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chaperons; chapfallen; chapiter; chapiters; chapitre; chaplaincies; chaplaincy; chaplaine; chaplains; chapleine
  1. That comes from goin' to church yesterday, and hearin' the Chaplain read the Ten Commandments," said Shorty wrathfully.

  2. Let's lay abed late, and then wash up all over, and go to hear the Chaplain preach.

  3. Voltaire says that Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's chaplain objected to inoculation because it was an un-Christian practice.

  4. The chaplain and Ransom Hill were dead; I had none to speak for me; but Mr. Dane believed my words, and he put his big hand on my head and comforted me.

  5. You are what you are just because your father was a Methodist preacher, and a chaplain who was killed bringing my grandfather off the battle-field.

  6. The Post chaplain had made a pet of me, because I aided him in some botanical and geological tramps close to the frontier, and finally he consented to help us, provided his agency was never betrayed.

  7. Get rid of that cough, and I will take you along as chaplain to christen the Pole--presumably it is pagan at present.

  8. She would be patient, and study books the chaplain would provide, and rely on him to forward her letters, and receive and find means to deliver mine.

  9. Young Molyneux was under no cloud; why should he behave as if it were a disgrace to be chaplain to poor old Lord Lofton?

  10. He showed no interest when Lord Lofton wrote him a most warmly and tactfully expressed letter of welcome, in which he told the coming chaplain that he must not suppose there was not work in plenty to be done for souls in the country.

  11. I am to be a domestic chaplain to that pious old ass, Lord Lofton.

  12. As I reached the corner where the chaplain stood, one of the sick soldiers struggled into an upright position.

  13. Then he knelt, while the chaplain began to say some prayer.

  14. When the chaplain had said "Amen" he fell across the body of the sick man next to him.

  15. The chaplain was meanwhile preparing another for the great journey.

  16. I, what if, after all, the Chaplain won't come to?

  17. But in July, 1712, Swift writes to Stella, "I have made Trap chaplain to Lord Bolingbroke, and he is mighty happy and thankful for it.

  18. Delany, chaplain to Sir Constantine Phipps, when Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

  19. Item: There shall be a chaplain in the prison, to say mass before the prisoners daily; and the ornaments and other things necessary therefor shall be provided and paid for from the exchequer fines.

  20. The Chaplain drew his hard road-worn feet under his robe.

  21. There was no woman,' the Regimental Chaplain growled.

  22. No Sikh contradicts his Regimental Chaplain who expounds to him the Holy Book of the Grunth Sahib and who knows the lives and legends of all the Gurus.

  23. I heard it might have been some matter touching the integrity of certain regiments,' the Chaplain insisted.

  24. Regimental Chaplain asked of a sudden, looking full at the Havildar-Major, who returned the look without a quiver.

  25. But when permission was granted, those two took four days' leave,' the Chaplain went on.

  26. Then, listen again,' the Regimental Chaplain went on.

  27. The funeral ceremony was performed by Bishop White, then chaplain of Congress.

  28. The gay festivities at Tylsey were a matter of some annoyance to Aylmer, and to the chaplain at Bradgate, Haddon, who feared their distracting effect on the minds of their pupils, Jane and Katherine Grey.

  29. The chaplain was employed to read aloud either the Gospel of the day or a chapter from that enlivening work The Martyrology.

  30. The officiating priest on this occasion was either Mr. Harding, then chaplain at Bradgate, or else Mr. Cook, Rector of the parish.

  31. Harding, who was chaplain at Bradgate when Jane was born, had the honour of teaching his patron’s daughters their alphabet.

  32. We may suppose that some priest or monk chaplain at Kendal or Sizergh instructed her in Latin and Greek, in both of which languages she was proficient.

  33. And, on the other hand, what could the most orthodox desire safer than a chaplain who was not only a bishop, but a peer of the realm?

  34. The Archdeacon, who was also a peer, would undoubtedly become the first Bishop of Lupton, and he should be the titular chaplain of the Great School!

  35. He became domestic chaplain to the Bishop of Dorchester, whose daughter Emily he married.

  36. However, a chaplain of the prince, a man named Jean Morelli, pretended to have overheard a converted Jew say, "Why do not these dogs make a clean breast?

  37. Shortly after his installation as chaplain to the bishop, his patron entrusted him with a delicate case.

  38. Clement received the following note from a French agent resident at the Hague:-- "Information is required relative to a certain Aymon, who says that he was chaplain to M.

  39. When John Bockelson was told, on the 21st, that he was to die on the morrow, he asked for the chaplain of the bishop, John von Siburg, who spent the night with him.

  40. In this case, the chaplain who attended on Kaltofen rushed into the priest after the execution.

  41. The chaplain had arranged to be with her at eight, but she sent for him an hour earlier, and he continued with her until the end.

  42. The chaplain of the gaol had been unremitting in his attentions, and seemingly with happy effect.

  43. Nothing could exceed the calmness and propriety of her demeanour, and this, the chaplain informed us, had been the case throughout since her condemnation.

  44. The official chaplain had fled and no one could be found to take his place.

  45. At the beginning of the war Father Ryan was appointed a chaplain in the Army of Northern Virginia, but often served as a soldier.

  46. There is, of course, a Chaplain in the Establishment: a Reverend "M.

  47. The same morning the Chaplain betook himself to his quarry, and lay at anchor there, because he knew as yet nothing of the latest news.

  48. On the way the chaplain sketched to himself a safe and sound plan of proceeding in the business.

  49. The Chaplain replied: "It is stupid that the best pastoral Theologies hurry over this point like a pinch of snuff in the wind.

  50. The Chaplain had already beforehand looked after and helped on the plough behind a dioptric rule or alidade, in order that the field about which I and the judicial membra are now standing might be cut up into equal prisms or beds.

  51. The chaplain returned me my Bible the following day.

  52. As the chaplain reached a certain word in the Service, the seamen stationed at the lanyards were ordered to cut them.

  53. He begged to keep my Bible to the last, promising to give it to the chaplain to be delivered to me.

  54. He was appointed chaplain and confessor to the emperor Louis, and in 822, he was nominated to the bishopric of his native city.

  55. By the hand of one her chaplain He has taken Laudine de Landuc, The lady who was daughter to the duke, Laudunet of whom (which) one notes a lay.

  56. By the hand of her chaplain Thus the lady of lenduc, The lady who was daughter to the duke, They have given to him of which (whom) one notes a lay.

  57. The chaplain turned red and the Duke yellow, and for a moment neither spoke.

  58. Nencia reached the chapel-door first and cried out that the Duke was coming; and before she had a reply he was at her side, with the chaplain following.

  59. The chaplain himself hated the cold, and galloped through the mass like a man with witches after him.

  60. Now that was a strange thing, certainly; for why should the chaplain be getting out of the chapel window when he might have passed through the door?

  61. After the chaplain of the regiment had read the service, the guard fired three volleys over the grave, and returned.

  62. The chaplain gathered some of his military flock around him, and was proceeding to perform suitable obsequies over the "first martyr," but Prescott ordered that the men should disperse to their work, and the deceased be buried immediately.

  63. The chaplain having been wounded, Washington read the funeral service.

  64. Whitney says, "Soon after Bunker Hill Battle, I was at Cambridge some weeks chaplain to Gen.

  65. Arius Montanus was the court chaplain of Philip II of Spain, and he personally superintended the printing of the Biblia Polyglotta (8 vols.

  66. Lispeth objected to being advised either by the Chaplain or his wife; so the latter spoke to the Englishman, and told him how matters stood in Lispeth's heart.

  67. The Kotgarth Chaplain christened her Elizabeth, and "Lispeth" is the Hill or pahari pronunciation.

  68. She explained to the Chaplain that this was the man she meant to marry; and the Chaplain and his wife lectured her severely on the impropriety of her conduct.

  69. Later, cholera came into the Kotgarth Valley and carried off Sonoo and Jadeh, and Lispeth became half-servant, half-companion to the wife of the then Chaplain of Kotgarth.

  70. When a monk becomes Preacher or Chaplain to a Nunnery, his days are passed in constant voluptuousness; for the Nuns will gratify their Confessor in every thing, that he may be equally indulgent to them.

  71. The first passage of Scripture that made any serious impression upon my mind, was the text on which the chaplain preached on the Sabbath after my introduction into the house--"Search the Scriptures.

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