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Example sentences for "droving"

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  1. We become aware that our droving difficulties are commencing.

  2. Now there is cattle-droving and cattle-droving.

  3. Pray excuse me,” said I, “but is not droving rather a low-lifed occupation?

  4. We heard afterwards that his name was Clancy and he had that day been offered a job droving at "twenty-five shillings a week and find your own horse.

  5. We talked about grubbing and fencing and digging and droving and shearing--all about the bush--and it all came back to me as we talked.

  6. He had to sacrifice the remnant of his flock and go droving again.

  7. This boy was a Musgrave black whom Stobart had picked up on one of his droving trips years before and had kept ever since.

  8. Many of these narratives included Boss Stobart, for he and Mick had gone about together a great deal, and had established overland droving records which are still unbeaten.

  9. His duties are of a responsible nature, and he requires a good deal of tact and patience to manage his men properly, for he may have over a dozen employed with him on a droving job.

  10. Still, droving is a popular calling, and men have followed it constantly for years, procuring a long droving job during the season, and spelling their horses when work is scarce.

  11. When Cooktown was opened as a port for the diggings, the overland route was abandoned for dray traffic, and droving stock alone used it.

  12. For I felt the swing and the easy stride Of the grand old horse that I used to ride In drought or plenty, in good or ill, That same old steed was my comrade still; The old grey horse with his honest ways Was a mate to me in the droving days.

  13. And Clancy of the Overflow came down to lend a hand, No better horseman ever held the reins; For never horse could throw him while the saddle-girths would stand, He learnt to ride while droving on the plains.

  14. And a wild halloo at the kill we'd raise -- We were light of heart in the droving days.

  15. Did they rise him as we rose him in the good old droving days?

  16. A wondrous country, where Nature's ways Were revealed to me in the droving days.

  17. The Schoolmaster had taken up his old trade, though it was understood he had been droving with Conal for Maitland the greater part of the time he had been away.

  18. Evidently the story of his droving for Donald Cameron had not carried much weight.

  19. But he did not know that Davey was droving for Conal, not till he asked me this morning, and I told him.

  20. He may get jobs of droving or something,' I said.

  21. We could take a long job at droving till the derry's off a bit.

  22. He was there, standing on the platform just off his droving trip--he was going to take the next train to Leuraville.

  23. I was sent home, and Joe went droving with uncle soon after that, else I might have lived a life of freedom and content and died out peacefully with the last of my adopted tribe.

  24. You know Tom went droving with Fred Dunn, and Fred will look after him; and, besides, Tom's older now and got more sense.

  25. For though lie scarcely a trot can raise, He can take me back to the droving days.

  26. I believe that from the first he spoke oftener and more confidentially to me than to any other of the droving party.

  27. He promised he'd give up droving after this trip, and get something to do near home.

  28. I'd knocked about the country for a few years, shearing and fencing and droving a little, and wasting my life without getting anything for it.

  29. He was a bushman of the old type, one of the men of the droving days; full of old theories, old faiths, and old prejudices, and clinging always to old habits and methods.

  30. That's all these men of the droving days have ever asked of their nation and yet without them the pioneers would have been tied hand and foot, and because of them Australia is what it is.

  31. The early rising was splendid, the droving full of enjoyment, the scenery enthralling, the watching romantic, the shooting splendid, the society characteristic.

  32. The ordinary cattle-droving life and times ensued from this stage forward.

  33. But we'll go no more a-droving in the wind or in the sun, For our fathers' hearts have failed us and the droving days are done.

  34. Song of the Wheat We have sung the song of the droving days, Of the march of the travelling sheep; By silent stages and lonely ways Thin, white battalions creep.

  35. I cannot say what the distance was exactly, but it must have been at least seventy miles--a feat in cattle-droving unparalleled in my experience.

  36. This is true, at least, as far as droving from the north to the south of Scotland and England is concerned.

  37. During the French war the price of cattle became very high; and £4 a-head, and even much more, would sometimes be lost or gained on droving cattle.

  38. My faither was in the droving line, and lived in the parish o' Coldstream.

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