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disseminators; dissension; dissensions; dissent; dissented; dissenters; dissentient; dissentients; dissenting; dissention
  1. Persecution of a dissenter is always popular in the group which he has abandoned.

  2. The dissenter hurts himself; he never affects the fashion.

  3. Sokrates in the Gorgias speaks like a dissenter among a community of fixed opinions and habits.

  4. Whether his dissent be for the better or for the worse, is a matter of little moment: the ruling body always think it worse, and the consequences to the dissenter are the same.

  5. He is an innovator in religion; and a dissenter from the received ethics, politics, social sentiment, and estimate of life and conduct.

  6. Side-note: Sokrates in the Gorgias speaks like a dissenter among a community of fixed opinions and habits.

  7. The Dissenter is free; the wildest ranter has a liberty which an Archbishop may sigh for in vain.

  8. It is rarely a Dissenter becomes a Roman Catholic.

  9. One of the most exquisite touches is the description of the extraordinary conversion of a dissenter by the Act against Occasional Conformity.

  10. The fat Dissenter who had given out the hymn was left sitting in the ditch.

  11. The circumstance of finding himself invited to tea with a Dissenter would unhinge him for a week.

  12. The Catholic and the Dissenter have since combined together against you.

  13. The Catholic and the Dissenter can unite in peace as well as war.

  14. Only I would that the Dissenter who threw that stone at me should receive due and condign punishment, adequate to his misdeed.

  15. Mr. Tatham, who was a dissenter himself, and did not patronise the drama.

  16. What did that Dissenter want here during prayer-time," he asked himself.

  17. A dissenter in poetry from sense and English will make as good a Protestant rhymer, as a dissenter from the Church of England a Protestant parson.

  18. Thomas Stanley, who had been ejected for nonconformity in 1662, and had remained to carry on his ministrations as a Dissenter among such of his old flock as adhered to him.

  19. Many useful and pious treatises," says a Dissenter in 1721, "were published upon the occasion of the last visitation, as by Mr Zach.

  20. It may be doubted whether any English Dissenter had suffered more severely under the penal laws than John Bunyan.

  21. When the regulators began their work, they had taken it for granted that every Dissenter who had been induced to express gratitude for the Indulgence would be favourable to the king's policy.

  22. In Halifax's Letter to a Dissenter will be found a remarkable allusion to this discussion.

  23. For these reasons, even if it could be believed that the Court was sincere, a Dissenter might reasonably have determined to cast in his lot with the Church.

  24. Halifax's Letter to a Dissenter had not called forth so many answers.

  25. The juries, carefully selected by Sheriffs whom the Crown had named, were men animated by the fiercest party spirit, men who had as little tenderness for an Exclusionist of a Dissenter as for a mad dog.

  26. And, again, the English law does not require a Dissenter to concur in the propriety of paying church-rates, it requires him only to pay them.

  27. Now, if a Dissenter happens to be in Parliament, he is quite at liberty to make the same demur as to church-rates; but he makes his demur in the wrong quarter if he addresses it to the collector.

  28. In their efforts to carry out the Bible injunction to exterminate heretics, no species of cruelty was left untried as a punishment for the honest dissenter from the faith.

  29. And, relative to the dissenter from the faith, he is represented as saying, "Ye shall stone him with stones that he die.

  30. He published a treatise in which he maintained that a marriage between a member of the Church of England and a dissenter was a nullity, and that the couple were, in the sight of heaven, guilty of adultery.

  31. It should seem that this was a suggestion which, even if there had not been a single dissenter in the kingdom, might well have been received with favour.

  32. They say his father was a Dissenting shoemaker; and he's half a Dissenter himself.

  33. In his boyish days he had been thrown where Dissent seemed to have the balance of piety, purity, and good works on its side, and to become a Dissenter seemed to him identical with choosing God instead of mammon.

  34. The dissenter need not be a vandal and the filial dissenter ought to be farthest from the vandal in manner touching the religious beliefs of parents.

  35. And he got quite hot about it, because he had been in Scotland himself, and had been called a Dissenter by the parish minister.

  36. Mr. Tatham, who was a dissenter himself, and did not patronize the drama.

  37. I have not many friends among those who have the disposal of the place; a dissenter seems necessarily to bring a large amount of ill-will about his head.

  38. The fellow is a rank dissenter to begin with, and does a great deal of underground mischief of other kinds.

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