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  1. He was a tall slender man, of about forty years of age, with sharp Jewish features--his face and chest were painted black, and he wore a crest of cassowary feathers across his head.

  2. This figurehead, called tabura, is elaborately cut into various devices, painted red and white, and decorated with white egg-shells and feathers of the cassowary and bird of paradise.

  3. It has been said of the Cassowary that he has the head of a warrior, the eye of a lion, the armament of a porcupine, and the swiftness of a courser.

  4. A Cassowary once kept in the menagerie of the museum at Paris, devoured every day between three and four pounds weight of bread, six or seven apples, and a bunch of carrots.

  5. The Cassowary is as voracious as the ostrich, and eats indiscriminately whatever comes in his way, and does not seem to have any sort of predilection in the choice of his food.

  6. For example, men of the Cassowary clan in Mabuiag think that cassowaries are men or nearly so.

  7. Members of the Cassowary clan are reputed to be pugnacious, because the cassowary is a bird of very uncertain temper and can kick with extreme violence.

  8. Perhaps if our geographical position had changed to Timbuctoo, and I had been a missionary with hymn-book in hand, the cassowary might have realized my expectations.

  9. From that hour the cassowary occupied a large niche in my heart.

  10. Fillets of cassowary feathers, fur of the spotted bare-tailed opossum, or woven stuff studded with shells, were often seen.

  11. The New Guinea people are said to live chiefly on pigs and sago; from them are obtained the cassowary feathers used in their dances, and stone-headed clubs.

  12. The latter has never been found beyond the Ganges; while the Cassowary is never seen nearer than the islands of Banda, Sumatra, Java, the Molucca islands, and the corresponding parts of the continent.

  13. This bird is the helmeted cassowary (Casuarius galeatus) of naturalists, and was for a long time the only species known.

  14. There was the country of the cassowary and the tree-kangaroo, and those dark forests produced the most extraordinary and the most beautiful of the feathered inhabitants of the earth--the varied species of Birds of Paradise.

  15. For many a long year Cassowary was a sort of king in the locality of his birth, though this rank brought him no isolation.

  16. Cassowary had at last come to his kingdom.

  17. Several years have elapsed since Cassowary made his last canoe.

  18. There was no reaction, as is oft the case with those who retire after the bustling phase to live on the bounty of the State, for Cassowary and his blind companion had never been strenuous workers or brain-compelling men.

  19. But Cassowary never ventured beyond easy hail from the shore, however urgent the occasion or propitious the day.

  20. To strangers whom Cassowary has never loved and would now assault with spear and nulla-nulla, they apologise.

  21. Cassowary was wont to scan each new work with the tilted head of an artist.

  22. A few days passed and it became known that Cassowary was missing.

  23. I wish I were a cassowary Upon the plains of Timbuctoo And then I'd eat a missionary-- And hat and gloves and hymn-book too!

  24. The cassowary sniffs the air, puts its beak to the ground and goes off again.

  25. What happens is that a cassowary comes along.

  26. I am sorry to intrude upon your privacy, dear friends, but have you observed a cassowary on this island, apparently looking for something?

  27. He walks off on tiptoe, looking over his shoulder in case the cassowary should reappear.

  28. She and her husband both were bird-like in eye and gesture, and their nicknames among their intimates were, though neither of them knew it, the Cassowary and the Sparrow, she being the Cassowary.

  29. So the Cassowary went back to the table and laid her hand on Joyselle's sleeve.

  30. The Cassowary burst into a scream of laughter.

  31. Even the Cassowary came forward and shook hands with him.

  32. The Cassowary was chosen director of the race, chiefly because he was a famous traveler as well as a pedestrian himself, and so was a judge of such matters.

  33. Remiges in the cassowary are represented by a few spine-like shafts--three primaries and two secondaries.

  34. Only in the cassowary and emu among adult birds is the aftershaft as large as the main shaft.

  35. The former alludes to the cassowary (Casuarius), the plumage of which is comparatively as much reduced among birds, as the foliage of the casuarinas is stringy among trees.

  36. The Australian cassowary is found in Northern Queensland from Herbert river northwards, in all the large vine-scrubs on the banks of the rivers, and on the high mountains of the coasts.

  37. The cassowary of New South Wales is larger in all respects than the well-known bird called the cassowary.

  38. Any chiefs who may be among them wear their black cassowary feather ornaments, like those of the host chiefs.

  39. They wear their full dancing ornaments, including their black cassowary feather ornaments and the enormous feather erections on their heads, which for chiefs are even larger and heavier than for other people.

  40. The dancers are all arrayed in full dancing ornaments, including their heavy head feather erections, and chiefs also wear their cassowary feathers; and they all carry their drums and spears, and sometimes clubs or adzes.

  41. Some are quite light copper-coloured, others are very dark; nearly all are dressed with cassowary feathers; many with ruffs round their necks made from these feathers.

  42. Some chunam sticks made from cassowary bones are well carved.

  43. We saw no game of any kind, yet the cassowary must abound somewhere near, as every one of the natives wears great head-dresses and neck-ruffs made from the feathers.

  44. We left this morning for a pig and cassowary hunt, but were unsuccessful.

  45. The chief is rather a fine-looking fellow, and dressed profusely with cassowary feathers.

  46. The majority of the men are bearded and moustached, and have cassowary feathers like a pad behind, on which they sit.

  47. From the droppings about, I should say the cassowary and pig abound in the gullies about this mountain.

  48. But the largest bird seen in the plains of Paraguay, is the great cassowary or American ostrich, remarkable for its immense size, fine plumage, and swift motion.

  49. The cheuque, or American ostrich, is sometimes seen in the plains of Chili, but chiefly inhabits that part of Araucania on the east of the Andes and the valleys of those mountains, and exactly resembles the cassowary of La Plata.

  50. The American ostrich or cassowary frequents the plains, and innumerable birds are seen in its woods, &c.

  51. In the cassowary these wing-feathers are reduced to long spines like porcupine-quills, while even in the Apteryx, the minute external wing bears a series of nearly twenty stiff quill-like feathers.

  52. Captain Hutton points out that if the islands from Ceram to New Britain {479} were to become joined together, we should have a large number of species of cassowary (perhaps several more than are yet discovered) in one land area.

  53. A fair weight for a full-grown cassowary is 150 lb.

  54. The egg of the cassowary represents 1 per cent.

  55. Comparisons between the egg of the cassowary (one of the giants among birds) and of the common fowl with that of the megapode, are highly complimentary to the latter.

  56. It began to bleed, and Cassowary seeing this flew at her big brother and picking off his assailants as if they had been little leeches started to dress him down herself.

  57. Dallas, come here," said Cassowary suddenly to my young master, who was in the background.

  58. I--I'm just like an Indian in the woods," said Cassowary with a last burst of contrition.

  59. Cassowary nodded encouragingly, and the boy threw back his young head and in his sweet pathetic voice begged and prayed some dear French girl to remember him.

  60. Dallas as he and Cassowary loped along after the two collies, who were in a great hurry.

  61. I saw in a flash that Cassowary had either lied or was mistaken.

  62. Cassowary was just going to snap at Big Chief when she caught sight of the fire warden's red canoe coming up the lake.

  63. Then they washed the dishes and Cassowary handed me through the window all the bread and butter that was left.

  64. Set the two tables," ordered Cassowary full of importance.

  65. The worst stroke of all came now when Cassowary sent by her mother came flying up to tell the children that their father was coming.

  66. Dovey went away quite happy, and Cassowary and Big Chief, managing the fire-place, found when the food was all cooked that plates and cups and saucers were ready for it.

  67. They shook hands solemnly, then Cassowary leaped on my back and the boys raced her home.

  68. The emu corresponds with the African and Arabian ostrich, the rhea of South America, and the cassowary of the Moluccas and New Guinea.

  69. The Cassowary in the Leicester Museum has been worked up largely in this manner.

  70. One cassowary who died recently was found to contain one and eightpence in copper.

  71. Perhaps there is something in the habits of the cassowary himself that explains these offerings.

  72. The cassowary always comes to meet you at the bars with a look of grave inquiry.

  73. Cassowary (Casuarius) pecking at a seed, and footprints, cf.

  74. The cassowary is the most frequent animal on the drums, and I have reason to believe that only a certain clan, or clans, can beat the drums, in which case it is evident that the cassowary men are the chief if not the sole musicians.

  75. I understood that in Mer (Murray Island) only certain people could beat the drum; thus it would appear that throughout this district the men of the cassowary clan, at all events, were the musicians.

  76. The members of the cassowary clan were supposed to be especially good runners.

  77. Many of the drums have engraved on each of their sides the representation of a cassowary (Fig.

  78. Cassowary he all same as relation, he belong same family.

  79. If there was going to be a fight a cassowary man would say to himself, 'My leg is long and thin, I can run and not feel tired; my legs will go quickly, and the grass will not entangle them.

  80. The Cassowary and the Emu belong to Australia.

  81. The Cassowary resembles the ostrich in form, but is not so large.

  82. In the Cassowary Club, on the night of which we tell, the Bo'sun was giving his dinner of necessity to honour the draft of hospitality drawn on him by Grant.

  83. In the Cassowary Club, weary, pallid waiters brought iced drinks to such of the members as were condemned to spend the summer in town.

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