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Example sentences for "cascara"

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  1. Of the laxative drugs which may be used at such a time, cascara sagrada and senna are among the least harmful.

  2. For this the following non-quantitative formula is given: “A compound containing the bile acids, sodium glycocholate, sodium taurocholate with cascara sagrada and phenolphthalein.

  3. The following report on the composition of Prunoids is submitted by the Association’s Laboratory: “From an examination of Prunoids it is concluded that the amount of cascara or extract of cascara in the preparation is very small.

  4. Maltzyme, Maltzyme with Cascara Sagrada, Maltzyme with Cod Liver Oil, Maltzyme Ferrated and Maltzyme with Yerba Santa Omitted from N.

  5. Cascara Compound-Robins is not acceptable for New and Nonofficial Remedies.

  6. The Council agreed to the recommendation of the referee and directed that Maltzyme, Maltzyme with Cascara Sagrada, Maltzyme with Cod Liver Oil, Maltzyme Ferrated, and Maltzyme with Yerba Santa be omitted from N.

  7. This preparation consists of Cascara Sagrada, Dandelion, Gentian Root, with Licorice in Pure Red Wine as a base, with Aromatics.

  8. American buckthorns are: Rhamnus purshiana or Cascara sagrada, of the Pacific coast, producing cascara bark, and R.

  9. But if the woman is constipated and anemic, cascara sagrada is a better laxative; while cod-liver oil acts as a laxative and at the same time improves the quality of the blood.

  10. Cascara sagrada (100%) in water and glycerin.

  11. Aromatic cascara sagrada in from ten to thirty-drop doses is a very good laxative, if a stronger remedy is needed.

  12. If constipation is the habit a laxative should be given; the aromatic fluid extract of cascara sagrada or magnesia are suitable.

  13. The Mission Fathers afterward came to appreciate its worth so highly that they bestowed upon it the name Cascara sagrada, or the "sacred bark.

  14. Bard are the Rhamnus, or Cascara sagrada, and the Grindelia.

  15. Cascara sagrada cordial is a good mild laxative to take, if necessary.

  16. The Aromatic Cascara is also good; doses are larger and pleasant to take.

  17. This is a very good remedy, as the cascara sagrada acts on the bowels and the buchu and uva ursi acts on the kidneys, carrying off all the impurities that would otherwise be retained in the system and cause trouble.

  18. Cascara sagrada, a Californian bark used as a tonic aperient: the Cascara amarga, a bitter Honduras bark.

  19. The bowels should be moved by vegetable laxatives, as aloin, cascara sagrada, or some simple combination of either or both of these drugs.

  20. Of course aloin and cascara are always good laxatives, with an occasional dose of calomel or saline, if such seem indicated.

  21. The bowels must be kept regular with mild remedies, as a Seidlitz powder in a glass of water in the morning, or one or two two-grain tablets of extract of cascara sagrada at night.

  22. In case these do not agree, extract of cascara or compound licorice powder may be taken at night.

  23. The bowels must be moved daily by some proper cathartic, as cascara tablets containing two grains each of the extract.

  24. Cascara tablets are generally given in one to ten grain doses.

  25. Castor oil, Rochelle or other laxative salts, and two grain cascara tablets ordinarily constitute a sufficient supply of cathartics.

  26. Cascara sagrada, its Mexican name, is often used for this tree.

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