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Example sentences for "diminished"

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dimidia; dimidiam; dimidiated; dimidium; diminish; diminishes; diminisheth; diminishing; diminuendo; diminution
  1. Other accounts represent his forces as being rapidly diminished by desertion; but these can scarcely be deemed authentic.

  2. In our experiment it is the interfacial tension, C, which has been diminished in strength, as we may now prove by a second experiment.

  3. In proportion as the free population of Greece diminished the freeing of slaves became more and more common, until it actually appears to have been the leading feature in the life of the small towns.

  4. Public punishment to Chirango for stealing beads, fifteen cuts; diminished his load to 40 lbs.

  5. When the eye of the fountain is seen it is an oval or oblong orifice, the lower portion distinctly water worn, and there, by diminished size, showing that as ages elapsed the smaller water supply had a manifestly lesser erosive power.

  6. I have diminished the loads considerably, which pleases them much.

  7. From the Miradero one sees the bridge below, as from a balloon, with men, riding horses, and carts going over it, all diminished by the distance.

  8. The Minister's winnings diminished considerably and Cæsar's gained in proportion.

  9. The other is the frightful economic disorganization prevalent throughout Central Europe,--a disorganization which would be increased rather than diminished by the establishment of new forms of economic life.

  10. To neglect Mexico is to throw away not only one link but a large part of that chain without which the value and usefulness of the remainder are greatly diminished if indeed not rendered negligible.

  11. It appears that the grain grown in northern latitudes is much heavier than that grown in more southern lands: on the other hand, seed taken from Norway and sown at Bresslau greatly diminished in weight the first year.

  12. We had no tea this day, neither with salt, sugar, nor flour; and our tins of preserves had diminished considerably.

  13. Francis, represents the Assumption of the Virgin; a piece agreeable both in colouring and design, but its value is diminished by a figure I am unable to explain, drawn at one side of it by another hand.

  14. The uterus is not diminished by the loss of its liquor amnii; its contractile power is, therefore, not increased.

  15. The abdomen had been distended with small hydatids; these gradually escaped, and thus diminished the size of the abdomen.

  16. Then, every feeling of doubt, or tendency to vacillate, created by these influences, was reinforced by the consciousness of faults and failings among the Christians themselves.

  17. It operates also in a way of instruction, setting us to learn lessons, teaching us how to live, as it is said in Titus ii.

  18. They at any rate hold Shakespeare diminished by his openness.

  19. This tradition seems in no way improbable, and its probability is not diminished by the fact that an anecdote connected with it has been shown by Halliwell-Phillips to be an old Joe Miller, merely adapted to the case in point.

  20. He had to be the centre and pivot of everything, and therefore Cæsar was diminished and belittled to such a degree, unfortunately, that this matchless genius in war and statesmanship has become a miserable caricature.

  21. But as their numbers diminished more and more, they were finally forced into a smaller circle, and all put to the sword.

  22. That is why, if he learns, as it is probable he will, to keep at the proper distance, the cavalryman will never see his battle rôle diminished by the perfection of long range fire.

  23. The invention of firearms has diminished losses in battle.

  24. The farmer diminished perceptibly in his chair, and looked fearful, but pretended to be absorbed in the reading, and quite unconscious of an intruder.

  25. In the course of time the watching girl saw that the ship had passed her nearest point; the breadth of her sails diminished by foreshortening, till she assumed the form of an egg on end.

  26. It was but a battered and crestfallen remnant of the tribe which now took counsel over their diminished fortunes.

  27. Then suddenly the wolves, having exterminated or driven off all the game among the Little Hills, once more took the trail, though with diminished ranks, and swept off ravaging to the south-westward.

  28. Where the diminished plates came to an end at the middle of the tail, their place was taken by eight immense, needle-pointed spines, set in pairs, of which the chief pair had a length of over two feet.

  29. Owing to the activity with which it has been hunted, it has for the most part been crowded to the north of the St. Lawrence, and is reported to be greatly diminished in numbers even in the wilds of Labrador.

  30. As civilization advanced across the continent, the wapiti slowly retreated, and in diminished numbers it now lives in the wildest portion of the Pacific mountains to the north of Snake River and the Columbia.

  31. Many of the black hats disappeared, and the greater part of the crowd seemed to have diminished in height.

  32. In journeying eastward he had gone towards the sun, and the days therefore diminished for him as many times four minutes as he crossed degrees in this direction.

  33. It is an inquiry of practical importance to the aquarian naturalist, How far the diminished pressure which they meet with in the tank, on being transferred from their lower homes to the aquarium, may influence their viability.

  34. Perhaps most of us will agree that our faith in domestic prophets has been diminished by the experience of the last six months.

  35. The natural surprise that they were not earlier detected is somewhat diminished on inspection.

  36. His instinctively theatrical manner diminished not a jot the menace of the threat.

  37. The woods in this country have been, however, much diminished of late years.

  38. The tax was however only on the patience, the purse not being diminished by any claim from the officers, who were extremely civil in assisting to arrange what their search had convinced them not to be illegal.

  39. To the North, the proportion of slaves steadily diminished although chattel servitude was on the same legal footing as in the South.

  40. This was not diminished when the tribunal of arbitration found that Great Britain was on the whole right in her territorial claims against Venezuela.

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