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Example sentences for "cosmetics"

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  1. At the age of seventeen or eighteen, our "young ladies" are sorry specimens of feminality; and palpitators, cosmetics and all the modern paraphernalia are required to make them appear fresh and blooming.

  2. It does not, however, seem to have been at all in vogue in England until the Middle Ages, though cosmetics and false complexions were made use of by ladies in Roman times.

  3. The use of cosmetics was greatly favoured.

  4. Abnormally long finger-nails are likewise held to enhance the natural charms of lovely woman, and the use of cosmetics is freely indulged in.

  5. Many little partitions must be added to the narthecium before it can comprehend all the new cosmetics that have been quietly devised since classical days, and will make the modern toilet chalks away more splendid in its possibilities.

  6. The season of the unsophisticated is gone by, and the young girl's final extinction beneath the rising tides of cosmetics will leave no gap in life and will rob art of nothing.

  7. Indeed the revival of cosmetics must needs be so splendid an influence, conjuring boons innumerable, that one inclines almost to mutter against that inexorable law by which Artifice must perish from time to time.

  8. Cosmetics are not going to be a mere prosaic remedy for age or plainness, but all ladies and all young girls will come to love them.

  9. Apart from school, I had accepted an in-store promotional for cosmetics through the modeling agency and also intended to visit a friend at college, where Halloween festivities were reportedly quite arresting.

  10. I would receive all cosmetics free of charge.

  11. That same year she opened a small cosmetics shop in her hometown with $400 earned from baby-sitting.

  12. In April of this year, Lee and his wife Elizabeth, a cosmetics executive turned mystery writer, spent three weeks in the People's Republic of China.

  13. The above are used as cosmetics for the teeth and gums.

  14. The simplest, cheapest, and most generally employed cutaneous cosmetics are soap and water, which at once cleanse and soften the skin.

  15. Another class of cutaneous cosmetics are employed to remove freckles and eruptions.

  16. All the cold cream in the world would not have effected a change in the susceptible epidermis of Anne of Austria; and we repeat that cosmetics are both useless and dangerous.

  17. The science of cosmetics then attained perfection; and there appeared no limit to their coquetry.

  18. But such a charm being out of the reach of many, it seems easier to purchase cosmetics at the perfumers, which are about as effective in the creation of the tender passion as the magic potions of darker ages.

  19. This is one of the best cosmetics for imparting a delicate appearance and softness to the skin, and is a useful lotion in acne, ringworm, hard and dry skin, and sun-blisterings.

  20. Often, in assemblages of the fair, we have seen noses faultless in form, but tinged with the abhorred hue, to which washes and cosmetics have been applied in wild despair; but in vain!

  21. This is one of the most agreeable and elegant cosmetics yet known for softening and whitening the skin, preserving it from chapping, and being so simple that it may be applied to the most delicate or irritable skin.

  22. The third to the Florentine Rene, who, uniting to his title of perfumer that of magician, not only sold cosmetics and poisons, but also concocted philters and delivered oracles.

  23. A little pink box from the island of Dioscoris contained cosmetics of all colours.

  24. Is there anything more disagreeable than painted cheeks that leave the marks of the cosmetics on the mouth that kisses them!

  25. Mrs. Phillips was sitting up in bed with her box of cosmetics in front of her.

  26. It ended in Joan's promising to introduce her to discreet theatrical friends who would tell her of cosmetics less injurious to the skin, and advise her generally in the ancient and proper art of "making up.

  27. The effects of the cosmetics were entirely temporary, and easily removable.

  28. The absurd figure bowed again, but even through the pitiable chalk and cosmetics of its complexion, an embarrassed colour showed itself.

  29. A high stock of a remote fashion encompassed his neck, above which his face, whitened by cosmetics to conceal his high complexion, rested stiffly and expressionless as a mask.

  30. Health and cheerfulness make beauty; finery and cosmetics cost money and lie.

  31. The use of cosmetics has been common in all ages and in every land.

  32. To cause the hair to retain the position given to it in dressing it, various methods and cosmetics are commonly employed.

  33. They are vastly superior to the much-advertised cosmetics which flood the market.

  34. With pride he showed his grubby, black and callous hands which indeed seemed to defy all the cosmetics and skin-bleaches in the world.

  35. The brigand chief started and grew pale beneath the paint and cosmetics with which his visage was thickly coated.

  36. He is garbed like a Roman noble and his face is made up with paints and cosmetics like that of an actor on the stage of a theatre.

  37. Cosmetics for the reparation of beauty are not needed, but women of all ranks are enjoined to use various precautions for its preservation.

  38. We have cosmetics very efficacious for protecting the face from the burning sun, for keeping cool the natural moisture, for preserving the complexion, and for preventing wrinkles.

  39. His salves were delectable to a degree, his unguents and cosmetics remarkable productions.

  40. The compounder of cosmetics bowed, disposed his staff and velvet cap upon a table, and appropriated the chair the lady had assigned to him.

  41. George could see her white frightened face better now, and all the tricks and cosmetics invented could not hide its ghastliness; he felt her heaving pulses; he heard her beating heart.

  42. But the crimson that suffused it would have penetrated all the powder and cosmetics extant, let them have been laid on ever so profusely.

  43. The presence of clothes and suitcases, the casual disarray of magazines and cosmetics make me feel as though I am entering a private dwelling in which I have no business to be.

  44. A sweet smell, compounded of fragrant cosmetics and candy and soda fountain concoctions, met us as we went in.

  45. When it had got properly leavened there would soon be an end to advertisements of "corsets," cosmetics and ways of being made beautiful for ever; also an end of low dresses in high life and high latitudes.

  46. Magdalen secured her collection of cosmetics and followed him into the dressing-room.

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