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Example sentences for "campers"

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  1. Off toward the horizon, in the direction of the dog's barking was a faint glimmer of wavering light, and Tabitha watched it idly for a moment, wondering if there were campers in that little hollow, too.

  2. Those campers aren't gypsies, but a lot of prospectors, and I think they moved on after they had cooked supper.

  3. The campers tucked away a substantial meal of fried pork, potatoes, and coffee.

  4. The four campers knelt bare-headed by the grave.

  5. Amid cheers and waving of hats the campers separated.

  6. The campers slept upon mattresses that night for the first time in many weeks.

  7. More music on the roof, evidently caused by the claws of some wild animal, while each of the campers was startled by a loud "Cluck!

  8. Luckily the campers of both nationalities, from Cyrus downward, were without any element of snobbery in their dispositions.

  9. The campers hurriedly swallowed the remainder of their breakfast, and made ready for an immediate start.

  10. It's high time for all campers to be snoring.

  11. Thus the campers journeyed homeward with their backs as light as their spirits, caring little for the chills of a couple of nights spent under canvas and rubber coverings.

  12. The exclamations were loud and snappy, and awoke the sleeping campers like the banging of rifle-shots.

  13. Nothing was talked about among the campers on the following day but the forthcoming sport of the evening--moose-calling.

  14. The rest of the campers came back soon after that, and Mr. Brown got Tom to promise never to get in the boat alone again.

  15. Soon the party of campers were marching through the woods, Tom holding Bunny's hand, while Bunker Blue looked after Sue.

  16. In addition most campers find it convenient to have in their personal outfit a pair of small scissors.

  17. Some campers like long German stockings, which serve also for leggings, and wear thin cotton socks inside them.

  18. But the motor car with its load of campers had not been long gone when Alberdina withdrew her arms, elbow deep in soapsuds, from the wash tub, and looked around her.

  19. That night the campers gathered around the fire and discussed the mystery of the "Prince in Exile," as they had named Phoebe's father.

  20. After a brief silence, broken only by the tinkle of spoons against saucers, the campers around the table glanced at each other guiltily.

  21. What little ready money they had the campers had carried with them, and there was no jewelry to steal.

  22. As Cousin Helen said, it wouldn't take campers long to revert to savagery," ejaculated Billie.

  23. If campers had been born wild animals instead of human beings, Nature would surely have provided them with brown coats for utilitarian as well as protective purposes.

  24. In another instant they were gone, leaving the campers holding their breath.

  25. Several of the chiefs poked out the ashes of one or two fireplaces and uncovered red coals; it was evident that the campers had moved away the day before.

  26. Sure," assented Dick, who had brought his gun--the only one of the campers who had.

  27. It seems the other day that some campers who were staying near the old mill went in the ruins and began digging about.

  28. The campers left their fire thinking that they had done their duty in regard to the rules and regulations concerning forest fires.

  29. In spite of everything that the Forest Service did, some of these campers would go away leaving their campfire burning or throw burning matches or cigarette stubs into the woods.

  30. Each year we hope that the number will be smaller, but the automobiles are bringing more campers into the woods all the time.

  31. Some Forest Supervisors require all campers to be equipped with shovels and axes before they are allowed to enter a National Forest.

  32. The Rival Campers Ashore" deals with the adventures of the campers and their friends in and around the town of Benton.

  33. The girl is an admirable acquisition, proving as daring and resourceful as the campers themselves.

  34. Last but not least of the campers was Sandhelo, the "symbolic" donkey.

  35. And he departed as solemnly as the other had done, leaving the campers limp with merriment.

  36. To the enthusiastic campers that extra week seemed like an endless amount of time.

  37. After breakfast the campers scattered to amuse themselves in various ways, but it was not long before they heard the sound of the tom-tom, which one of the boys had made to be beaten as a signal to call them all together.

  38. It was all too beautiful to express in words, and much too beautiful to belong to a place called Murphy's Island, so the campers decided before the first night was over.

  39. The potatoes were done, the corn chowder had been taken from the fire, and the cooks and hungry campers sat on the edge of the high bluff looking toward St. Pierre to see if the launch were in sight.

  40. The hungry campers reached the spot in time to witness the performance and protested vigorously against having their breakfast devoured by a donkey.

  41. But before he had seen any of the campers or come near enough to hail them he had run into something in the darkness, and upon scratching a match was horrified to see an Indian girl tied to a tree.

  42. Captain that night as the campers sat around in an informal family council while the twins were out in the launch with Mr. Evans.

  43. Helen, mounting a small platform, announced that the campers had gathered to celebrate the burning of Miss Dummy, who represented the evil spirits that had run riot during their stay at camp.

  44. Supper over, the campers hurried to the cheer fire circle where a tall, uncouth-looking object covered with sheets towered specter-like in the center.

  45. The campers felt inconsolable, for some of them had already begun to dream of the fun they would have if there were some jolly scouts about, especially if they proved as chivalrous and as manly as the scouts at Westport.

  46. Toby was apt to figure past happenings as connected with the time "we had that dandy blaze under the twisted hemlock"; or "that night I built the champion cooking fire any campers ever had along.

  47. The four campers sat there for several tense minutes, each one almost holding his breath in the effort to train his ears so as not to miss the slightest sound that might come.

  48. The time for our own departure soon arrived, and all who remained of the campers on the plains of Dobytown were ordered to move on.

  49. As was expected, our men rounded up very quickly, for our campers were not compelled to dress and make an elaborate toilet on receiving a call.

  50. It must have been midnight or some time past when the trio of campers were suddenly aroused by a most terrific clamor.

  51. He looked pleased on discovering that the campers meant to respond so handsomely to his appeal for aid.

  52. The campers enjoyed every hour of it, for there always appeared to be a variety of things awaiting their attention, and all of the boys were full of vigor.

  53. Perhaps by another day he would find it convenient to drop in and see the campers at Cabin Point.

  54. There was no further alarm; and when dawn came peeping through the pines the campers were soon astir.

  55. Most of the duffle, such as the tent and the blankets, they usually stored in this one canoe, with a single occupant to ply the paddle, while the other two campers took charge of the second craft.

  56. Luck often enters such a gameā€”just at the most critical moment one of the men might suddenly sit up, as campers sometimes will, disturbed by a bad dream or a belief that the fire needs looking after; and thus discovery be brought about.

  57. Around the tents of campers he became a terror, as he soon realized that these folk carried food, and white canvas walls rising in the woods were merely invitations to a dinner ready and waiting.

  58. Seton] One day he was sitting much nearer and grinning in Coyote fashion, when one of the campers in a spirit of mischief said to the dog, "Chink, you see that Coyote out there grinning at you.

  59. The shrewd old Yankee storekeeper told them that all the timber land in that section was controlled by one of the great paper and pulp companies of the State, and that campers never bothered to get permission to use the land.

  60. Then the fires that are so often caused by careless campers and hunters.

  61. The rifles won't appear to be out of place, for it would be only natural that we should take them, seeing we are supposed to be campers who will have to go back through the dark woods to camp.

  62. Many amateur campers wonder why the biscuits are flat or doughy.

  63. Here is something that I frequently sell, both to campers and woodsmen," said the old gunsmith.

  64. Then he daringly slipped in through the open door of the cabin, doubtless taking advantage of the attention of the campers being turned elsewhere.

  65. Frank heard a snap above the other sounds, and like a flash the entire tent was blown away, leaving the four campers exposed to the fury of the storm.

  66. When the rival campers had been left far behind, the boys considered it safe to part company with the supply train, and dash off.

  67. Whether it was the camp of the thieves who had troubled them the previous night or not, the campers might be men whom the boys would not care to meet.

  68. It was evident that the campers had finished supper.

  69. Odd, that all the campers who had fared so heartily just a little while before should suddenly be "taken hungry" again and beg an invitation too.

  70. The train was nearing Wolfville where the travelers were to leave it for a brief visit to "Evangeline land" before proceeding to Halifax whence the campers would set out.

  71. Yet when, as now, his toil for the day was over and the campers gathered for an evening chat it flattered his vanity to be asked for the legends and traditions of the countryside.

  72. Campers cause a large percentage of the fires by leaving their camp fires burning.

  73. The Forest officers are ever on the alert for the detection and apprehension of campers for leaving fires unextinguished and incendiaries for starting fires willfully.

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