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Example sentences for "based primarily"

  • And these segregations, based primarily on a difference in moral ideas and pursuits and ideals, will probably round off and complete themselves at last as distinct and separate cultures.

  • Government is based primarily on election, and every ruler is, in theory at least, a delegate and servant of the popular will.

  • Not only in Spain but also in the Americas, and almost more strikingly, this was an age of economic reform, based primarily on Spain's need of the colonial markets as a factor in her own regeneration.

  • After the incorporation of Álava into Castile in 1332, the older type of government, based primarily on the Cofradía of Arriaga and the elected lord, underwent a radical change.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    based economy; based largely; based primarily; based upon; being modified; cast away; deal more; est pour; family name; head waiter; little late; live according; moral perfection; name shall; official organ; organized society; perfect happiness; personal liberty; representative government; tell lies; western frontier; wide fame; with regard; would naturally; your hand