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Example sentences for "armouries"

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  1. In England the disuse of armour seems to have begun earlier than on the Continent, but at no time were the ordinary soldiers covered with metal as seen in Armouries and other places.

  2. Master of the Armouries to Queen Elizabeth and James I.

  3. In the early morning the armouries capitulated.

  4. Suppose they are shipped from Benicia to the armouries in the city; they are legally Federal property until they are delivered, aren't they?

  5. Such were the private armouries of the Dukes of Pastrana at Guadalajara, and of the Dukes of Alburquerque at Cuellar Castle, near Segovia.

  6. In Ottawa he would have been perhaps a grand Minister of Public Works building docks in Halifax, customs houses in British Columbia, post-offices on the prairies, armouries in Ontario and court-houses in Quebec.

  7. Yes, there would be surely armouries in Ontario.

  8. There are several of these brigandines to be found in the Armouries of England and Europe, but the majority of them date about the middle of the fifteenth century.

  9. They are only employed here because of their general use in armouries at the present day, and because the English words are of rarer occurrence and are less likely to be met with by those beginning the study of armour.

  10. Portions of chain-mail survive in most armouries and museums, but their provenance is generally unknown, and much that is of Oriental origin is passed off as European.

  11. If space but permitted we might devote many pages to the work of the great armour-smiths as exemplified in the armouries of Madrid and Vienna.

  12. Curator of the Tower Armouries Oxford At the Clarendon Press 1909 Henry Frowde, M.

  13. This suit is shown with the brayette attached; which for obvious reasons is exhibited in most armouries separate from the suit.

  14. That this fashion in helmets was a general one we may judge from the fact that most armouries possess examples of these human-faced helmets.

  15. The names of these two weapons are often transposed, but we propose to adhere to the nomenclature used in the Tower Armouries as being more likely to be correct.

  16. But these words, spoken before an armoury and the matter of twenty gentlemen with armouries greater.

  17. And in this country of ours are twenty gentlemen, my friends, have armouries as great or greater.

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