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Example sentences for "heretics"

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heretic; heretica; heretical; hereticks; heretico; heretike; hereto; heretofore; hereunder; hereunto
  1. These were noted heretics and were persecuted by the Greek Church with fire and sword.

  2. The Hungarians undertook many crusades against the heretics in Bosnia, but towards the close of the 15th century the conquest of that country by the Turks put an end to their persecution.

  3. He despatched a missive to the Count of Toulouse--who already lay under excommunication for alleged intermeddling with the rights of the clergy--charging him with harbouring heretics and giving offices of emolument to Jews.

  4. In Rome, many heretics were burned; many condemned to imprisonment for life.

  5. The poor city is most forlorn and poverty-stricken, the heretics having all left it,' were Parma's own words.

  6. While the men who denied Transubstantiation were burned as heretics at Smithfield, their opponents, who dared to express views derogatory to royal supremacy, were hanged, drawn, and quartered as traitors.

  7. But so cleanly was the man's mode of life, so intellectual, so personally unselfish and sincere was he, that although heretics were being burned in France by twos and sevens, yet for several years no hand was laid upon him.

  8. But the humor of heretics charging heretics with heresy, and demanding that they should be punished, did not dawn upon John Calvin.

  9. Noy was a close-running mate of Archbishop Laud, who hunted heretics and cropped the ears of a thousand Puritans.

  10. To discontinue them, therefore, and use others, would in their view, be to become heretics or infidels.

  11. The heretics have not thought and suffered and died in vain.

  12. Toleration Let it be remembered that all churches have persecuted heretics to the extent of their power.

  13. Peace was concluded in 1229, but the persecution of heretics went on.

  14. The church was forced to meet the heretics on their own ground, to offset the example of their simplicity and purity of life by exalting the neglected standards of self-denial, and to silence them, if possible, by exposing their errors.

  15. As far as Dominic was concerned, it is argued by his friends that the office "was limited to the reconciliation of heretics and had nothing to do with their punishment.

  16. Special courts for trying heretics were established, previous to the more complete organization of the Inquisition, and in these he held a commission.

  17. Those who were burned were condemned by secular courts, and on the ground that they were not only heretics but enemies of the public peace and perpetrators of enormous crimes.

  18. Then followed twenty years of frightful carnage, during which hundreds of thousands of heretics were slain, and many cities were laid waste by fire and sword.

  19. The heretics practiced austerities and adopted a simplicity of life that won the hearts of the people, by reason of its contrast to the loose habits of the monks and clergy.

  20. He was a true disciple of D'Ailly and Gerson, but like them was warmly attached to the dominant church and opposed to the heretics of his time.

  21. Even some of the hardest sayings of the Scottish king against heretics were but the echo of those of his father-in-law, the King of France.

  22. In 1534 a second great assize against heretics was held in the same place.

  23. He was burned at the north kirk-style of the Abbey Church, that the heretics of Angus might see the fire and take warning from his fate.

  24. Why delude you into playing Procrustes as he does with the queen's English, racking one word till its joints be pulled asunder, and squeezing the next all a-heap as the Inquisitors do heretics in their banca cava?

  25. I heard that you heretics roasted and ate all true Catholics (as we Guayquerias are), and that all your padres had tails.

  26. Several circumstances have shown that this Tournoire has made himself, or his agents, accessible to Huguenots, for these escapes of heretics across the border began at the same time when his rescues of Huguenot prisoners began.

  27. If he were on the ground, and knew the trouble these dogs of heretics give me, he would doubtless change his manner of speech.

  28. To succor traitors was treason, to shield heretics was heresy, and there was no doubt that the judges would condemn him to death, to furnish others a lesson.

  29. The remedy was not thought to be too terrible for the disease, for centuries after: and the most Christian souls rejoiced in the victories of the Crusade, the towns destroyed, the nests of heretics broken up.

  30. The goods of unrepentant heretics were confiscated, and every one was free to help himself as if they had been Turks and infidels.

  31. The priesthood and the religion it taught had fallen very low in Provence, and no one heeded the new missionaries, neither the heretics nor the heedless population around.

  32. The league of heretics should be dissolved by faithful instruction: for the Lord desires not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should be converted and live.

  33. Therefore heretics and the like cannot consecrate the Eucharist.

  34. Therefore those whom the heretics have baptized, should be baptized again.

  35. Some heretics in conferring sacraments do not observe the form prescribed by the Church: and these confer neither the sacrament nor the reality of the sacrament.

  36. From this authority the aforesaid heretics have taken occasion to err from evilly understanding Augustine's words.

  37. Further, the Man-Christ did not begin to be Son of God at His baptism, as some heretics have stated: but He was the Son of God from the beginning of His conception.

  38. Now the Arian heretics said that Christ was a creature and less than the Father, not only in His human nature, but even in His Divine Person.

  39. Much more, therefore, should those be rebaptized, who have been baptized by heretics or sinners.

  40. This refers to the gift of understanding, wherewith the saints do not rend sound doctrines, as heretics do.

  41. Those heretics who have been baptized in the confession of the name of the Trinity are to be received as already baptized when they come to the Catholic Faith.

  42. Cyprian, however, thought that heretics do not confer even the sacrament: but in this respect we do not follow his opinion.

  43. As if God would take any notice of heretics and rebels and Netherlanders generally," he said with a sneer.

  44. Are ye heretics that ye care naught for that?

  45. They were all bred in the one school which taught them from infancy an utter contempt for this subject race and a deadly hatred against the heretics and rebels of the Low Countries.

  46. The King's sacred person would not be safe here among them; the Duke's life has often been threatened; the heretics have pillaged and ransacked the churches!

  47. For if you don't, and I hear of any psalm-singing or simpering nonsense I'll hand you over to the Inquisition as avowed heretics to-morrow.

  48. Heretics were hunted like wild and poisonous beasts; the Inquisition was firmly established, and priests were busy with rack and fire.

  49. We remember the Dominican Order, the members of which, upheld by the vicar of Christ, pursued the heretics like sleuth hounds, through many centuries.

  50. No one could tell me whether these heretics had not a peculiar name for themselves.

  51. Nakhawilah, the race of heretics so called, at Al-Madinah; ii.

  52. Nevertheless the Lollards were looked upon as heretics by the authorities of the Church, and in 1377, Wyclif was cited to appear before the Primate and Bishop Courtnay in St. Paul's Cathedral.

  53. Of course, I admit that Christians and heretics are both honest; a real Christian must be honest and a real heretic must be the same.

  54. Deems must admit that only a few years ago most of the persons he now calls Christians would have been burnt as heretics and Infidels.

  55. Aye, and if the priests learn of the statue, and call us both before the tribunal, and have us burnt as heretics and idolaters, what then?

  56. Wife, consider and look at our guest with great attention, but greater respect, and afterwards thou mayest tell thy gossips that thou hast seen my Lord Jacob Hessels, the greatest reaper of heretics that ever was.

  57. The references to heretics in 2 Peter and Jude have already been dealt with.

  58. On the question of the baptism of heretics see Smith and Cheetham's Dict.

  59. As even "the Christian virtues of the heretics were described as hypocrisy and love of ostentation," so no value whatever was attached by the orthodox party to the sacraments performed by heretics.

  60. The controversy his intolerance provoked was closed by Augustine's controversial treatise De Baptismo, in which the validity of baptism administered by heretics is based on the objectivity of the sacrament.

  61. Cyprian was the first to proclaim the identity of heretics and schismatics by making a man's Christianity depend on his belonging to the great episcopal church confederation.

  62. In 385 Maximus, his rival and colleague, caused seven heretics to be put to death at Treves (Trier).

  63. The story of the persecution of heretics by the state must be briefly sketched.

  64. We shall simply observe, that this saint was probably a little imposed upon, that he suffered himself to be transported by his zeal, and that all the heretics were not execrable debauchees.

  65. Besides, they were made against the Jews only; no one ever thought of applying them to the marriage of pagans or heretics with the followers of the prevailing religion.

  66. The ecclesiastical historian will record his name in the list of the heretics of the nineteenth century, and his peculiar ideas will pass into oblivion, except as a matter of curious research to the scholar.

  67. All heretics have said the same thing, except those who have openly averred that they reject the authority of the Catholic Church.

  68. We can endure even the heretics better than our opponents can endure the Apostles.

  69. Those first centuries observe them; contemporary heretics respect them; only later and corrupt times pass them by.

  70. The Greek clergy preached against them as heretics and schismatics and dogs; the Patriarch and the Bishops spoke of their extermination as a merit, and their priests washed and purified the altars where the Latin priests had said mass.

  71. The consent of Fathers is one kind of testimony to Apostolical Truth; the protest of heretics is another; now I will come, thirdly, to received usage.

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