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Example sentences for "armpits"

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  1. Galopin remarks that, while some women's armpits smell of sheep in rut, others, when exposed to the air, have a fragrance of ambergris or violet.

  2. Johnston, it is most marked in the armpits and is stronger in men than in women.

  3. Aubert, of Lyons, noted that during menstruation the odor of the armpits may become more powerful, and describes it as being at this time an aromatic odor of acidulous or chloroform character.

  4. Andre-Louis sprang forward just in time to catch his friend's body under the armpits as it sank.

  5. He caught him under the armpits and hauled him up.

  6. The laboured tendons of the armpits seemed ready to snap.

  7. In the joints of the branches there are other visions, elbows, armpits furred with grey lichens.

  8. If the dancing is to be done upon the floor, then the thread must be affixed about an inch higher than the armpits of the figure (to allow for the drop in the centre of the thread), and allowed to lie upon the floor, except when in actual use.

  9. He is given for examination, and the performer then retires to the stage, bending, as he does so, the arms of the figure at the armpits slightly backward from the body.

  10. Then he could be heard beating his crossed arms under his armpits to warm his hands.

  11. The earl's cuirass was of Milan steel, magnificently damascened, studded with gilt nails, and furnished at the armpits with little espalettes of gold.

  12. For what reason doth a man laugh sooner when touched in the armpits than in any other part of the body?

  13. Many of us had to jump out while still the water was up to our armpits and push the boat inshore; many could never leave the boat.

  14. So the men jumped from the boats into the icy AEgean, up to their armpits sometimes, their rifles held above their heads, and slowly facing the stream of lead, waded to the shore.

  15. All except Maskwa and the chief trader carried long poles in their hands, with which they saved themselves when they missed their footing and sank to the armpits in the rubbish of the structure.

  16. They began to breathe hard and shift weapons from left hands to armpits and back again.

  17. Having a long waist; long from the armpits to the armpits to the bottom of the waist; -- said of persons.

  18. Zalia lifted him under his armpits and they crawled on like that into the other room, where the loom stood with the bed behind it.

  19. Mother was there too and cried, "Welcome," and took Doorke under the armpits and lifted him out of the cart.

  20. Stand erect with bells at the side, bring them up to armpits and aloft, and holding them high in the air together twist your body round to the left as far as it will go, but do not move your legs.

  21. Bring the bells up under the armpits as far as you can get them (Fig.

  22. Then bring the bells back to the armpits and recover.

  23. The growth in the armpits and the pelvic hair are always pulled out by the unmarried, and a large per cent of the women do not allow it to grow even in old age.

  24. The growth in the armpits is scant, but is not removed.

  25. A wide band of strong muslin or sheeting should then be bound around the whole body between the armpits and hips, inclosing the upper part of the outside splint.

  26. Infants of a few months may be treated by rubbing an ointment (containing thirty grains of quinine sulphate mixed with an ounce and a half of lard) well into the skin of the armpits and groins, night and morning.

  27. A child generally cries out on movement of the arm of the injured side, or on being lifted by placing the hands under the armpits of the patient.

  28. He destroyed this army as he had the other, and closed with the second brother in a fight fiercer and more terrible than the first; but at last he thrust him to his armpits in the hard bottom of the river and cut off his head.

  29. A certain ill tale injures thee, that thou bearest housed in the valley of thine armpits a grim goat.

  30. She seemed to me a gross, coarse, and meaningless object; the hair under her armpits displeased me, and still more that on the lower part of her body.

  31. The latter instantly slid down and Terry caught the solid bulk of the man under the armpits and lowered him carefully.

  32. But his shoulders were fat from lack of work, and the bulge of flesh around the armpits would probably make him slow in drawing a gun.

  33. He was in a deep sleep, and before he could wake the strong young men took him under the armpits and swung him to and fro, as the wise old woman had told them.

  34. And he cannot bear the Sun, but hides away all day with shut eyes, and only at night when the Old Man with the bright armpits has gone to sleep, does he come out to hunt and look for food, and play tricks on the other animals.

  35. In those days at a certain place lived a man, from whose armpits brightness streamed.

  36. So they tried to make a plan, and at last a wise old woman called the young people together and said: 'You must go to this man from whose armpits the light streams.

  37. And so it goes on to this day, my baasjes: the day and night, summer and winter, and all because the Old Man with the bright armpits was thrown into the sky.

  38. They carefully pluck out the hair under the armpits and the pubic hair with a pair of pincers.

  39. He shaves the faces, heads and armpits of his customers, and cuts the nails of both their hands and feet.

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