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Example sentences for "hundred sacrifices"

  • And endued with blazing energy, the handsome chief of the Kuru race, surrounded by his brothers, shone like the god of a hundred sacrifices encircled by the celestials.

  • Thus addressed by the chief of the Daityas, he of a hundred sacrifices, viz.

  • The Kuru hero was surrounded by many ascetics like he of a hundred sacrifices by the deities of heaven.

  • Tell me all this, O performer of a hundred sacrifices.

  • Thou hast not done anything, O thou of hundred sacrifices, in consequence of which thou art now enjoying this affluence.

  • And what service hadst thou done unto that repressor of foes, the worshipful one of a hundred sacrifices, that he said unto thee, "By thee have I been gratified?

  • And assembling together, they spoke unto him of a hundred sacrifices, saying, 'The time hath come for showing prowess.

  • And the lord of the celestials of a hundred sacrifices, having come to know of this, became very much alarmed and sought the protection of the vow- observing Kasyapa.

  • And he of a hundred sacrifices, possessed also of a thousand eyes, beholding that the Kshatriya monarchs ruled so virtuously, poured down vivifying showers at proper times and places and blessed all creatures.

  • This, O mighty armed monarch, is the assembly house, called Pushkaramalini, of Indra of a hundred sacrifices that I have seen.

  • Having once come within them, even he of a hundred sacrifices is incapable of effecting an escape.

  • And the illustrious deity of a hundred sacrifices is daily waited upon, O monarch, in that assembly by the Marutas in a body, each leading the life of a householder in the bosom of his family.

  • It is for this reason that he of a hundred sacrifices (Indra) hath become what he is, and by vanquishing the Asuras he ruleth the universe.

  • Vasu, though he performed a hundred sacrifices like a second Vasava, was sent to the nethermost regions, for making a single false statement.

  • The Grandsire Brahma, he of a hundred sacrifices, (viz.

  • Indra of a hundred sacrifices, assuming the form of a Brahmana, repaired to the capital of the king and meeting all the children succeeded in disuniting the princes.

  • It is said by the learned that the blessings of an honoured guest are more efficacious than the merit of a hundred sacrifices.

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