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Example sentences for "awarding"

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  1. As for Noddy, like a bear with a sore head, he and Bill sulked in their tent, grumbling at the action of the officials in awarding the race to our heroes.

  2. And this is the end of the meet," remarked Jerry as they sat in their tent that night, for the next day would come the awarding of such prizes as had not previously been given out, and then the affair would be over.

  3. I may as well remark here, that upon the presentation of the petition I was in favor of awarding the habeas corpus, greatly preferring that the right of the petitioner to his discharge should be determined upon the return of the writ.

  4. I therefore take great pleasure in awarding this medal to Miss Linda Carlton, of Green Falls!

  5. But my Lords discharge the portion of duty which belongs to them with cordial satisfaction, in awarding to Sir Rowland Hill, for life, his full salary of L2,000 per annum.

  6. I was obliged, however, still to object to this, as the circular would give effect to the minute against which I had protested, and thus pledge me to duties without awarding me the necessary power.

  7. Pate was torn to tatters, they retired, and soon returned with a verdict awarding damages to the injured lady to the amount of twenty thousand dollars.

  8. It is furthermore the height of injustice, awarding to all men the same condition, remorselessly swallowing up their infinite differences, making sin and virtue, sloth and toil, exactly alike in the end.

  9. The judges scanned and handled the group of sixteen for barely five minutes before awarding to Bruce the dark-blue rosette and the "Best Dog" cup.

  10. Not only were the usual dog classes to be judged, but an added interest was to be supplied by the awarding of no less than fifteen Specialty Trophies.

  11. And this grouchy little judge was awarding it--to Lad!

  12. The awarding of such undeserved credit is largely due to the universal tendency of those who are not trained in science to apply the post hoc, ergo propter hoc argument in all matters relating to health and disease.

  13. Those familiar with the methods of awarding prizes, medals and certificates to commercial firms and their products at expositions and exhibitions attach little weight to the “honors” thus conferred.

  14. I had nothing whatever to do with the awarding of prizes.

  15. Hanley Cron in his confession admitted that he had accepted a fee as a bribe for awarding the Huddleson prize to "Winged Night," a statue of inferior merit.

  16. He has introduced business methods in the awarding of all contracts, including the banking of the city's funds.

  17. Camp Kineo Cup Some camps prefer the awarding of what may be called "proficiency cups.

  18. To give every boy an opportunity to do his best to measure up to the camp standard, is the thing desired in the awarding of emblems.

  19. We have, in fact, to take up the attempt that Socrates initiated, and endeavour to define satisfactorily the general notions of duty and virtue which we all in common use for awarding approbation or disapprobation to conduct.

  20. Sullivan, and that honour should be done to our college by awarding a like distinction to its director, Dr.

  21. Steadiness in awarding recompence, tenderness in inflicting punishment, or readiness in remitting it on repentance, gradually communicate the abstract ideas of justice, compassion, and mercy.

  22. M'Dowall Stuart has been recognised as the one to whom most honour is due for successfully spanning the gap, and there are many reasons for awarding the chief praise to him.

  23. The custom of awarding prizes of value has become too general for us to be able to do away with it, even in behalf of such a holy cause as the purification of sport.

  24. If the awarding of ribbons as prizes could purge the ranks of school athletics of such cup-hunting, medal-seeking mercenaries as that young man frankly admits he is, I devoutly hope and pray the expedient may be adopted.

  25. The 1926 contest marked a notable change in the method of awarding prizes.

  26. In the long parliament, it may be supposed that they did not abandon this encroachment, as it seems to have been, on the royal authority, extending their orders both to the punishment of misdemeanours and to the awarding of damages.

  27. Smith In awarding the Diplomas to the Class of '88.

  28. Wynn, who officiated found their quality so inferior that he contented himself with awarding a second prize.

  29. It was not until the establishment of the Pug Dog Club in 1883 that a fixed standard of points was drawn up for the guidance of judges when awarding the prizes to Pugs.

  30. Of course, as he walked now along by the wall below Paris awarding the apple, he perceived Gradiva before him, just as on yesterday, in the same gown, sitting between the same two yellow pillars on the same step.

  31. Praise does not immediately affect the merit of him to whom it is awarded," said a writer recently, "but it does immediately affect the merit of him to whom its awarding belongs.

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