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Example sentences for "hatefully"

Lexicographically close words:
hatchways; hate; hated; hateful; hatefull; hatefulness; haten; hater; haters; hates
  1. But he also flicked out the mean-looking card of which he had been hatefully conscious all the evening.

  2. It will never be destroyed," cried the magician, hatefully proud.

  3. You remind me," said the tempter, smiling as hatefully as ever, "of an ass between two bundles of hay.

  4. Enistor stamped, swore under his breath and bit his nails angrily, while Narvaez smiled in a hatefully bland manner.

  5. Don't let's make it so hatefully pivotal.

  6. Though he had plotted and arranged the moment, Gerald was hatefully embarrassed now that it was upon him.

  7. If you're going to be a hatefully unjust pig, I won't tell you.

  8. But the big, adventurous handwriting was hatefully familiar.

  9. So, feeling hatefully like a spy, I went quietly over the lawn toward the library windows.

  10. But now it seemed too hatefully like accusing when she could not defend herself.

  11. Besides, at heart we are all so frightfully, hatefully imitative.

  12. You are hatefully good-looking, and somehow or other I think your clothes have improved you.

  13. I that am one with face thus hatefully scarred do seek thee in thy beauty to my love--" "Presumptuous Fool, how darest thou speak me thus?

  14. How may one so beautiful as thou learn love for one so lowly and with face thus hatefully marred?

  15. He had, helpless, seen his fragile, shrinking mother hatefully bullied and abused or more hatefully caressed.

  16. To me; for thou hast hatefully soiled my beauty, My preciousest, given me to attire my soul For her long marriage festival of life.

  17. You must never think I'm like the heartless men you wait on here, Whose love is all a hunger that cares naught How hatefully endured its feasting must be By her who fills it, so it be well glutted!

  18. I think it would be hatefully cruel of you to spoil his life.

  19. His thoughts were in a turmoil, yet one thing was hatefully clear.

  20. They were of the nobility, and they seemed to her in that one poignant but unwelcome moment, hatefully degenerate, men no self-respecting girl could ever think of.

  21. Did you ever know anything more hatefully provoking!

  22. And the sand all trampled and hatefully stained.

  23. Perhaps some deep breath drawn with a hiss through the teeth assured Warriner that his speech was not spoken in vain; for he laughed softly and hatefully to himself.

  24. There was a new and enervating glamour over the days, a new and hatefully powerful rival for all his thoughts and dreams.

  25. There was something about Lutchester hatefully convincing.

  26. She pressed his hand twice in hers, a signal of freemasonry between them hatefully reminiscent to him of their mutual sin.

  27. She had become hatefully affectionate, and abominably fond of me.

  28. That it should be Effingham of all men, or one so hatefully like!

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