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Example sentences for "bowled"

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bowl; bowld; bowlder; bowlders; bowle; bowler; bowlers; bowlful; bowline; bowlines
  1. I wish I had space to describe the whole match; how the captain stumped the next man off a leg-shooter, and bowled slow lobs to old Mr. Aislabie, who came in for the last wicket.

  2. I fancy he is bowled over rather often," she said slyly.

  3. And when I took you off to the schooner, he gave me an hundred directions how to care for you, and then his sorrow bowled him all in a heap.

  4. I kept my end up--that was all, Lawson was bowled first ball, And six of them went strolling back without a run at all.

  5. I can't hit out--it ain't no use; it saddens me to think A bloke that bowled against us once has taken since to drink.

  6. The coachman was used to drive his grays at a good pace, Mr. Casaubon being unenjoying and impatient in everything away from his desk, and wanting to get to the end of all journeys; and Dorothea was now bowled along quickly.

  7. Fred used to be much more easy about his own accomplishments in the days when he had not begun to dread being "bowled out by Farebrother," and this terror was still before him.

  8. This dreadful certainty that I shall be bowled out by Farebrother.

  9. He had been bowled over, dropping down to a lower crag, where he sprang to his feet and with a roar of rage bounded up the mountainside.

  10. The Medicine Man had been bowled over in Stacy's projectile-like flight.

  11. They tried to follow orders, but were bowled over by the fierce onslaught of the bigger line they were facing.

  12. The Queen's end was bowled over neatly by Burns, and the way to the goal line was clear excepting for Dixon.

  13. In his first over he clean bowled Gordon, and in the next he got Foster leg before, and Bradford caught in the slips.

  14. And then Gordon mistimed a slow yorker, and was clean bowled for eighty-five.

  15. To-day I clean bowled two people on the pick-up, and hit a splendid four over short-slip's head.

  16. Foster bowled magnificently, Bradford managed to keep a length; the whole side fielded splendidly.

  17. Foster bowled splendidly, Betteridge was fast asleep at point and brought off a marvellous one-handed catch, while Gordon stumped Felsted in his third over.

  18. Cricket) Defn: A ball bowled to strike the ground about a bat's length in front of the wicket.

  19. Cricket) Defn: A ball bowled so as to roll along the ground; -- called also grub.

  20. Defn: A game played with nine pins, or pieces of wood, set on end, at which a wooden ball is bowled to knock them down; bowling.

  21. You don't tell me it's our long left and left-handed Jenko, that has bowled me at the nets a hundred times?

  22. His knees shook, and the dog, leaping against him, nearly bowled him over.

  23. At Irun, on the Spanish side of the frontier, the car's papers had to be shown, then we bowled over the dividing river, and at Hendaye the Frenchmen asked their questions and did their looking into things.

  24. Right behind him were the other two men, and falling against them, their leader bowled them down like the remaining pins in a game of skittles.

  25. A little later, however, he bowled over a plump rabbit, and followed it up with a second.

  26. Through the afternoon they bowled over a well elevated table land.

  27. I believe I could have bowled that chap," he said.

  28. When I started I'd never bowled a ball in my life, and by good luck I started right.

  29. Flower bowled him a short-pitched, fast ball, rather wide of the off-stump.

  30. Stott never took more than two steps before delivering the ball; frequently he bowled from a standing position, and batsmen have confessed that of all Stott's puzzling mannerisms, this was the one to which they never became accustomed.

  31. He bowled Mallinson with his second ball, and the innings was finished up in another fifty-seven minutes for the addition of thirty-eight runs.

  32. Further, I believe that part of the secret was due to the fact that Stott bowled from a standing position.

  33. It was a windy morning, and he noticed that several times the balls he bowled swerved in the air.

  34. But I can't find another kid over seven years old in England as ain't never bowled a ball o' some sort and started 'abits.

  35. Dick tackled him like a tiger, and felt himself being bowled over.

  36. Grit may come in handy if Duncaster sets his dogs on us," remarked Dick with a grim smile, as they bowled along at good speed.

  37. Other cadets who had not run far enough back were also bowled over.

  38. He stumbled down the dark steps of the third-rate apartment-house and into his brougham, and as the rubber tires bowled him over the asphalt he communed with himself: "Queer about those Newbolds.

  39. A solid citizen, catching a glimpse of the well-known, thoughtful face through the window of the Executive carriage as it bowled across toward the Capitol, shook his head.

  40. Wheeler bowled very well, and Westlake was in splendid form behind the wicket.

  41. Gilligan finally played inside a good length ball, and was most unfortunately bowled when within two of his century.

  42. While he did not have the success of Paton, he bowled extremely well, taking four for 30.

  43. He was perilously near to being bowled over completely and literally.

  44. But if I were given to that sort of thing, I'd be bowled over in a minute.

  45. When I come up, some o' they fellers bowled me over like a ninepin, and my senses was fair knocked out o' me.

  46. Gilderman listened intently as the two bowled rapidly along.

  47. As the two bowled away through the park, the bishop gave Gilderman a brief account of the rioting of the morning and the attack in the Temple.

  48. The carriage bowled rapidly down a long avenue, and drew up before a front door.

  49. One by one the familiar trees seemed to pass by her as she was bowled rapidly along in the new brougham, as if they were so many ghosts saying good-by.

  50. The "others" who were bowled could only refer to three men, as the eleventh man would be "not out.

  51. Mr. Sapsworth and I bowled over after over.

  52. How long we bowled to Mr. Benyon is more than I can say.

  53. I am afraid I wasted more time in preparing to deliver my first ball than I need have done; but if Mr. Benyon had not had a smack with a bat for twenty years it was a good fifteen since I had bowled a ball.

  54. That chap who bowled you ain't a man, sir--he's a ghost.

  55. But you says nothing about being bowled at by a ghost, now did you now; I ask you, Bob Sapsworth, did you now?

  56. Nothing shan't make me go in to be bowled at by a ghost.

  57. I know that I bowled until I felt that I should either have to stop or drop.

  58. Although he bowled at the wickets he hit the players first.

  59. We bowled off to headquarters, where I was mightily pleased to find that von Herwarth had assigned himself to the duty of taking us up to the outposts--just for a visit.

  60. We were off at 6:30, and bowled along beautifully in a bitter cold wind until we were in sight of Tilburg, where the engine broke down.

  61. We tried several times to get information out of him, but he could do nothing but marvel at our luck, and above all at our prouesse, which left him quite bowled over.

  62. In resentment he rushed blindly forward until the ocelot, for such it was, also charged and bowled him over with a swift stroke of its paw.

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