.

  38. Seeing the interest and earnest manner in which the new pastor took hold the people flocked to his aid and in a short time the work assumed practical shape.

  39. As usual, in all new countries, they were annoyed by vagabonds, who flocked into the settlements, calculating on impunity in their depredations, on account of the inefficiency of the police regulations.

  40. No sooner did the tidings spread, and the sound of wailing was heard throughout the neighbourhood, than friends and kinsfolk flocked to the spot and joined in the demonstrations of real or affected sorrow.

  41. The Beliefs of the Maoris concerning the Souls of the Dead When a chief died, a loud howl or wail announced the melancholy event, and the neighbours flocked to the scene of death to testify their sorrow.

  42. Eager crowds flocked into the cities and the villages to welcome this hero.

  43. Forty thousand strangers flocked into town for the night.

  44. Not many years ago the station buildings took fire, shortly after midnight, and most of the men on night duty in the department nearest the scene flocked out to help the station staff and the firemen.

  45. The rabbit-warren of steep lanes, flights of steps and bridges over ravines through the town built on the precipitous slopes of the hill was almost deserted, for most of the inhabitants had flocked to the Devil Dance.

  46. After a smoke he dragged his weary body to bed and in spite of the mosquitoes that flocked joyously through the holes in the gauze curtains to feast on him slept the profound sleep of utter exhaustion.

  47. From all parts of Switzerland people flocked to Naefels to participate in the patriotic and religious ceremonies.

  48. After Bodmer Lavater became the chief attraction at Zurich, and strangers flocked thither in great numbers to see him.

  49. The mountaineers accordingly descended from their Alps in crowds, and flocked to Chur.

  50. Even yet the excitement was very great, and, led by Pastor Hirzel, the rural inhabitants flocked into Zurich in great numbers.

  51. Fast they flocked to the standard of Ambuehl, who had posted himself with his troops on the steep declivity of Rautiberg, waving high the banner of St. Fridolin to attract his friends.

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