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embitters; emblazon; emblazoned; emblazonment; emblem; emblematical; emblematically; embleme; emblemed; emblems
  1. A curious inference of the contemplative character of his mind may be drawn from the devices he successively assumed as emblematic of his feelings.

  2. The space in front of the palace was fitted up as a vast stage laid out with woodland scenery, in the midst whereof rose a mountain, emblematic of the Apennines.

  3. It appears that emblematic ornaments representing the Church and King went alternately along the fronts of the houses.

  4. There is his bushel--a great bronze basin, bearing his name, with an emblematic Lancastrian rose.

  5. The kind of game for which the emblematic figures usually called Tarocchi cards were used, remains to be discovered.

  6. Lewis gave her an equal portion of trinkets, and painted the tawny cheeks of all three of them with vermilion, which, besides its ornamental effect, has the advantage of being held among the Indians as emblematic of peace.

  7. The bright October day of his arrival in New York seemed emblematic of his hopes and prospects, and now again the deepening night, the rising wind, and the wildly hurrying clouds but mirrored back himself.

  8. Everything about an adobe was emblematic of hospitality: the doors, heavy and often apparently home-made, were wide, and the windows were deep.

  9. I found much to inspire me in that rather extreme portion of the globe, where I was profoundly impressed with the vast forests and colossal rivers of ice, so emblematic of Nature's law of eternal change.

  10. On either side of His head are emblems --on the left a lily, emblematic of mercy; and on the right a sword, emblematic of justice.

  11. It was emblematic of a new state of society when Euripides created the Phaedra and the Medea.

  12. Hence arose the naive, emblematic pictures of the fourteenth century, whose main endeavor was to attract and indoctrinate with delineations that were symbolic and intended mainly for edification.

  13. And herein lies the justification of her symbolism and emblematic expression in ecclesiastical art so long as this holds itself within the limits of tradition.

  14. Once the ships of Holland ploughed the waters with a broom at the mast-head, emblematic of her power to sweep the ocean.

  15. His emblematic name, the Bird-Serpent, and his rebus and cross at Palenque, I have already explained.

  16. Yet as thus emblematic of the thunderstorm, he possessed in full measure its better attributes.

  17. A second vision was sent two years after, likewise of emblematic beasts, and was likewise explained by an angel.

  18. That dream was the emblematic history of the world.

  19. And the indefiniteness of his art, the grey of its colour, they are emblematic of the times, as the plain red and blue of Titian belonged to those days, and are resemblant of the plainer issues that then divided men's thoughts.

  20. Dissension took place as to terms under the circumstances, and Whistler finished the room with a panel of two peacocks fighting, emblematic of the quarrel.

  21. They are in the shape of the old Atouts, that is to say, the figures are enclosed in a well-defined line the shape of a card, and the same size if considered in reference to that of the emblematic pictures.

  22. Edward Taylor and other authorities, the emblematic and mystic cards called Tarots were "born long since in the East, from whence they were brought by the gypsies for thaumaturgic purposes.

  23. The sword (or lightning) was also emblematic of Nebo.

  24. These cards are finely executed, and are one of the first of the educational packs, since the emblematic figures of the Atouts are Rhetoric, Arithmetic, etc.

  25. The pack emblematic of the weeks of the year seems to be intended for gambling, although it shows no traces of a descent from the Tarots, for the cards display no suggestion of the pips or emblems of Mercury.

  26. The animal emblems of God are numerous; the Scriptures are filled with creatures emblematic of the Saviour.

  27. On the other hand, Angelico has intentionally refrained from introducing the hues which are emblematic of vices, excepting of course those adopted for the garb of the Monastic Orders, which altogether changes their meaning.

  28. According to others the Sun, surrounded by the twelve Signs, was emblematic of the Sun of Justice surrounded by his twelve Apostles.

  29. In a general sense, it is emblematic of humility, evidently in allusion to its habit of growing as much as possible far from the high road, in the depths of woods.

  30. For since the Middle Ages the doctrine of emblematic colouring is extinct.

  31. It clearly exhibits a skull attached to each limb, typifying the four quarters or the clans and their chiefs, whilst the hands hold the larger heads, emblematic of supreme dual rulership.

  32. It seems impossible to emphasize more strongly or express more clearly the idea that Ahuramazda was the lord of the circle and of the Above, the wings being emblematic of air or heaven and of motion.

  33. Each of the element symbols is accompanied by four numerals placed in the angles of the squares, with one exception, where one numeral was obviously dislodged from its proper position by an encroaching emblematic ornament.

  34. To sum up: in ancient America the human form was employed to represent quadripartite division and the complete finger-and-toe count=20, and as such became emblematic of the quadriform plan of universal application.

  35. It was emblematic of the fall of the rain or earth-wine upon the heated soil.

  36. For these reasons I infer that the symbolical design, representing actual waves, always expressed the union of air and water, and was therefore emblematic of the cult of the upper elements, or the Above.

  37. It may be that, in ancient Mexico, the two symbols, respectively referring to the movements of the sun and of the circumpolar star-groups, were emblematic of the two different cults or religions which existed alongside of each other.

  38. Our entire national life has been emblematic of an unselfish respect for the rights of other nations, and is not tainted with that suspiciousness which has come down to others from ancient times.

  39. The flag of the "insurgents" was then the British flag with thirteen white and red stripes, emblematic of the thirteen colonies.

  40. The horn, as an antidote to all poison, was also believed to be emblematic of the conquering or destruction of sin by the Messiah.

  41. Lucifer's New Row-Barge" exhibits Law in a barge, with a host of emblematic figures representing the Mississippi follies.

  42. Bonfires on Tower Hill The Earl of Sunderland Caricature--Emblematic Print of the South-Sea Scheme.

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