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Example sentences for "donkey"

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  1. A sorry-looking donkey walked after the car, to which it was attached by a rope.

  2. The fat man in the car represented the pope, and the donkey was intended to symbolize the credulity of the faithful.

  3. Next appeared the mock pope, dispensing blessings with his right hand, reaching straw to the donkey with his left, and distorting his painted face into all sorts of farcical grimaces.

  4. Another wonder was the donkey in the other photo, for none had ever seen such an animal.

  5. If the weight were unequal a balance was struck by adding cobble-stones on one side or the other, the patient donkey not minding in the least.

  6. It is difficult to carry a glass bottle such as the porro around on donkey back, and so the thing is made of leather.

  7. It is principally the trading of cattle, sheep and wool, with an occasional porker or a donkey sold, or bargained for, on the side.

  8. He has no use for the proverb:-- "Honourable is the riding of a horse to the rider, But the mule is a dishonour and a donkey a disgrace.

  9. The mountaineer of the Pyrenees would rather ride a donkey than a pure bred Arab or drive an automobile.

  10. A train of Spanish mules or smaller donkeys pulling a long wagon of wood or wool is another common sight; or a man or a woman, or both, on the back of a little donkey will be no novelty either.

  11. Dey ax 'im how he speck Bline Billy name gwine keep fokes fum knowin' Jack Donkey whin he 'pear ter make his canvas.

  12. That Cabuli donkey thought the boulder a crouching wolf and shied, eh?

  13. Some time since one Akka, a hillman, came down out of Kululand into Simla leading a donkey that carried two bags of sapphires in the rough.

  14. The donkey had followed him in, and was standing just behind his chair, head hanging, ears lopping, lethargic patience showing in every contour of his shaggy body.

  15. It was only the fighting donkey still following the master whom he had adopted.

  16. A Gardener's Donkey once complained to Fate Of having to rise earlier than the sun.

  17. Then Martin comes; the donkey changed his tune.

  18. Fritz, Ernest and I began the work of unloading our craft, while Jack, seeing that the poor donkey was still encumbered with his swimming belt, tried to free him from it.

  19. The donkey is a patient beast; he never kicks or runs away, never takes fright, never asks for backsheesh, and he can bear a burden that seems out of all proportion to his size.

  20. A fair donkey can be bought for twenty-five or thirty dollars, and a good one for forty or fifty Prices range considerably above that, but they are for fancy animals of extra fine appearance.

  21. Just as I leaned forward to swing my right leg over, the donkey dropped his head and shoulders and gave me a most beautiful fall.

  22. He and his donkey were lying all in a heap, and it was difficult to say how much was donkey and how much was Gustave.

  23. Even the donkey boy laughed, a proceeding which showed how little he knew of polite society.

  24. When we returned to the gate we found him prostrate in the dirt, and just rising with the help of the donkey drivers.

  25. I ventured to ask how much such a donkey would be worth.

  26. Most of the donkey drivers that frequent the fronts of the hotels can speak English, and some of them quite well.

  27. But the donkey is universal, and everybody can have one, unless he is the poorest of the poor.

  28. I took a farewell stroll around the Mooskee, the Esbekeeah, and the Shoobra road and skirmished for the last time with the donkey boys and dragomen who infest those places.

  29. On the whole I had no regret at parting with the donkey boys and dragomen, particularly with the latter, who hang around the the hotels at Cairo in great numbers, and were always ready to agree to take you anywhere you wish to go.

  30. You may think this is drawing the donkey business to a considerable length, but you wouldn't think so if you knew what a prominent place the animal has in the life and locomotion of modern Egypt.

  31. But the piggies rebelled lustily in the bags, the ducks remonstrated against their unquiet neighbors, and the donkey indignantly refused to stir a step till the unseemly uproar was calmed.

  32. I had a common donkey pack-saddle fitted upon Modestine; and once more loaded her with my effects.

  33. The son of Gandharba-Sena the donkey and the daughter of the King of Dhara, he was promised by his father the strength of a thousand male elephants.

  34. The donkey had an ordinary saddle, on to which our friend was hoisted.

  35. Once a donkey took fright and bolted back, and the soldier in charge yelled and pointed his rifle at us.

  36. I don't think I minded leaving Fin so much, but Broomstick had carried me ever since I was born, and my heart was sore to wish the poor old donkey good-bye.

  37. Late as was the hour I purchased finery; with my last gold I hired a donkey of strange magnificence, and arrived at the palace of Yusouff, dressed in a fashion which I could ill afford, but which I regarded as an investment.

  38. With this holy man I remained for some four or five days, passing my time at leisure in his retreat among the mountains, and feeding my donkey upon the dried grasses which I brought in by armfuls at dusk from the woodlands.

  39. So he untangled the trouble again, and made Adela see that she really must not pull at her bridle, but allow the donkey to go his own gait, for they were all trained to it.

  40. I guess you'll be glad enough to get off from your donkey by the time you reach the top of Montanvert," observed Jasper, wisely.

  41. But Phronsie had her own ideas on the subject, and though on every other occasion agreeing with Grandpapa, she saw good and sufficient reason why every donkey should be entirely different from every other donkey.

  42. At first Miss Stanley forced herself to drive the fat donkey into Sezanne for news--a half-day's trip with only more terror at the end.

  43. But how could he conceal his thoughts when a donkey of a pupil blundered for the tenth time in some passages, or when he had to coach his class for the next concert in some foolish chorus!

  44. He is terrified and humiliated; and at the same time the idea of the donkey with which his father has compared him makes him burst out laughing.

  45. The first shot had bowled over the man in black who was riding a donkey in front.

  46. A small donkey was brought up and on this we loaded our kit.

  47. By the time we had got our kit packed, we had left for riding one reasonably large donkey and a diminutive beast between the six officers and seven Indian servants in our mess.

  48. To be knocked down by a donkey and run over by a truck!

  49. And I as much a donkey as you, if I try hard,' said Tom.

  50. Can't you see another young donkey without joining company in kicks-eh?

  51. Mrs. Mel did not answer, and Old Tom jogged the reins and chuckled, and asked his donkey if he wanted to be a racer.

  52. The Fellah can be studied near at hand in your donkey boy, who is simply a Nile peasant quickened by contact with Europeans.

  53. Suppose you have a long wait somewhere, and time is dragging, two of the junior donkey boys will improvise a play.

  54. Like other folk, the donkey boys have their own trials, and I am still sorry for Hassan, who attended me for four days at Luxor, and with whom I became very friendly.

  55. He went to the small donkey and stroked its nose, and the little fellow whinnied with pleasure.

  56. On one morning after a beach party, the children, coming downstairs to join their elders for breakfast at the hotel, found standing on the road in front of the cottage, a little brown donkey attached to a basket cart.

  57. Most donkey boys wear a white or blue gown, and have a red cap, or fez, on the head.

  58. Sometimes the donkey boy will ask the rider,-- "Very good donkey?

  59. If a donkey boy sees an Englishman coming, he runs to him and says, "My donkey is called John Bull.

  60. Each donkey has a boy to run after it with a stick, and to shout at it to make it go.

  61. Many of the boys in the chief city of Egypt are donkey drivers.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "donkey" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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