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Example sentences for "dissenting"

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dissented; dissenter; dissenters; dissentient; dissentients; dissention; dissentions; dissentious; dissents; dissepiments
  1. The word "clergy" was not commonly applied in those days to dissenting ministers of religion.

  2. Footnote 259: The dissenting clergymen, expelled by the Act of Conformity.

  3. Two dissenting ministers from Coventry went over to Attleborough to call upon the "great author," and to find out if he really did write 'Adam Bede.

  4. Close to the Evanses there lived at that time a dissenting minister, whose daughter Mary was a particular favourite of Marian Evans.

  5. It would not be to his advantage to have it said that he occupied a dissenting pulpit.

  6. Saving influences must emanate from it of course-- but dissenting saving influences.

  7. What can be fuller of the wearisome, depressing, beauty blasting commonplace than a dissenting chapel in London, on the night of the weekly prayer meeting, and that night a drizzly one?

  8. He was attending lectures at a dissenting college in the neighbourhood, for his father feared Oxford or Cambridge, not for his morals, but his opinions in regard to church and state.

  9. They frankly confess that 'indifference has been another enemy to the increase of the dissenting cause.

  10. Indeed, Harwood frankly said in the House of Commons, in 1672, 'Our aim is to bring all dissenting men into the Protestant church, and he that is not willing to come into the church should not have ease.

  11. In this quarter, all espouse your propositions with ardor, and without a dissenting voice.

  12. On the contrary, it was passed without a dissenting voice, and only waits till the residue of that system of which it makes a part, can be digested and put into the form of a law.

  13. The funding their foreign debts, according to express contract, passed without a debate and without a dissenting voice.

  14. One Sunday a lady and gentleman came to my church from one of the neighbouring towns; they were professors of religion, and members of some Dissenting body.

  15. The resolution thus amended was agreed to without a dissenting voice; and then, similar resolutions were passed respecting the treaties with Algiers, and with the Indians north-west of the Ohio.

  16. The secretary of state dissenting from this opinion, the measure was not adopted.

  17. Melbourne said it was true, that he began the confession about the murder of a black man to a Dissenting clergyman, but was interrupted by the ordinary.

  18. Finally, the 'barracks' was converted into a place of worship for a Dissenting body, and a grand hall it afforded when the interior was removed and only the shell left.

  19. There will also be a percentage who attend schools in connection with a Dissenting establishment, and even a certain number who attend private schools, to say nothing of the numbers who never attend at all.

  20. In the dissenting chapels thanksgivings were publicly offered that bail had been accepted for Walter Gerard.

  21. In the country, catechists were appointed with the concurrence of Archdeacon Scott, who, however, were often members of dissenting communions.

  22. This being rejected as irregular, Mr. Gregson proposed that the third reading should be delayed that the members dissenting might bring forward other estimates.

  23. I agree with Schneider in dissenting from this alteration and construction.

  24. The gables of Dissenting chapels now made a visible sign of religion, and of a meeting-place to counterbalance the alehouse, even in the hamlets.

  25. The motion was carried with only one dissenting voice--that of Mr. Dropper, who said he didn't want any such expensive and equivocal honors.

  26. The resolution was acceded to without a dissenting voter.

  27. To show the harmony which prevailed, I will state that a fugitive slave law was passed in 1793, with no dissenting voice in the Senate, and but seven dissenting votes in the House.

  28. Mr. West was of the same opinion as Mr. M'Gillivray; but in conversing with him on the subject, he did not enter into so distinct an explanation of his reasons for dissenting from the speculation of Sir Philip Francis.

  29. My Dear Spinageberd: "In pursuance of my intention, I attended the Castle Cumber Meeting-house yesterday, and must confess that I very much admire the earnest and unassuming simplicity of the dissenting ritual.

  30. On tomorrow I have resolved to attend the Dissenting Chapel, a place of worship where I have never yet been, and I am anxious, at all events, to see what the distinctions are between their mode of worship and that of the Church of Englandism.

  31. The report was adopted by the Senate with but one dissenting vote, and the question of considering the resolutions received the affirmative vote of the House.

  32. There was not a dissenting vote in that meeting.

  33. On the final vote there were but few dissenting voices, except upon the adoption of the proviso.

  34. Mr Cavendish had been meeting a Dissenting committee, and it was on leaving them that he found himself at the corner of Grove Street, where, under ordinary circumstances, he had no occasion to be.

  35. In essentials, with one exception, its doctrines much resemble those of the Church of England, and of various dissenting Protestant bodies.

  36. From its beginning, Pennsylvania was advertised as a home for dissenting sects seeking freedom in the wilderness.

  37. The abolition of the Established Church would still further have diminished the influence of the coastwise party in favor of the dissenting sects of the interior.

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