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Example sentences for "cosmetic"

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  1. The same cosmetic applications may be tried as for freckles, with gentle friction, but they are seldom successful.

  2. The use of white paint as a cosmetic affects the eyes, which it renders painful and watery.

  3. They should be thoroughly pressed out of every pore, or there they will remain, and no cosmetic will dislodge them.

  4. Frank went to the table and came back with the cosmetic set.

  5. As an afterthought, he picked up a lavish cosmetic kit that retailed, according to the price tag, for thirty-eight dollars plus tax.

  6. A fragrant liquid, used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

  7. It is valued as an unguent and cosmetic by the Turks.

  8. Now that a return to cold fresh air in the sleeping room has come many will have to resume the old night-cap habit in spite of cosmetic objections to it.

  9. Beside him was a middle-sized, middle-aged lady in a most amazing state of preservation, who evidently presided over the cosmetic mysteries beyond the male ken.

  10. Kennedy was not through yet, and now turned quickly again to the cosmetic arcadia which had been so rudely stirred by the tragedy.

  11. Unless compounded just so carefully, it will be likely to crumble, but when done according to directions it makes a cosmetic that is absolutely unrivaled.

  12. I have been told by many that continuous applications of creme marquise had done away with pimples and blackheads, and it is frequently found that nothing more than a sensible diet and some simple pure face cosmetic is needed.

  13. Let me suggest that this emollient be of the good, pure, home-made kind, not the cheap cosmetic which has mutton tallow or lard as a principal foundation.

  14. The road to beauty has never been better known than it was to the Greek and Roman women of centuries ago, yet they did not begin to have the resources in cosmetic arts that we have now.

  15. The filthy cosmetic called 'cesypum,'] was prepared from the wool of those parts of the body where the sheep perspired most; it was much used for embellishing the complexion.

  16. Ovid would hardly recommend a cosmetic of so highly injurious a tendency as melted wax.

  17. What about the cosmetic fresh concocted or the powder just scented; Why has the hair too on each temple become white like hoarfrost!

  18. A cosmetic consisting of an emulsion of bitter and sweet almonds.

  19. The well-known and renowned cosmetic called Princesses' Water.

  20. An elegant fluid cosmetic soap, by the use of which all imperfections of the skin will be easily and painlessly removed.

  21. Used as a cosmetic for chapped hands and lips, &c.

  22. The ingenious manufacturer whose anagrammatic powers have converted his patronym of Elliott into one less familiar to vulgar English ears, prepares this really elegant hair cosmetic as follows:--Oil of almonds, 3 oz.

  23. A cosmetic employed to remove superfluous hairs from the human skin.

  24. So be careful to use only a Lockwood Cosmetic Stove or some equally safe affair in your dressing room.

  25. First remove the beads of cosmetic from the lashes.

  26. A safe and excellent cosmetic is an infusion of horseradish in cold milk.

  27. All the above are used as cosmetic washes, and to remove scurf, pimples, and eruptions, in slight cases.

  28. The first is the only cosmetic that can be employed, without injury, to brighten a lady's complexion.

  29. Diluted with an equal bulk of water, it forms an excellent cosmetic wash to remove scurf from the hair.

  30. This preparation is stimulant and vulnerary, and is in great repute on the Continent as a cosmetic and cordial.

  31. Used as a skin cosmetic as well as for the hair.

  32. This preparation is chiefly used as a cosmetic to improve the complexion; and also as a wash for obstinate eruptions and minor glandular swellings and indurations.

  33. The oil is an ingredient in Hungary water, and is much used in various cosmetic compounds, under the presumption of its encouraging the growth of hair and improving its quality.

  34. Even young children are subjected to the cosmetic treatment; and the very aged do not discard the artificial flowers in the remnant of their hair.

  35. One young lady, probably the first arrival, whose fresh and fair complexion suggested the acme of the cosmetic art, excited intense interest among the Mongol and Manchu ladies.

  36. Tenotomy effects essentially a cosmetic improvement--its object is to restore the correct position of the eyes by equalising the elastic muscular tensions.

  37. This result would have sufficed perfectly for a cosmetic tenotomy where binocular fusion did not exist; the annoyance caused to patient by diplopia, however, was only slightly relieved.

  38. I have repeatedly seen children on whom tenotomy had been performed in their first year, usually with bad cosmetic result but with continuance of defective sight of the squinting eye.

  39. It seemed to me senseless to perform tenotomy merely to enable her to use the same glass for distance and for near objects, without any possibility of a cosmetic improvement.

  40. We obtain a perfect cosmetic result, while a convergence, objectively determinable, but not otherwise easily visible, continues to exist.

  41. Several vases were found there, which must have contained perfumes or cosmetic oils.

  42. The acquaintance of the Greeks with the curling-iron and cosmetic mysteries, such as oil and pomatum, can be proved both by written evidence and pictures.

  43. In my honest opinion, stem cell technology shouldn't be used for cosmetic purposes.

  44. For all her complaining she probably watches Maria's soaps at least in part to glean cosmetic tips.

  45. They also suspected that something had started going terribly wrong with Kristen's cosmetic procedure.

  46. But I had a lot more important things going on at the time than her cosmetic work, so I didn't pay much attention to her.

  47. It had all started when Karl Van de Vliet confided in him that there was an adjunct procedure arising out of stem cell research that might, might, offer the possibility of a radical new cosmetic breakthrough.

  48. Not quite the Fountain of Youth, but maybe a cosmetic version.

  49. What had supposedly been a cosmetic procedure had gone horribly awry.

  50. During the next three days a new cosmetic (bedak kunyit t'rus) is applied, the ingredients being kunyit t'rus pounded and mixed in the same way as the cosmetic just described.

  51. It was this cosmetic that Birotteau called the Superfine Pate des Sultanes.

  52. After about six months we paw through the pajama tops, bottles of shaving lotion, slippers, garter belts, cosmetic jars and hair nets, and salvage whatever we think we can use.

  53. The table held everything from toothbrushes to expensive cosmetic sets.

  54. Probably, I thought, he wanted my opinion on whether one of the cosmetic sets would be an appropriate gift.

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