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Example sentences for "cockatoo"

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  1. Perhaps you will ask, Has the cockatoo learned to sing?

  2. The cockatoo is not in a cage, but on a stand, dancing and chattering all day.

  3. His social essence is to be a Cockatoo or a Crow.

  4. The children, meanwhile, grow up in the Cockatoo and Crow quarters respectively as little Cockatoos or Crows.

  5. Doddie appeared after her nap, carrying her cockatoo on her wrist.

  6. It bore evidence of recent erection, and had replaced an old cockatoo fence which I remembered in my childhood.

  7. The conversation was interrupted by the screeching of a cockatoo on a stand in the back of the cabin.

  8. At the same time Ingigerd's cockatoo was squawking in Arthur Stoss's voice and continually asseverating: "I am already a man of absolutely independent fortune.

  9. But I am never afraid," she added immediately, took a bonbon in her mouth, and let the cockatoo nibble at it.

  10. The cockatoo was screeching and Ella was crying.

  11. True Beetles have a resting or chrysalis stage, and may further be recognised in the adult state by the dense wing-covers, meeting along a straight line down the middle of the back, and by the transversely folded wings.

  12. At that on the left-hand side stood a parrot-perch, beside which was a tall girl in blue engaged in making a white cockatoo with a yellow crest talk.

  13. Gimme a sixpence, gimme a sixpence," reiterated the cockatoo in guttural allurement.

  14. This further house had evidently been joined on to the back of the cottage by the long room in which the cockatoo lived.

  15. Pelican appears to be in Long-billed Cockatoo phratry; Boa Snake in Banksian Cockatoo phratry.

  16. Black Cockatoo (Wila) is in Kroki; in Kumi is Black Crestless Cockatoo (Karaal).

  17. In this instance a Cockatoo phratry has not subdivided into Cockatoo totem kins, but two species of Cockatoos head opposite phratries, and are also totem kins in their own phratries.

  18. Cockatoo Island finished what the native police commenced; and but for his arrant cowardice, and the dread of the settler's fire-arms, he would have been as great a ruffian as ever traversed the bush.

  19. The cook gave him some nice little cakes fresh from the oven; the peacocks trailed past the open door proudly spreading their beautiful tails; and the pink and white cockatoo overhead screamed his “Tee deedle!

  20. As he recalled the disturbance of his sleep the night before, he began to understand that Geoffrey was the real cockatoo of the affair.

  21. At each corner is appended a bunch of cockatoo feathers.

  22. In another dance, in which women are the chief performers, their bodies are painted with white streaks, and their hair adorned with cockatoo feathers.

  23. The women wore their opossum cloaks, and had bands of white down round their foreheads, with the long feathers of the cockatoo sticking up in front like horns.

  24. A new species of cockatoo or paroquet, being between both, was also seen, with red necks and breasts, and grey backs.

  25. The cockatoo seized it eagerly, but only as a means to draw the little fellow's arm within reach of its clambering feet.

  26. So, in the middle of the laugh, her attention shifted to the big white cockatoo which formed the next lot.

  27. The sudden action made a white cockatoo perched in the corner raise its flame-colored crest and begin to prance.

  28. Well," sighed Cockatoo wearily, "my Mem-Sahib always put me in a little house on the veranda at night.

  29. I've seen red hair just like mine, and then to cover it up with a crest of feathers like Cockatoo wears; I'd be ashamed of the thing.

  30. Cockatoo had hit the truth about the thumbs, for no ape can make them go around, only in and out straight to the palm.

  31. Let claw-nosed Cockatoo try it; he thinks he can talk--let him try that.

  32. But the full wickedness was later, for when the Sahib awoke he spoke to his servant in the manner which Cockatoo has related of the ship.

  33. I was somewhat like Cockatoo in that a Ship-man bought me and took me to Calcutta.

  34. I, Myna, who was the pride of the Calcutta Zoo in the matter of speech, have sat here like a Tucktoo not saying a word, and listening to such as Cockatoo boasting about the few paltry oaths he picked up from the Sailor-kind.

  35. He then heard the concubine call to one of the slave girls, and bid her go rescue the cockatoo which was being killed; and, hiding himself in a dark corner, he saw a girl come forth with a light in her hand.

  36. He admired the caravan, and admired Hurricane Bob, but it was my talking cockatoo that specially took his fancy.

  37. I place no value on Polly's ordinary tricks, for any cockatoo will shake hands when told, will kiss one or ask to be kissed or scratched, or even dance.

  38. Nay, more, have I not also my West Australian cockatoo to talk to me, to sing with me, and dance when I play?

  39. From Polly the Cockatoo to Dick the Starling.

  40. No cockatoo that ever I saw would beat a well-trained red-tail grey parrot at talking, but in motion-making and in tricks the latter is nowhere with Nosey.

  41. This latter is a curious apparatus; so long and bent is it that the dealers usually call this species of cockatoo "Nosey," which is more expressive than polite.

  42. All of a sudden I heard somebody hawking and spitting above the awning forward, near where the cockatoo kept still trying to master his own name.

  43. There was no time to prepare tea, to the disappointment of the women: cold pheasant and cockatoo formed the breakfast.

  44. This cockatoo is obviously of an antipodean race.

  45. The cockatoo locks, these at least we will abate!

  46. The cockatoo sits on deck and talks and talks.

  47. The large black cockatoo was sometimes seen, and about the riverbanks the common white cockatoo with yellow top-knot (Plyctolophus galeritus).

  48. And here Miss Jemima got up on the chair again, and began to flirt with the cockatoo once more, but only in silent signs.

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