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  1. We often camped on his land and never meddled with nothink.

  2. Oli Purum, who is half a Welsh Gypsy, could tell us the very names of the families who had camped round the black patches on the roadsides.

  3. In the course of our talk, she spoke of our hilly country, and recalled the days when her folk had pack-donkeys and camped in the green lanes on the Wolds.

  4. So wearily they went away, Yet soon were camped in t’other lane, And soon they laughed as wild and gay, And soon the kettle boiled again.

  5. As soon as they had satisfied themselves about its position they entered a grove close by it and camped there.

  6. The following evening they camped some three miles from the valley.

  7. There’s the place where old Baron Castine and the Tarratine Indians camped when Maine was first settled,” added Billy.

  8. The host told the children that he and his squaw came down from Oldtown, up the Penobscot River, and camped on Isleboro every summer, making and selling baskets.

  9. One night the ox train emigrant company camped on one side of a river which they expected to cross early the next morning, while a mule train loaded with merchandise camped on the opposite bank of the same stream.

  10. The Lipans camped off toward San Antonio, but I'd like to feel sure that Great Bear kept his promise and rode straight away.

  11. He had camped for one night in the comparatively secure vicinity of San Antonio.

  12. One of our halting-places was Marienburgh, where we camped for the night.

  13. Boufflers, and camped at Gembloux, so that his left was only half a league distant from the right of M.

  14. We camped at Jenin before night, and got up and started again at one o'clock in the morning.

  15. The wheelbarrow load of canned goods went to the Indians living in the brush and the prospectors camped at the spring.

  16. Chapter IX Romance Strikes the Parson Scorning Al Myers's advice to locate a claim on the Goldfield hill, Shorty Harris headed south, prospecting as he went until he reached Monte Beatty's ranch where he camped with Beatty, a squaw man.

  17. Twenty-six miles south of Tonopah was a place known as Grandpa, so named because there were always a few old prospectors camped at the water hole known as Rabbit Springs.

  18. They also camped at Agua de Hernandez and it was the Mormons who junked the previous name and gave one with significance.

  19. Years afterward when Shorty and I were camped in Hall Canyon, I asked him if he would actually have married a girl like her.

  20. While they were camped at Barstow one night, Archie went up town to pass a cheerful hour and during the course of the evening a brawl started and Archie suddenly found himself the object of a mass attack by five burly miners.

  21. We camped our second night out at the Phantom City of Rhyolite.

  22. John Ramsey and John Thompson, two prospectors, camped overnight in Emigrant Canyon which leads into Death Valley.

  23. The Government profess to pay for everything used, especially if camped in a grain or cotton field.

  24. While camped in the Pass, Lieutenant Inverrity strayed from his regiment, was surprised by a party of Beloochees, and cut and hacked to pieces.

  25. There were letters carved into the strong bark, the branches swung down whisperingly, the green tent of the forest seemed filled with the memory of those who had camped there and gone on.

  26. Think they camped a mile below here Week ago last Thursday night.

  27. I camped below a terraced and planted eminence, on which a building, half fort and half governor's house, has so recently been erected that it has not had time to become ruinous.

  28. Crossing the Badush, and ascending a narrow ravine through which it flows, we camped at its source at the junction of two wild gullies, where the Sahib, after sundry serious risks, had already arrived.

  29. On July 17 we retraced our steps to Padshah-i-Zalaki, and camped on a height above Aslam Khan's tents on ground so steep that the tent floor had to be cut into steps with a spade.

  30. Having forded this, we camped on its left bank on a gravelly platform at the edge of the oak woods which clothe the lower spurs of the grand Kuh-i-Haft-Kuh, with a magnificent view of the gray battlemented precipices of Parwez.

  31. We camped at a height of 9000 feet in the vicinity of snow.

  32. Next day followed the same course and camped at thirty miles on a large clay-pan.

  33. When we had ridden about twenty and a half miles we camped on the western side of a shallow waterhole in an eastern channel of the river.

  34. We gave them one and they left; but after we had camped we found they had encamped very near us.

  35. We crossed the ford and camped on the opposite side.

  36. At 12 made two miles and a quarter south by west down the watercourse to some young grass, where we camped for the remainder of the night.

  37. Then he framed it up with Creed to steal the team in the night while I was camped at Melton's No.

  38. After six and a half hours' journey camped at the lower end of the pool, where we had halted on the 15th February; near the northern bend of the creek we passed a fine deep pool, which appears to retain water through the dry season.

  39. Having forded the creek, camped on the right bank.

  40. We ascended for five miles, and camped at 11.

  41. Finding the country very dry and rocky, and no prospect of finding a spot where the tableland could be ascended, we returned to the waterhole at which we camped last night.

  42. Continued a south-east course through large open plains thinly grassed; passed a dry watercourse with a small waterhole in one of the back channels, but insufficient for our horses, and at noon camped at a shallow waterhole in a grassy flat.

  43. Crossing a granite ridge, we camped in a fine grassy flat on the bank of the Burdekin, the banks being high and steep, but the water easy of access.

  44. Some blacks had been camped at this pool, and their fires were still burning.

  45. Wickham River and followed it down to the junction of Depot Creek, which we crossed at noon, and camped in a grassy flat about a mile lower down; at 2.

  46. Florence, torn by feud and discontent, with a Spanish army camped beyond her walls, opens her gates to the conquerors, and the Cardinal Giovanni rules as Lord of Florence.

  47. This continued all the way to the summit, where they camped for a late nooning beside the mountain lake.

  48. They camped for the night beside a picturesque and cold mountain lake, at an altitude of six thousand five hundred feet.

  49. What interested Jo more, though, was the fact that Demarest ordered it delivered at the buttes, asking that a watchman be camped there to guard the supplies, provided they arrived ahead of the outfit.

  50. They camped on the desert that night, at a ranch conveniently situated between Julia and the mountains, where was an abundance of artesian water.

  51. She spoke about it when they camped for the midday rest.

  52. And jest last night a friend o' mine he camped with me, and said Hank was up to his old devilment ag'in.

  53. So I was camped on the desert out there this evenin', and Hank he drifts in.

  54. During the afternoon it was reported to me that a strong column of English were marching from Rhenosterriviersbrug to Vredefort, and that they had camped on the farm Klipstapel, some eight miles from my laager.

  55. As I have already stated, we camped at Vanvurenskloof.

  56. At my request, Commandants Andreas Cronje, Piet Fourie, Scholten and Lubbe joined me, and that evening we camped quite close to the spot where the English force was stationed!

  57. The Commander-in-Chief of these Free State burghers, as well as of those who were camped round Kimberley, was Mr. C.

  58. From Harrismith our commando advanced to within six miles of the Natal-Free State frontier, and camped not far from Bezuidenhoutspas, in the Drakensberg.

  59. I was now camped at Frankfort, waiting for the ammunition, which ought to have already arrived from Greylingstad Station.

  60. Colonel Firman's brigade was camped between Bethlehem and Harrismith, at Elands River bridge, where he was building the line of blockhouses between the two towns.

  61. The enemy did not appear and the laager escaped without let or hindrance--and so we camped at Vanvurenskloof.

  62. I ordered them, therefore, to go back after the waggons, and in the evening we camped to the north of Bethlehem.

  63. Clark camped at the mouth of the Tongue, and his painstaking description of the second in size of the Yellowstone's tributaries might have been written today.

  64. History-makers have boated upon, and camped by, the Missouri for a hundred years, just as the Mississippi has known them for thrice a hundred.

  65. The next day we marched as far as Long Island, and camped there that night.

  66. I had not had a chance to talk to Captain Stark for a long time, and when we camped at Crown Point, I went over to his quarters.

  67. On the 7th of August we reached the spot where old Fort Anne had stood, and camped there.

  68. Toward night we paddled to the shore and camped there.

  69. We had built a fire and were making a shelter, when three more canoes came up, and we camped together with the men.

  70. We camped near the First Narrows that night.

  71. We camped in the woods, and after it was dark skated down the lake.

  72. The natives of this village near where we camped were in a terrorized state owing to depredations of two or more man-eaters.

  73. She had camped on the open range, slept under the blinking stars, ridden forty miles a day in the face of dust and wind.

  74. The carpenters were still on the lower floor, but the family moved in and camped about in rooms up-stairs that were more or less free from the invader.

  75. What happened was this: At the end of a terrible day of heat, when the party had camped on the edge of a squalid Syrian village, Dan was taken suddenly ill.

  76. It was the irreverent Jack who one morning (they had camped the night before by the ruins of Jericho) refused to get up to see the sun rise across the Jordan.

  77. They went over on Salt River, near Florida, and camped not far from a farm-house with a big log stable; the latter they used as headquarters.

  78. The hungry army camped in the barnyard and crept into the hay-loft to sleep.

  79. Indeed, I reached the borders of the Amasomi territory, whereof Masapo was chief, by evening, and camped there.

  80. The place where we had camped was in scattered bush overlooking a great extent of dry reeds, that in the wet season was doubtless a swamp fed by a small river which ran into it on the side opposite to our camp.

  81. They landed near where the scouts had camped during the night, and pulling the boat well up on the shore, they made their way to the place where they had left the robbers.

  82. Thence they took the trail toward the Cibicu again, reaching the Carrizo in the evening, where they camped for the night and performed another dance.

  83. The fourth night they camped in sight of the Dĭné̆ (Navaho) whom they had come to join.

  84. On they passed, dancing in a spectacular manner, and camped that night on the flat a little above the fort, where they waited for someone to come over to interview them.

  85. Jdt 7:3 And they camped in the valley near unto Bethulia, by the fountain, and they spread themselves in breadth over Dothaim even to Belmaim, and in length from Bethulia unto Cynamon, which is over against Esdraelon.

  86. Mac 15:13 Then camped Antiochus against Dora, having with him an hundred and twenty thousand men of war, and eight thousand horsemen.

  87. Mac 10:86 And from thence Jonathan removed his host, and camped against Ascalon, where the men of the city came forth, and met him with great pomp.

  88. Mac 10:48 Then gathered king Alexander great forces, and camped over against Demetrius.

  89. Mac 15:25 So Antiochus the king camped against Dora the second day, assaulting it continually, and making engines, by which means he shut up Tryphon, that he could neither go out nor in.

  90. Jdt 15:3 They also that had camped in the mountains round about Bethulia fled away.

  91. Mac 13:43 In those days Simon camped against Gaza and besieged it round about; he made also an engine of war, and set it by the city, and battered a certain tower, and took it.

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