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  1. In the age of the Revolution the Church, both Catholic and Protestant, was still strongly entrenched in the old beliefs, and offered a violent resistance to the substitutions of humanitarianism for responsibility to itself and to a God.

  2. In this sense, or degree, that humanitarianism is no longer opposed by organized religion, but has itself usurped the place of religion, the New Morality may really justify its name.

  3. Now we look from the heights to the vast expanse of empty faith cure, cults and isms, creeds and dogmas, and theories, and realize how narrow they all are by not embodying humanitarianism and the laws of health and hygiene in their teachings.

  4. Humanitarianism is a pigsty where liars, hypocrites, and the obscene in spirit congregate; it has been so since the great Jew conceived it, and it will be so till the end.

  5. It has been noticeable, too, how, in the many appreciations that have been written of Shaw, his humanitarianism has been almost entirely ignored, or passed over as an amiable eccentricity of a man of genius.

  6. The purpose of our movement was admirably stated by him: “to put science and humanitarianism in place of tradition and savagery.

  7. The same religious impulse is at work in that disease of humanitarianism which distresses Chauvinists--the humanitarianism which Bernhardi denounces in Germany and Mr. Moreton Fullerton deplores in France.

  8. The dogma of patriotism prescribed that for the duration of the war the feelings of humanitarianism should be stifled.

  9. A little of his magnificent humanitarianism and benevolence poured upon that unsanitary village on his own estate would be more practical, it seems to me, than the thin treacle of it spread over the whole universe.

  10. No wonder this private correspondence shows us anything but a lover of mankind, no matter how suffused in humanitarianism are his books, with their drabs, tramps, criminals, and drunkards.

  11. That there is some danger that for a time the victory will be taken as a victory for humanitarianism or socialism, it would be idle to deny.

  12. In spite of their terror that they personally might suffer through the horrors of war, their vaunted humanitarianism led to no outcry against those same horrors being wilfully and ruthlessly forced upon their Belgian Genossen.

  13. German thoroughness, than on Britain's humanitarianism unsupported by the strong arm.

  14. Then we shall draw on the driving force of many thousand years, and call up a real humanitarianism out of the depths of humanity.

  15. You see that this humanitarianism in which we are entangled asserts itself where, by all guidebook laws, it should not.

  16. He was also chosen a life governor of the Montreal Boys Home in 1911 and many movements having broad humanitarianism as their basis have received his indorsement.

  17. He cooperated in various interests having broad humanitarianism as their basic principle, and he was a connoisseur on rare books and engravings.

  18. This incipient humanitarianism seems to have been developed in a much more marked way by Aristotle's followers, but it is the Stoics who have won the glory of having initiated humanitarian sentiment.

  19. Its followers were always to have in their mouths and hearts the well-known line-- Homo sum humani nihil a me allenum puto Closely connected with the humanitarianism of the Greeks is their cosmopolitanism.

  20. This work is almost entirely a product of the new humanitarianism of modern times.

  21. The snail's pace at which the race has moved toward humanitarianism is indicated by Payne's estimate (p.

  22. By the time Germany had changed from an agricultural to a manufacturing nation (after 1871), the new humanitarianism and new economic conditions had placed a new value on child life and child welfare.

  23. But, jesting aside, you must not suppose I abhor the cant of humanitarianism from any thin-blooded selfishness or outworn apathy.

  24. Will not Jessica believe now that my hatred of humanitarianism does not spring from selfishness or contempt, but from sympathy for mankind?

  25. Even humanism, which by its name would seem to be brother to its present-day parody, perceived an ideal far above the vicious circle in which humanitarianism gyrates.

  26. But there is something deplorably new in these more modern books, something which makes of humanitarianism a cloak for what is most lax and materialistic in the age.

  27. Does it not set forth the close cousinship of humanitarianism with socialism and the fungous growth of the two out of the mouldering ruins of faith and the foul reek of a sensuous philosophy?

  28. Can you not see, Philip, it is not your views I combat, your theory about humanitarianism and all that?

  29. For my part, I believe humanitarianism is the better part of any religion.

  30. He seems a link between us in our separation; and while my thoughts are set upon rebuking the errors of humanitarianism it will be well to have this object of human pity before my eyes.

  31. Did I make clear that my hostility to modern humanitarianism is not due to any contempt for charity or for the desire of universal justice?

  32. And again I do not think you can fairly complain of humanitarianism because in some books "it is synonymous with all that is lax and materialistic in the age.

  33. It is the negative side of humanitarianism (the word itself is an offence!

  34. Abbott's words, and you will see how far humanitarianism has fallen from faith in the spirit.

  35. The humanitarianism that attains its utterance in Mr. Markham's rhapsodic verse loses sight of judgment in its cry for justice.

  36. As steeped in humanitarianism and rationalism as the bourgeoisie of to- day, they continually sapped their own privileges by their criticisms.

  37. A religion may be steeped in humanitarianism and forbearance, but its sectaries will always want to impose it on others by force, so that violence is the inevitable result.

  38. Aubert, the artisan, torn between his cultivated humanitarianism and his instinctive chauvinism, was almost beside himself.

  39. Higginson, a man whose extreme humanitarianism was calculated to make him unsympathetic towards the eulogist of Dr.

  40. Although the medieval maritime code, the Consolato del Mare, provided for sparing the lives of the crew of a captured vessel, the humanitarianism of the king of Portugal took a different form.

  41. Nietzsche saw naught but decadence and illusion in humanitarianism and nationalism.

  42. I have said that humanitarianism has no legitimate place in economic discussion and it has not.

  43. Now, humanitarianism is perhaps the most beautiful thing there is.

  44. And while I take this view of humanitarianism of the anti-Christmas kind, it is cogent to say that I am a strong anti-vivisectionist.

  45. Christianity is, as a power in Europe, fourteen centuries old; this humanitarianism is hardly a century old.

  46. As the nineteenth century proceeded, humanitarianism attained clearer conceptions and more articulate speech.

  47. In this seething milieu, this medley of practical humanitarianism and social fantasies, the labor movement was revived.

  48. Those movements which had their inspiration in a genuine humanitarianism achieved great good.

  49. This humanitarianism punishes murder with death and beats to death the pacifist who protests against war as an act of mass murder.

  50. This humanitarianism mints gold out of the bones, the blood, the health and the suffering of the whole working class while it sheds tears about an individual case of cruelty to one human being.

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