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Example sentences for "emblems"

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emblematic; emblematical; emblematically; embleme; emblemed; embodied; embodies; embodiment; embodiments; embody
  1. These ceremonies completed, they place the corpse in a kind of coffin, along with various emblems of the rank of the departed, and leave it to decay.

  2. In sculptures where the emblems of Ormazd and Mithra occur together, the position of the former is central, that of the latter towards the right hand of the tablet.

  3. Behind the sacred emblems followed the Great King himself, mounted on a car drawn by Nissean steeds, and perhaps protected on either side by a select band of his relatives.

  4. Cheinisse reports the case of a young blacksmith who had the emblems of his trade tattooed upon his right forearm.

  5. Among the earliest cuts known to have been engraved by John Bewick, on the expiration of his apprenticeship, are those contained in a work entitled "Emblems of Mortality," printed in 1789 for T.

  6. We here present a specimen of that curious work, "Moral Emblems of all Ages and Nations," published by Messrs.

  7. On each side of the Deity and the dead Christ are angels holding the cross, the pillar to which Christ was bound when he was scourged, the crown of thorns, the sponge dipped in vinegar, and other emblems of the Passion.

  8. Footnote VI-76: Several editions of Alciat's Emblems and Claude Paradin's Devises Heroiques were published at Lyons in the sixteenth century.

  9. They were the "Herrenhutters," the soldiers of the Lord, and yet in their lives they were representatives of the Prince of Peace, and sought to gather about them in this life the emblems of heaven.

  10. By them the Gangeddulu are branded on the shoulder with the emblems of the chank and chakram, and initiated into the mysteries of the Dasari priesthood.

  11. As in Madras, so in Malabar, tattooing is very prevalent among the male members of the community, and the devices are characterised by a predominance of religious emblems and snakes.

  12. The stamping refers to branding with the emblems of the chank and chakram.

  13. She is then branded with the emblems of the chank and chakra.

  14. Bones lay about, human bones, and Jerry nosed them out, knowing them for what they were, emblems of the nothingness of life.

  15. The emblems which appear most singular to us are those which were in frequent if not in sacred use among the Indians, Egyptians, and Syrians.

  16. The most beautiful of all emblems is that of God, whom Timaeus of Locris describes under the image of "A circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere.

  17. Of Some Emblems Used by the Jewish Nation.

  18. The farther we advance eastward, the more prevalent and established we find the employment of emblems and figures: but, at the same time, the images in use are more remote from our own manners and customs.

  19. Let us consider those only as genuine emblems and allegories, which are indicated to us as such by Holy Scripture itself.

  20. These emblems were frequent and astonished nobody.

  21. But, subsequently, all these events became emblems and figures, after the things which they typified were accomplished.

  22. The celestial emblems of these powers were usually, as we have said, the Sun and Moon; the terrestrial, Fire and Earth.

  23. Fourth, why did Masonry alone of all trades and professions live after its work was done, preserving not only its identity of organization, but its old emblems and usages, and transforming them into instruments of religion and righteousness?

  24. No doubt; and for those who know the meaning of these emblems there is a feeling of kinship with those men, long since fallen into dust, who gathered about such an altar.

  25. Albeit, the great emblems still speak in truths simple and eloquent, and remain to refine, instruct, and exalt.

  26. Of the emblems of the Collegia, it is enough to say that here again we find the simple tools of the builder used as teachers of truth for life and hope in death.

  27. Other emblems take us back into an antiquity so remote that we seem to be walking in the shadow of prehistoric time.

  28. No doubt those emblems lost some of their luster in the troublous time of transition we are about to traverse, but their beauty never wholly faded, and they had only to be touched to shine.

  29. In form, in officers, in emblems a Roman Collegium resembled very much a modern Masonic Lodge.

  30. And as he wrought his faith and dream into reality, it was but natural that the tools of the builder should become emblems of the thoughts of the thinker.

  31. An obelisk is simply a pyramid, albeit the base has become a shaft, holding aloft the oldest emblems of solar faith--a Triangle mounted on a Square.

  32. Long before our era we find the working tools of the Mason used as emblems of the very truths which they teach today.

  33. This son, much as he loved him, when great dangers from war threatened the land, he first invested with the emblems of royalty, and then sacrificed.

  34. It is one of the sacred emblems of Japan, and hundreds of these lanterns stand in temple enclosures, each one the gift of a well-to-do adherent of the faith.

  35. They have a national flag, national emblems on their money coins--in fact, Australia is deeply stamped on any and every thing Australian.

  36. Among the Egyptians, the emblems of which they made use were arbitrary, and very different from the things to which they referred.

  37. They were certainly of old looked upon as sacred; and esteemed emblems of the Deity.

  38. But no one moved outside, no footstep threatened entrance; and her eyes returned to the lace and lawn, emblems of a thing that from Eve's day to ours has stirred women's hearts.

  39. These emblems taken together signify "Blade faithful to the death.

  40. To these might be added the magpie, the stoat, the weasel, and other creatures that are the emblems of theft and larceny.

  41. It is surrounded with emblems of power, of which it is the life and embodiment.

  42. Probably this was the holy place of the city, where the idols or deities were presented to the people with the emblems of death around them.

  43. Under this were some indescribable figures, and a sword, gun, and cannon, altogether warlike emblems for the peaceful village which had never heard the sound of hostile trumpet.

  44. In the evening both emblems have to disappear, or the wearers are beaten with nettles (Oxf.

  45. Nowadays the procession is formed of children who carry garlands and emblems made of rushes and flowers, and entering the church they lay them along the aisles.

  46. Wreaths and floral emblems are thus traced out, and sometimes mottoes are written, such as: Long may they live and happy may they be; Blest with contentment to all eternity.

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