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curare; curas; curassow; curassows; curat; curates; curative; curato; curator; curatores
  1. Whilst in some places both the parson and the vicar claimed the mortuary; “and sometime even the curate (i.

  2. For “the said parish of Selby is a great parish, having but one curate, and in the same parish is a thousand houseling people; and the said curate has no help in time of necessity but only the said chauntry priest.

  3. Coarse viragos went even farther still, and dared to ask her "whether it was the curate or the doctor she was setting her cap at: for she never had anything in her mouth now but what they had said?

  4. But if such scenes as these, and in such company, cannot inspire the fancy of even a poor country curate to something of exaltation, he must be dull indeed.

  5. But the poor curate worked on till he got the cholera himself.

  6. Our rector was a canon who had bad health and never came near us, and the poor old curate was past work, and, indeed, died a week or two after he had given up.

  7. In "case there be no Minister, Curate or Reader in such Parish, an Advertisement or public Notification .

  8. So greatly was he beloved by the common people that some of them even went so far as to employ charms and other harmless means, whereby they hoped to remove the sickness from which the curate was suffering.

  9. Why should not our curate journey up to London, and get the King to remove his sickness?

  10. There was a goodly congregation in the old church at Mottram, and from the heart of every worshipper there went up a fervent prayer for the curate on the occasion of the last service specially held before his departure.

  11. Bower, then curate of Elstow,[221] and at present the dean of Manchester, charging him to keep it for his sake.

  12. You would be an ornament to the Church, sufficient in all else to justify your compulsory omission of one duty, which a curate could perform for you.

  13. The Curate in surplice and stole; Justice in its peruke; Marechausee sabre in hand, guarding the place, till the bagpipes can begin.

  14. So the curate observed that the Saint had already done what was required of him.

  15. Take care of yourself, don Ramón," his curate friends would say to him.

  16. The curate began to feel the cold water creeping up his back, and ordered the Saint inshore again.

  17. Never had he touched his guitar with such skill; never had he poured forth more soul-moving ditties, but he had no longer a country curate or country lass to deal with.

  18. The curate and notary dreamed three times of the treasure, and went to work at the place pointed out in their dreams.

  19. Though immeasurably inferior to his curate in learning, and all the requisite qualifications for a minister of God, yet was he sufficiently well read in the theology of his day, to keep up a splendid equipage.

  20. The curate was pious, we admit, but, then, his wife's uncle was not a lord.

  21. In Dublin, he was practical in worshipping the Lord Lieutenant--and in London, the King; whilst his curate was only worshipping God in the country.

  22. About half a mile from the Glebe house of Castle Cumber, the meek and unassuming curate entered into an abode of misery and sorrow, which would require a far more touching pen than ours to describe.

  23. As she uttered the words, the curate was astonished by hearing her burst out into one or two wild hysteric laughs, which happily ended in tears.

  24. Mr. M'Cabe, Catholic Curate of Castle Cumber; but as I reside in the parish it is very possible you don't know me.

  25. The curate and the draper indicated a full acquiescence.

  26. The curate rose, took up her bag, went with her to the station, got her ticket, and saw her off.

  27. One evening the curate went earlier than usual, and had tea with the Polwarths.

  28. The curate was wandering, but the liberty of wandering was essential to his talking with the kind of freedom and truth he wanted to mediate betwixt his pupil and the lovely things he saw.

  29. The curate did however go and meet Polwarth, and returning with him presented him to Mrs. Ramshorn, who received him with perfect condescension, and a most gracious bow.

  30. Perhaps it might be an indiscretion to acknowledge as much however," said the curate with a smile.

  31. The curate lay on the grass, and neither saw her.

  32. As he ended thus, the curate bent over and looked at Leopold.

  33. The curate walked hastily back, fearing he might wake and be startled at sight of the stranger.

  34. The curate rose and took his departure, but the light of the gaze that had rested upon him lingered yet on the countenance of Rachel, and a sad half-smile hung over the motions of the baby-like fingers that knitted so busily.

  35. And the longing of the curate to help her from that moment took a fresh departure, and grew and grew.

  36. The curate was already excited, and I fear now got a little angry, for the woman was not pleasant to his eyes.

  37. At nine o'clock the priest, sent by the curate to watch by the dead, came in with Cantinet, who brought four tall wax candles and some tapers.

  38. As soon as the notary and your two friends are gone, go for our good Abbe Duplanty, the curate of Saint-Francois.

  39. Clark; subsequently became curate of that gentlemen's church; and in 1864 was made its incumbent.

  40. When opened a second curate will be required, and towards the stipend of such gentleman, E.

  41. He was christened at the place; was in after years curate of it; and is now its incumbent.

  42. For 27 years--having previously been curate at the Parish Church in this town--Mr. Clark was incumbent of Christ Church.

  43. Mr. Beardsell made his first appearance in Preston as curate of Trinity Church.

  44. James Bonwell, curate of Trinity Church, Preston, made a virulent attack upon Swedenborgianism and its followers.

  45. In various parts of the district, cottage lectures, conducted by the curate and a number of energetic teachers, are held weekly.

  46. Harrison, curate of Christ Church--a young gentleman who works with considerable vigour, and never sneezes at the offertory contributions, however small they may be.

  47. He was a stout man, his principal characteristics being an intense pleasure in ladies' society, and an obliviousness of the fact that he was no longer the pale slim young curate of earlier days.

  48. Handsome Jack Dodd, as he had been once called, in his undergraduate and curate days, had been accustomed to find his attentions very highly appreciated.

  49. The curate finally had the swing taken down and the room closed up.

  50. The public prosecutor is Guillaume Chapeiron, curate of Saint Nicolas, an eloquent and subtile man.

  51. He opens, like the curate of Ars, with prayer.

  52. Think of the curate waiting for the living, the next presentation to which is for him, should the old rector, after having laid himself down in his grave, change his mind and get out and resume his benefice for another fifteen years!

  53. I should think there's hardly a country curate who would be capable of bringing this argument into a sermon.

  54. To hear Godwin Peak using the language of a fervent curate would have excited in him something more than disgust.

  55. Relieved by his curate from the uncongenial burden of mere parish affairs, he seemed to regard himself as an apostle at large, whose mission directed him to the households of well-to-do people throughout the city.

  56. Would he, after all, be satisfied with some such wife as the average curate may hope to marry?

  57. I was looking out for the kind of woolly thing our new curate wears on his back in church.

  58. Do you remember when she tucked a sheet of white writing-paper into her tea-gown for a dog collar, and took off the high-church curate nervously singing a comic song?

  59. Newton was succeeded as curate of Olney by his disciple, and a man of somewhat the same cast of mind and character, Thomas Scott the writer of the Commentary on the Bible and The Force of Truth.

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