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Example sentences for "cockatrices"

Lexicographically close words:
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  1. I cannot abide him; I had as lief see a cockatrice, specially as Cockatrices go now.

  2. What a number of these Sirens, Hirens, Cockatrices in plaine English, Harlots, swimme amongst us.

  3. Two cockatrices are the supporters of Lord Donoughmore, the Earl of Westmeath, and Sir Edmund Nugent, Bart.

  4. Two cockatrices are the supporters to the arms of the Earl of Westmeath, and also to the arms of Sir Edmund Charles Nugent, Bart.

  5. Slowly and painfully the Cockatrice opened his eye enough to let Beppo slip through; and Beppo saw the green world with its playful cockatrices waiting to welcome him.

  6. Dear Cockatrice," cried Beppo again when he stood on the margin of the green lake, "take me to sleep with you in the land where the Cockatrices are at play, and keep quite still with your tail!

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