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  1. I had asked Camilo to boil me some water, but he begged off very politely, as he had to go and put on his cassock and surplice to attend the service in the church, where he sang all alone.

  2. One of them tucked his unbuttoned cassock round his neck, and egged the other two on.

  3. Soon Father Elzear entered, pale, dismayed, his eyes bathed in tears, and his cassock stained with blood.

  4. In the rear, in the middle of a group of chevaliers dressed in black, Father Elzear in his white cassock could be distinguished.

  5. When he had washed and was putting on his red shirt, the latch of the door clicked, and Father Christopher appeared in the doorway, wearing his top-hat and a brown silk cassock over his canvas coat and carrying his staff in his hand.

  6. After standing a little, hesitating and still wrapping his cassock round him, he suddenly gave up the effort to smile and lifted his head resolutely.

  7. A tall man in a monk's cassock and a conical cap stood on it, holding the rope.

  8. Sisoy went back to his room and a little later made his appearance in his boots, with a candle; he had on his cassock over his underclothes and on his head was an old faded skull-cap.

  9. Anastasy as he crossed the muddy street; holding up his cassock to his waist.

  10. After he had continued gazing for some ten minutes, upon the road before him appeared an elderly man upon a fine stout horse, with clerical hat and cassock turned up, and a servant following him on a still better beast.

  11. Richelieu, though habited in clerical garb, was in what may be called half-dress, and the robe de chambre which he wore above his cassock was of bright colors and a mere mundane form.

  12. He had abandoned his cassock and was wearing now a well-cut coat, a soft, round hat, and his hair had been cropped short.

  13. Yet I must give some preliminary account of him, if only to explain one queer fact, which is that I have to introduce my hero to the reader wearing the cassock of a novice.

  14. The outer garment, made of linen, worn over the cassock by the officiating minister during the Church service.

  15. The cassock is also worn by choristers and choirmen under their surplices.

  16. He wore a frayed silk cassock and a gown with dirty bands.

  17. Wagram, in cassock and cotta, was acting as master of ceremonies, keeping a careful eye on the line of march with a view to rectifying any tendency to crowding up on the one hand or "gappiness" on the other.

  18. What is more, I am privileged in another sense; since I can wear my cassock and gown, and bands, and do wear them often; whereas you cannot wear one of them at all without making yourself laughed at.

  19. I beg your pardon, Mr. Newcome; the law does prohibit you from wearing my cassock and gown contrary to my wishes.

  20. However, the sight of the young priest's cassock combined with his own emotion rendered the man tolerant.

  21. With the papal cap on his head and the red cape edged with ermine about his shoulders, he retained in his long white cassock the rigid, sacerdotal attitude of an idol venerated by two hundred and fifty millions of Christians.

  22. I did intend dressing you in this cassock so you might play priest, and slip safely past the guard beneath its gray cover," I said quietly.

  23. And his son might burst with his cassock on his back over there on the other side of the ocean, without ever seeing any girls but Indian squaws!

  24. Descendants of corsairs and of soldiers, when they donned the cassock they still retained the arrogance and the rude virility of their forefathers.

  25. Father Concha was brushing invisible grains of snuff from his cassock sleeve and watching Estella with anxious eyes.

  26. Inside every cassock there walks a tragedy--or a villain.

  27. He handed the letter back, and thoughtfully dusted his cassock where it was worn and shiny with constant dusting, so that the snuff had nought to cling to.

  28. One of those grim tragedies of the cassock which English people rarely understand.

  29. Then, when the great door had closed behind him, he gathered up the skirts of his cassock and hurried down the narrow street.

  30. Though I had no design to be an ecclesiastic, yet since I wore a cassock I was resolved to acquire some reputation at the Pope's Court.

  31. He was holding up his cassock with one hand to keep it out of the wet, regardless of showing his thin legs which were encased in black stockings, and his huge, muddy boots.

  32. This Don Rafael was a man of imposing gravity; a saint with a large family of children, who wore a frock-coat as if it were a cassock and spoke with the suavity of a friar through his white beard that covered his thin, pink cheeks.

  33. Cotoner left his place when he saw rising from the stairway a plush hat with gold tassels over a pale face, then a silk cassock with purple sash and buttons, flanked by two others, black and modest.

  34. Father Agustin wore a threadbare cassock and clumsy rawhide shoes, but he had an air of quiet dignity, and his sharply cut features were of the Gothic type, which is not uncommon in Spain.

  35. The quiet priest in his shabby cassock and clumsy, raw-hide shoes, had somehow a dominating personality.

  36. Then a tall priest in threadbare cassock and clumsy raw-hide shoes came out of a house and with the help of two or three others carried the victims inside.

  37. Father Agustin, whose rusty black cassock jarred upon the blaze of light and color, leaned back in a canvas chair with a wineglass in his olive-tinted hand.

  38. He wore his cassock now, and was far more the churchman in appearance than when Vanamee and Presley had seen him on a former occasion.

  39. About half-way between the two places he overtook Father Sarria trudging back to San Juan, his long cassock powdered with dust.

  40. He wore a new cassock and carried his broad-brimmed hat under his arm.

  41. He wore a silk cassock and sash, and was the Ordinary; but he had forgotten, I think, to come into the Prison and read prayers to us.

  42. And on leaning forward he realised that his Eminence in person was standing on another balcony close by, and conversing with a priest, only a portion of whose cassock could be seen.

  43. But he felt the weight of his cassock on his shoulders; and, above all, Marie's divine joy filled his heart.

  44. This was the only allusion he would venture to make to the cruel rupture which had occurred after the young man had thrown off his cassock and rebelled against the Church.

  45. He had glanced rather nervously, however, at the cassock worn by Pierre, who without a word had seated himself in a corner and taken up a newspaper in the perusal of which he appeared to be absorbed.

  46. He had just felt his cassock on his shoulders for the first time that afternoon, for never had it seemed so light to him as whilst he was walking about amidst the scramble of the pilgrimage.

  47. He had never before felt so disgusted with the falsehood of his life, that cassock which he had persisted in wearing, though he was a priest in name only.

  48. Did not simple rectitude require that he should throw off the cassock and return to the world?

  49. His cassock of fine texture, and his sash of violet silk shone with discreet soft luxury.

  50. It was in fact the handsome Abbe, clad in a cassock of fine cloth emitting a pleasant odour, and with an expression of soft gaiety on his fresh-coloured face.

  51. And Pierre, after momentarily ceasing to see them, was again embarrassed by the handkerchief which lay on the Pope's lap, and the dirty cassock soiled by snuff.

  52. Come, come; Boccanera is a very tall man, so it's the long white cassock which will be required.

  53. His cassock flung across a chair, his other garments scattered here and there, testified to his great weariness and agitation of mind.

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