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  1. From this point of view, the dangers to which the British Empire is exposed by reason of fiscal measures are due not, as was the case with Rome, to barbarous, but rather to ultra-scientific finance.

  2. The merits of any fiscal system were probably judged mainly from the point of view of the amount of funds which it poured into the Treasury.

  3. Up to the present time the fiscal policy of the Indian Government has been based on Free Trade principles.

  4. It will be sufficient to draw attention to the different points of view from which the Eastern and the Western approach the subject of fiscal administration.

  5. Reformers, such as the Emperor Akbar, have at times endeavoured to introduce more enlightened methods of taxation, and to carry into practice the theories upon which the fiscal system in all Moslem countries is based.

  6. The fiscal principles on which the Emperors of Rome acted survived long after the fall of the Roman Empire.

  7. Whatever fiscal policy be adopted by the great commercial nations of the world, it is wholly illusory to suppose that the risk of war can be altogether avoided in the future, any more than has been the case in the past.

  8. Another benefit conferred on the peasantry by this reform is that an individual member of the Commune is no longer responsible for the fiscal obligations of the Commune as a whole.

  9. All those parts of the new administration which had no direct relation to the fiscal interests of the Government had very little vitality in them.

  10. This passage was written, precisely as it stands, long before the fiscal question was raised by Mr. Chamberlain.

  11. The new fiscal system taxed men according to their means and raised no obstacle to commerce within the national boundaries.

  12. They are more or less conventionalized, objective, and intelligible symbols that have been defined in terms of a common experience or, as the logicians say, of a universe of discourse.

  13. Psychology is concerned with the behavior of the individual organism in terms of the interaction of stimuli and responses.

  14. What do you understand by the term contact?

  15. Every professor who has tried to teach the doubtful facts which we now call history must have felt that sooner or later he or another would put order in the chaos and bring light into darkness.

  16. The new kingdoms of Charles were afflicted by every species of fiscal and military oppression; [40] and the lives and fortunes of his Italian subjects were sacrificed to the greatness of their master and the licentiousness of his followers.

  17. The debates on this subject were almost as exciting as on the fiscal project of Hamilton.

  18. Fiscal Bank, bill for the incorporation of, 7.

  19. There is not among those who desire extensive fiscal reform the slightest approach to real agreement either as to objects or to methods.

  20. Political power passed very considerably from the landed interest to the manufacturing capitalist interest, and our whole fiscal system was shaped by this latter power to its own advantage, foreign policy being also made to coincide.

  21. He spoke with unusual moderation, paying many elaborate tributes to the Prime Minister's eloquence and glory, and dealing mainly, in laborious detail, with the fiscal and financial proposals of the Bill.

  22. It is amusing to read, by the light of after days, the lectures, kindly yet severe, in which the Times sought to warn him against fiscal temptations.

  23. It is expected that the number in operation at the close of the current fiscal year will reach 8,600.

  24. Colbert discovered uncourtly strictures on the fiscal abuses of the kingdom.

  25. In the Court the Burgh Procurator-Fiscal may prosecute, or his depute may act for him.

  26. This is true in other than murder cases to this extent, that the procurator fiscal informs the prison authorities of any allegation as to the prisoner's mental condition and asks for a report.

  27. The prosecution is conducted by a Procurator-Fiscal who is appointed by the Lord Advocate, and who holds his appointment for life and is not in any way under the authority of the police.

  28. The Procurator-Fiscal has no connection with the police.

  29. If the Procurator-Fiscal considers that his enquiry does not justify further proceedings the charge is dropped, provided the Lord Advocate agrees; but if the authorities are satisfied there is a case for trial an indictment is served.

  30. A major ongoing problem is the failure to achieve monetary and fiscal stability.

  31. It will be a more expensive fiscal agent.

  32. Intendente General de Hacienda, and will have charge, subject to instructions of the Major General Commanding, of all fiscal affairs of the Government of Manila.

  33. There are no fiscal legacies of an oligarchic past.

  34. A wild religious communism bred of the preachings of the more visionary among the Wycliffites mingles in the movement with the sense of fiscal and industrial wrong.

  35. Of the sum required, only two millions need be appropriated for the next fiscal year.

  36. In France there is an army of patrols to secure her fiscal regulations.

  37. The tripartite question of Fiscal Protection for the home market, of an Imperial Customs Union, and of Imperial Federation is not a party question.

  38. Abolish usury: that is the true Fiscal Reform Policy.

  39. This fiscal fight is a fight between capitalists as to who shall make the profits.

  40. Fabianism and the Fiscal Question: an Alternative Policy.

  41. Besides the governor, there was a fiscal procurator or treasurer, a public notary, a keeper of the storehouse of the Company, and a syndic.

  42. Gilbert Barbier, the carpenter, who was now dignified as fiscal procurator and justice of the peace, had a busy time superintending and lending a hand to the rapidly arising homesteads.

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