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Example sentences for "embodying"

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embodied; embodies; embodiment; embodiments; embody; embolden; emboldened; emboldens; emboli; embolic
  1. The next step was to construct a model engine for the purpose of embodying the invention in a working form.

  2. Rabbinical learning was his native element, embodying for him the whole meaning of religion.

  3. It was the typical sample of a Prusso-Austrian Reglement, embodying the very system of "reforms brought about by the power of the state" against which Speranski had vainly cautioned.

  4. Besides these works of Apuleius, we possess some short philosophical tracts, embodying some of his Platonist and Pythagorean doctrines.

  5. But in the exordia and perorations to the several books, as well as in sundry digressions, may be found matter of greater value, embodying the poet's views on the great questions of philosophy.

  6. This work is mentioned by Pliny as embodying a new and most acceptable process, [29] whereby the impressions of the portraits were multiplied, and the reading public could acquaint themselves with the physiognomy and features of great men.

  7. The fountain Hvergelmer may therefore be regarded as embodying impressions made on the Teuton mind by the physical forces of the universe in the grand activities of their eternal circulation.

  8. Separate bills were drawn embodying all the main features of this compromise, and eight months having been consumed in their discussion, the two houses were at last brought to a vote on each bill by itself.

  9. Moreover, all the texts embodying injunctions and prohibitions will lose their purport if the distinction on which their validity depends does not really exist.

  10. In the accompanying drawings, Figure I 1 is a perspective view of an apparatus embodying our invention in one form.

  11. In the accompanying drawing we have shown an apparatus embodying our invention in one form.

  12. In regard of embodying his tenants into Companies, he never did forbid them, neither should do it, as they may use their pleasure; but we might save ourselves that trouble, he being sure they would not.

  13. In embodying that regiment he was among the very earliest and readiest.

  14. Further Molestation at Colesville by Mobs--The Revelation Embodying the Vision of Moses.

  15. The Molestation at Colesville by Mobs--The Revelation Embodying the vision of Moses.

  16. It contains speeches in the antique manner, which may be taken partly as embodying the author's commentary upon situations of importance, partly as expressing what he thought dramatically appropriate to prominent personages.

  17. Of or pertaining to a sophist; embodying sophistry; fallaciously subtile; not sound.

  18. A kind of song of a lively character, frequently embodying a satire on some person or event, sung to a familiar air in couplets with a refrain; a street song; a topical song.

  19. An extravagant fiction embodying an account of some marvelous exploit or adventure.

  20. A maxim or saying embodying a moral truth.

  21. These, though embodying the policy of the Central Authority, had not the force of law.

  22. It implies the power of embodying some sentiment or idea of national or public interest.

  23. New tendencies, moreover, embodying themselves in new schools, were already beginning to appear.

  24. The manager is appointed for one year only, subject to his acceptance of the cahier des charges, a contract embodying a scheme of stipulations devised by the council, and imposed in return for the subsidy granted.

  25. The cahier des charges, as already stated, is a contract embodying the conditions under which the privilege is granted.

  26. The Imago Mundi of 1410, already mentioned, embodying Roger Bacon's arguments that the Atlantic washed the shores of Asia and that the voyage thither was not long, was a book carefully studied by Columbus.

  27. A bill embodying these principles, which has been drafted under the advice and with the approval of substantially all the leaders and managers in the cooperative movement, will be presented to the Congress for its enactment.

  28. Next Monday I shall transmit to the Congress my detailed recommendations embodying this approach.

  29. Measures are pending embodying this sound policy to which we may well adhere.

  30. I trust that a law embodying in substance the views, or a major part of the views, exprest in the report on this subject laid before the House at its last session will be past.

  31. Treaties embodying these humane principles on broad lines, without in any way imperiling our interests or our honor, shall have my constant encouragement.

  32. He continued his attempts to solve the mystery of Perpetual Motion, and contrived several model machines with the object of embodying his ideas in a practical working shape.

  33. A special letter to the railway and banking corporations embodying the "contingent" plan produced many substantial subscriptions.

  34. Good being either absolute or relative, of course the natures and states embodying it will be so too; therefore also the movements and the processes of creation.

  35. The patriot militia had been called out, and was embodying under General Rutherford but a few miles distant near Charlotte.

  36. Worse still, Ferguson is off to the westward, embodying the Tories by the hundred, and we shall have burnings and hangings and harryings to the king's taste.

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