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  1. When the act is normal there is a complete emptying of the tract of semen and of the blood engorgement; in coitus interruptus there is incomplete ejaculation and only partial deplethorization.

  2. Onanism, coitus interruptus, or withdrawal before ejaculation, which takes place extra vas, is intended to prevent impregnation.

  3. In other cases, a woman will make attempts at coitus with a little boy, having first induced erection of his penis by manipulating the organ, by tickling it, or in some other way.

  4. But artificial stimuli and exhausting imaginative activity are often associated with coitus also, in cases in which the stimulus evoked by the personality of the sexual partner is inadequate.

  5. It is very variable in form, but in the great majority of instances it diminishes the size of the vaginal inlet to such an extent as to render coitus impossible until the hymen has been torn.

  6. Normal sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, objectively regarded, is a no less unæsthetic act than pseudo-coitus between two men.

  7. Strassmann[30] considers that in our climate the capacity for procreation begins at the earliest at the end of the fifteenth year, and the capacity for coitus at the end of the thirteenth year.

  8. They represent the male reproductive cells, which during coitus are introduced into the interior of the female reproductive organs; a single spermatozoon unites with the ovum of the female to form the fertilised ovum.

  9. Her husband did not want any children and practiced coitus interruptus, but she became pregnant nevertheless and had an abortion performed.

  10. Ascent = coitus is in this case a type for a quite comprehensive class of experience.

  11. It is there maintained that by sodomy as well as by pederasty (specifically coitus in anum and also in os is meant) the generation of a monster is possible.

  12. If the symbol of coitus was conceivable there, so here, too, the same symbol is appropriate for the representation of the definite union with the object longed for.

  13. I grasp it, but do not know whether I have hit it, for I suddenly find myself in the middle of the stairway where I practice coitus with the child (in the air as it were).

  14. From my essay on the etiology of anxiety neuroses, you will see that I note interrupted coitus as one of the factors which cause the development of neurotic fear.

  15. He subsumed what occurred between his parents under the conception "violence and wrestling," and thus reached a sadistic conception of the coitus act, as often happens among children.

  16. He defines it as including "all those expressions of the sexual instinct of one individual towards another individual which excite the other's sexual instinct, coitus being always excepted.

  17. The great Indian physician Susruta, however, was opposed to coitus during pregnancy, and the Chinese are emphatically on the same side.

  18. Booth, "Coitus Interruptus and Coitus Reservatus as Causes of Profound Neurosis and Psychosis," Alienist and Neurologist, Nov.

  19. However this may be, it is quite certain that in predisposed women, coitus during pregnancy causes premature birth; it sometimes happens that labor pains begin a few minutes after the act.

  20. This tendency is still more marked in the United States; thus the Iowa Supreme Court, a few years ago, decided that excessive demands for coitus constituted cruelty of a degree justifying divorce (J.

  21. It must be always remembered, as has already been pointed out, that in the progress from anthropoid to man it is the female, not the male, whose method of coitus has been revolutionized.

  22. Only in the case of sodomy, where anal coitus has been frequent, would characteristic signs be found.

  23. Local diseases caused in women by excessive coitus are: vaginal catarrh, acute catarrh of the vulva, acute inflammation of the lining membrane of the uterus as well as of the uterus itself, inflammation of the ovaries, and even peritonitis.

  24. Coitus is, as a rule, distasteful to pregnant women.

  25. These usually relax the parts very considerably; but if coitus is still found impossible, it is better to consult a physician at once, when a simple operation will generally remove the trouble and the woman is spared much suffering.

  26. When coitus is succeeded by langour, depression, or malaise, it has been indulged in too frequently.

  27. Especially is coitus at a time of great physical fatigue liable to be provocative of uterine inflammations.

  28. The general rule given is that coitus should never take place oftener than every seven or ten days.

  29. Aside from ethical considerations, coitus during the menstrual period may be the cause of rupture of the impaired blood-vessels, thus causing blood-tumors.

  30. The effect of excessive coitus in women is seen by the confirmed ill health of so many women after marriage and repeated child-bearing.

  31. The general manifestations of impaired health in women due to excessive coitus are: chronic anemia, with malnutrition; impaired and altered functions in all the organs, especially those of the nervous system.

  32. Excessive coitus is a well-known cause of chronic inflammation of the uterus; that is, a habitual congestion of the uterus is induced by excessive sexual intercourse.

  33. A woman should never be subjected to coitus until three months after delivery.

  34. When fifteen years old I began to practice coitus inter femora on my brother and continued it intermittently for about two years.

  35. From the frequency with which they have been adopted by various peoples as national customs, most of the postures in coitus here referred to must be said to come within the normal range of variation.

  36. But if orgasm is complete the beneficial effects of coitus follow even if there has been no possibility of the absorption of semen.

  37. In Loango, according to Pechuel-Loesche, coitus is performed lying on the side.

  38. The position of coitus in which the man is supine is without doubt a natural and frequent variation of the specifically human obverse method of coitus.

  39. Most of the elements that make up this typical picture of the state of coitus are not absolutely essential to that state, but they all come within the normal range of variation.

  40. This boy told how the house servants joked with him about coitus and made laughing lunges at his organs.

  41. It is, however, most certainly a mistake to suppose that the beneficial influence of coitus on women is exclusively, or even mainly, dependent upon the absorption of semen.

  42. Since the part of the man in coitus is more active and that of the woman more passive, the sexual sensitivity of the skin seems to be more pronounced in women.

  43. Perhaps the commonest preventive excepting the use of the condom is "coitus interrupts," or withdrawal of the penis from the vagina shortly before the action of the semen.

  44. They should be soaked in an antiseptic solution for a few minutes before coitus and then introduced into the vagina far up as they can be placed.

  45. They practiced coitus interruptus for a while, with mutual disgust, but when the wife was caught again, she said: "No more!

  46. When I was 22 I had coitus with a girl who was not a prostitute for the first time.

  47. This I later practised in Coitus prolongatus--giving the partner time to come up.

  48. On leaving school I went to Germany and there had my first coitus with a woman, a fat old German who gave me very little satisfaction.

  49. It has been found that after castration sexual desire and sexual pleasure in coitus may either remain the same, be diminished or extinguished, or be increased.

  50. He then extirpated the seminal receptacles, avoiding hemorrhage as far as possible, and found that, in the majority of cases so operated on, coitus still continued for from five to seven days, and in the minority for a longer time.

  51. Thus it is that anger may be used to reinforce a weak sexual impulse, and cases have been recorded in which coitus could only be performed when the man had succeeded in working himself up into an artificial state of anger.

  52. Before coitus it is inserted into a transverse orifice in the penis, made by a painful and somewhat dangerous operation and kept open by a quill.

  53. By extirpating the testicles some months before the sexual season he found that no coitus occurred.

  54. To the man coitus must be in some slight degree pleasurable or it cannot take place at all.

  55. It must be added that, especially among the lower social classes, the primitive belief of the savage that coitus during menstruation is bad for the man still persists.

  56. This must be so, even apart from the masturbator's consciousness of the general social attitude toward his practices and his dread of detection, for that may also exist as regards normal coitus without any corresponding psychic effects.

  57. Ploss and Bartels mention that among the peasants in some parts of Germany, where it is believed that impregnation is impossible during menstruation, coitus at that time would be frequent were it not thought dangerous for the man.

  58. It is in the joy caused by the play of these emotions, as well as in the discharge of the sexual orgasm, that the satisfaction of coitus resides.

  59. Whether, as some have asserted, masturbation involves a greater nervous effort than coitus is more doubtful.

  60. Notwithstanding all the obstacles that are thus placed in the way of coitus during menstruation, there is nevertheless good reason to believe that the first coitus very frequently takes place at this point of least psychic resistance.

  61. As the youth develops, onanism becomes a sexual act comparable to coitus as a dream is comparable to reality, imagery forming in correspondence with the desires.

  62. The precautions prescribed as regards coitus at Loango[39] are evidently associated with religious fears.

  63. Thus, we read in an Arabic book, The Perfumed Garden, that women have an aversion to coitus during menstruation.

  64. When early masturbation is a factor in producing sexual inversion it usually operates in the manner I have here indicated, the repulsion for normal coitus helping to furnish a soil on which the inverted impulse may develop unimpeded.

  65. During the act it was only occasionally that any thoughts of men or of coitus were present, the attention being fixed on the coming climax.

  66. We have at our disposition numerous facts which rigorously prove the disastrous influence of abnormal coitus to the woman, but we think it useless to publish them.

  67. Some of these have been characterized with sufficient explicitness, and the injury resulting from incomplete coitus to both parties has been made evident to all who are willing to be convinced.

  68. If, on the other hand, coitus do not take place, the egg passes down to the uterus unimpregnated, loses its vitality after a short time, and is finally carried away with the uterine secretions.

  69. In any case, full coitus should not be attempted till the bride is at least willing.

  70. Such, then, is a somewhat extended review of the act of coitus at its best estate, and in a general way.

  71. In what immediately follows, these four stages of the act of coitus will be studied and traced in detail, with the utmost care, in the hope that such pursuit may result in the best possible good to the student.

  72. To be sure, in some cases, though they are rare, some women are conscious of a greater desire for coitus just after the ceasing of the menstrual flow; that is, when the ovum is in the womb.

  73. The whole subject of how to engage in satisfactory coitus and avoid pregnancy may be summed up as follows:--The attainment of such a condition is well worth the most careful, earnest and honestly pains-taking endeavor.

  74. In both men and women, again, cases have been recorded in which sexual excitement, whether of coitus or masturbation, has been followed by bleeding of the nose.

  75. In most cases, however, it does not appear to lead to a desire for intercourse, and some of those who make this statement have no desire for coitus during lactation, though they may have strong sexual needs at other times.

  76. They are also not normal when they involve, for instance, a man desiring to witness his wife in the act of coitus with another man.

  77. New Caledonia, who, according to Moncelon, when young and ardent, give out during coitus a powerful odor which no ablution will remove.

  78. Women, like men, frequently give out an odor during coitus or strong sexual excitement.

  79. Coitus with males, as above described, always seems to him healthy and natural; it leaves a deep sense of well-being, and has cemented durable friendships.

  80. The subincised man acts as a female to the as yet unoperated boys, who perform coitus in the incised opening.

  81. We passed the next fortnight together, and I never took the same pleasure in coitus with my wife, though I did my duty.

  82. I attempted the act of coitus four or five times, twice with women of loose lives and at other times with married women.

  83. But he did not encourage him to try coitus with women.

  84. At the first coitus the hymen is torn, causing a certain amount of pain and bleeding.

  85. In certain individuals, flirtation takes the place of coitus from the sensual, and love from the sentimental point of view.

  86. She can renounce the voluptuous sensations of coitus infinitely more easily than the exigencies I have just indicated, which are for her the principal things.

  87. Under certain circumstances, for instance at the time of conscription for recruits at Brussels, the brothels are besieged to such a point that one man has hardly time to finish coitus before another comes to take his place.

  88. While the normal man is generally attracted to coitus by nearly every more-or-less young and healthy woman, this is by no means the case in the normal woman with regard to man.

  89. So long as coitus is freely performed by adult and responsible persons, has no indirect consequences, and does not cause fecundation, neither society nor any one is injured.

  90. Although excited to coitus with the woman in question, the husband would not in any case have her for wife, nor even have children by her, for after the slightest reflection he despises and fears her.

  91. Cold women submit to coitus as a duty, or at any rate only mentally enjoy their husband's caresses.

  92. We may notice that in such cases erections are only produced mechanically during sleep, which renders coitus impossible.

  93. In truly Catholic marriage it is prescribed to procreate as many children as possible, and all preventive measures in coitus are severely condemned.

  94. The idea of yawning makes one yawn; that of coitus provokes erections; the idea of shame causes blushing; that of fear blanching; that of pity weeping.

  95. The venality of man implies the commerce of his body, and as long as everything can be got for money, coitus can be bought.

  96. A higher degree of culture then diminishes warfare, shortens the period of nursing, does away with the prejudices against coitus during pregnancy, and improves the social position of women.

  97. Individuals who have become impotent often try to excite themselves by observing the coitus of others.

  98. This woman, as well as her husband, averred that they had no suspicion of the anomaly and that coitus (by the anus) had always been satisfactory.

  99. Mauriceau performed nymphotomy on a woman whose nymphae were so long as to render coitus difficult.

  100. Coitus always seemed satisfactory, and no suspicion existed in the patient's mind, and had never been suggested to her, of her abnormality.

  101. This person was married when twenty-one, but finding coitus impossible, separated after ten years, and though dressing as a female had coitus with other women.

  102. Fabricius Hildanus mentions a curious case of paraphimosis caused by violent coitus with a virgin who had an extremely narrow vagina.

  103. Her first coitus took place at the age of fifteen, before any signs of menstruation had appeared, and from this time all through her married life she was either pregnant or suckling.

  104. At the age of forty-six her sexual desires changed, and she attempted coitus as a man, with such evident satisfaction that she married a woman soon afterward.

  105. Though coitus was frequently resorted to, these symptoms continued.

  106. There is an instance recorded of extensive laceration of the vagina in a woman, the result of coitus with a large dog.

  107. Coitus had been through the urethra, which was considerably distended, though not causing incontinence of urine.

  108. Crandall cites instances in which hemorrhage, immediately after coitus of the marriage-night, was so active as to almost cause death.

  109. The Ephemerides mentions a person in whom coitus habitually caused vomiting, and another in whom excessive sexual indulgence provoked singultus.

  110. It is popularly believed that coitus during intoxication is the cause of this condition.

  111. Before coitus is feasible, the organs designed for the purpose have to be brought into an appropriate state for its consummation.

  112. The greatest feat of the imagination is the phantasy of having witnessed the coitus of the parents while still unborn in the mother's womb.

  113. The more temperamental, that is, the more disposed toward sexual intercourse and capable of gratification is the woman, the more will she react to the impotence of the man, or to the coitus interruptus, by anxiety manifestations.

  114. Thus Galabin in his Manual of Midwifery says: "In the Jewish law women are directed to abstain[4] from coitus during menstruation and for seven days after its cessation.

  115. While most of the aspects of sleep and sleeplessness have received much attention from specialists in human physiology, the relation between sleep and coitus appears to be but little realised.

  116. It is true that in coitus woman has but a slight external secretion, and that principally of mucus.

  117. He says: "A married woman confessed to me, when I reproached her for being unfaithful to her husband, that she desired coitus at least once a fortnight, and that when her husband was not there she took the first comer.

  118. I may add that coitus frequently took place during the period of captivity.

  119. Coitus took place between another pair on the 22nd, and again on the 26th.

  120. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "coitus" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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