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Example sentences for "dissenters"

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dissension; dissensions; dissent; dissented; dissenter; dissentient; dissentients; dissenting; dissention; dissentions
  1. An immense augmentation has been brought to the sum of public instruction, by the continually enlarging numbers of dissenters of other denominations.

  2. In the first place, the nation had clearly shown that it proposed to remain Protestant; and the relations between the Church of England and the dissenters were gradually being satisfactorily adjusted.

  3. At the opening of the nineteenth century England still kept on the statute book the laws debarring Roman Catholics and dissenters from sitting in Parliament or holding any public office.

  4. And he was only one of eight thousand other Protestant Dissenters who died in prison during the merry, miserable reign of Charles II.

  5. Of course it was extravagantly absurd, but these indictments were the legal forms under which the luckless Dissenters experienced sufferings that were to them the sternest realities.

  6. The Reason of the Difference is plain, our Dissenters here have not the Advantage of a Cogitator, or thinking Engine, as they have in the Moon.

  7. Nor did the work stop here; though limited in their power, yet these dissenters even to-day find ways by which they can persecute dissenters from them without resort to physical means.

  8. All dissenters from civil despotic governments have been regarded as rebels, and all dissenters from ecclesiastical tyranny and oppression have been denounced as heretics and infidels.

  9. We are dissenters from the corruptions the church has accumulated in the wilderness.

  10. His sister gives us a vivid sketch of the lad, whose going over to the dissenters was resented by the formal and stern clerk, and whose evangelicalism was a reproach to the others.

  11. A paper was draughted by Sidney Rigdon against the dissenters from Mormonism, and signed by eighty-four Mormons.

  12. To this day the Dissenters of London are buried on almost the very spot where De Foe wrote his satires, and Dr.

  13. Up to that time dissenters had prided themselves on the uncomely and unpoetical aspect of the places in which they met for public worship.

  14. In their ranks are many Dissenters and Churchmen, and amongst their priests are many who have been clergymen in connection with the Dissenters or the Church of England.

  15. If Dissenters have renounced the infallibility of the Pope, have they not bowed their necks to a yoke almost as heavy and galling?

  16. Hence is it that he is more a favourite with intellectual dissenters than with churchmen, and that I believe at Lincoln's-inn-fields his congregation is made up more of the former than the latter.

  17. The reader need not be told, that Congregationalists and Presbyterians are neither Dissenters nor Independents; and these two large bodies of Christians founded the mission.

  18. It is hard to think sometimes whether this man is hired to write for or against dissenters and the sects.

  19. He means I suppose, the controversy between us and the papists; for as to the freethinkers and dissenters of every denomination, they are some of the best friends to the cause.

  20. The misfortune is, that if we prefer dissenters to great posts, they will have an inclination to make themselves the national church, and so there will be perpetual struggling; which case may be dangerous to the state.

  21. State the difference here between our separation from Rome, and the dissenters from us, and shew the falseness of what he sayeth.

  22. He urged that men were to be judged not by their opinions, but by their actions, and he asserted that no one could charge the Dissenters with ideas or conduct dangerous to the State.

  23. Fox espoused the cause of the Dissenters in 1790, and moved for a committee of the whole House to deal with the question.

  24. She always thought Dissenters were ignorant, vulgar people.

  25. Many of the audience were standing; all, except the old Churchwomen on the back seats, and a few devout Dissenters who kept their eyes shut and gave their bodies a gentle oscillating motion, were interested in chat.

  26. When his red eagle face and white hair were seen on the platform, the Dissenters hardly cheered this questionable Radical; but to make amends, all the Tory farmers gave him a friendly "hurray.

  27. If the Dissenters had been turbulent he would probably have relieved them; but while he apprehended no danger from them, he would not run the slightest risk for their sake.

  28. While he pretended to abhor the laws which excluded Dissenters from office, was he not himself dismissing from office his ablest, his most experienced, his most faithful servants, on account of their religious opinions?

  29. Their wish was to bring the great body of the Protestant Dissenters within the pale of the Church by judicious alterations in the Liturgy and the Articles, and to grant to those who still remained without that pale the most ample toleration.

  30. The Dissenters were tolerated; the Catholics not cruelly persecuted.

  31. The error into which he fell about the Dissenters was very natural.

  32. They had tried to raise the republicans against Henry the Fourth and Elizabeth, just as they were now trying to raise the Protestant Dissenters against the Established Church.

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