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Example sentences for "campfires"

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  1. If he passed the proper tests, she directed him down the left fork of the Milky Way to the Northern Lights, which were regarded as the campfires of the departed heroes and good people of the tribe.

  2. Gathered about the campfires were the warriors, men of striking physique and strong character, perhaps just in from the chase or war or a pillaging expedition.

  3. The white frost that greeted the eyes of waking soldiers in the morning of the 12th was quite as cold as any that New England could present, and campfires never were more appreciated.

  4. Here took place the famous exchange of song, so often told in campfires and wherever it is desirable to prove that one touch of Nature makes the whole world kin.

  5. J] From this point the almost countless campfires of our army could be seen, always an impressive sight, and never were the soldiers of the Potomac Army in a more impressible mood than after their long period in winter quarters.

  6. The nights being cold, campfires were kindled on both sides and the alleged enemies kept as comfortable as possible, in plain sight of each other.

  7. On either hand the campfires stretched away like twinkling stars, converging steadily until the horns joined each other away out yonder in the darkness.

  8. Five evenings had I witnessed the tents begin to glow and the campfires kindle until the valley became hooped about as if by a million giant fireflies.

  9. Parpon knew it to be the reflection of the campfires in the valley, where Lagroin and his men were sleeping.

  10. The light of the campfires sent a glow through the open doorway upon the face of the sleeper.

  11. His duty to the girl was done; she was safe; now he must follow that figure to where the smoke of the campfires came curling up by Dalgrothe Mountain.

  12. At night the lights of their campfires made a circle of fire as though to protect it from danger.

  13. While they often came upon campfires that still smouldered, showing where the pursued pair had stopped, they never were able to catch up with them.

  14. The story of the ram that turned back is still told around the campfires of the Rockies, and it has not grown leaner in the repetitions.

  15. Around the campfires of primitive peoples have started the folklore of races.

  16. Campfires took the place of blankets, a pocketful of raisins, a few shelled peanuts, some sweet chocolate bars provided satisfying feasts.

  17. The horses held heads up, looked toward the glimmering campfires and listened.

  18. The campfires were so close that the bright blazes could be seen in movement, and dark forms crossed in front of them.

  19. Once clear of trees he pointed to the level desert across the river, where a row of campfires shone bright out of the darkness.

  20. The horses were unsaddled and picketed, campfires were lighted, in less than an hour the bivouac was arranged.

  21. The abandoned guns sunk deep in the mud, the shivering men lying in rags beneath the bushes, and the charred remains of campfires among the trees were the last memories Dan carried from the four years' war.

  22. Some hours later, in the warm dusk, they went into bivouac among the trees, and, in a little while, the campfires made a red glow upon the twilight.

  23. Turning over he lay sleepily gazing into the blue dusk illuminated with the campfires which were slowly dying down.

  24. Over the field the beaten soldiers, in ragged gray uniforms, were lying beneath little bushes of sassafras and sumach, and to the right a few campfires were burning in a shady thicket.

  25. Across the road there was a field of clover, where a few campfires twinkled, and he hastened toward it eager to lie down in the darkness and fall asleep.

  26. It was known that the town would be shelled and occupied by the Federals, probably looted and plundered; therefore it was thought safest to see priceless old vintages passed around campfires and quaffed in gulps from tincups.

  27. The primeval forests of oak and hickory were food for some of the grandest campfires ever seen, but we froze in front while scorching in back, and vice versa.

  28. On the approach of strangers moonshiners hide the still, extinguish their campfires and hide themselves in the forests very quickly.

  29. By the campfires of California, and in the sandy desert of Nevada, over five thousand miles away from his native land, this book has been written by the author during his spare hours.

  30. The engine finally was in place, and the natives eagerly hastened to cut out large pieces of elephant meat and to roast it over the great beds of coal left from the campfires of the night.

  31. Then the Sachem sent a beaver messenger Far down to the underworld To borrow only one coal From the campfires of the dark spirits; But the beaver was not able to bring it For burning his mouth cruelly.

  32. Thus her lodge and wigwams And my Father and brothers Would be saved from all suspicion of treachery, And to the mourning of the Great Chief Who visited our campfires in confidence, Would be added the wailing of our tribe for Yiada.

  33. Like the frail filament of a dream was the memory of the journey from Shingtse-lunpo--dust and bitter winds; smoke of campfires in the nostrils; and in his heart a cavernous doubt.

  34. To this day the smoke of campfires May be traced in caves, and crannies Where the overhanging cliffsides Gives protection from the rainstorms.

  35. Down the ages came the legend, Told by Fathers to the children, Told on rainy winter evenings Round the campfires of the Tamals.

  36. Can you catch the gleam of their campfires as they roasted their fish over the coals?

  37. Hardly had he reached this observation post and spread his crude map out before him, than the smoke of a score of campfires rose lazily up from the jungle valley some ten miles away.

  38. They look more like lanterns carried by 'coon and 'possum hunters than the campfires of an army," said Harry.

  39. They saw only the dark line of the trees, and behind them, wavering lights which they knew were the campfires of their own army.

  40. As one who has lost his way the Iscariot scurried about the empty court, stopping himself suddenly on a run, raising his head and starting off again, stumbling in surprise against the campfires and the walls.

  41. The night seemed to drag and the campfires still smouldered.

  42. We were at present shut in a sea of fog, a smirr of mist and rain, but when that lifted he could not promise that we would not be close on the campfires of the dragoons.

  43. When the mist sank we began to go more cautiously, for the valley whence we had just emerged was dotted at intervals with the campfires of the soldiers.

  44. Supper had been eaten, and the tired soldiers were gathered around the campfires that gleamed far and near through the darkness.

  45. Campfires began to glow as belated foragers prepared their suppers, and the gentle hum of voices came pleasantly to the ear, punctuated by laughter, often boisterous, but quite as often just the babbling, cheery laugh of carefree boys.

  46. The smoke of the campfires ahead told that the end of the day's march was near.

  47. A village of nearly a score of tepees lay ahead, the smoke of a number of campfires rising here and there.

  48. Slowly darkness fell and the campfires flung out flickering shadows on the sloping walls of tepees and over the figures of the warriors squatted around them.

  49. Unrolled a scroll, the great, gray plains, And traced thereon our wagon trains; Our blazing campfires marked the road As night succeeding night they glowed.

  50. Unrolled a scroll, the great gray plains, And traced thereon our wagon trains, Our blazing campfires marked the road As each succeeding night they glowed.

  51. This is accounted for by the hard lives they live, exposed to the burning summer suns and biting winter winds, and by cooking over smoky campfires or hovering over them for warmth in the winter.

  52. Two or three huge campfires were crackling, and a pot of mutton stewed over one of them.

  53. He climbed down and told his brother that he had seen the campfires of the British.

  54. I'm going to climb a tree and see if I can see the campfires of the enemy.

  55. Climbing a tree, he looked toward the south, and saw, not very far distant, the campfires of the British.

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