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Example sentences for "careers"

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  1. The Nilghai said something uncomplimentary about soft-headed fools who throw away their careers for other fools.

  2. For the sake of impressing me with their careers in the past.

  3. How do you account for the continuance of these schools in favor, and for the aid and encouragement they received from the later Emperors, when the very nature of the Empire in large part destroyed the careers for which they trained?

  4. And in proportion as it allows a woman to make a career for herself, it will bring relief to many excellent husbands who will then no longer have to make careers for them at the expense of overstraining their own too slender powers.

  5. We might point to the first experiments aimed at remedying the helter-skelter of careers by vocational guidance.

  6. That it will add to the dignity and value of millions of careers is only one of its blessings.

  7. It was imagined that the sun, the moon, and the stars indicated, in the vicissitudes of their movements, the careers of nations and of individuals.

  8. There was thus no comparison between the careers of the two men.

  9. But out of them came one prominent fact, which so influenced the careers of the two men that it must be briefly recorded.

  10. I tried to ascertain her views regarding the education of young women of to-day, and what careers they should follow.

  11. Their mental and physical elasticity is apt to prematurely disappear, with the result that they will too soon find themselves past the summit of their careers and traveling the declivity on the other side.

  12. All we want in our careers and community is a healthy progress.

  13. Young men now at the outset of their careers will grow rich from the new industrial activities.

  14. Nevertheless ambitious parents, whose means or whose self-sacrifice enable them to plan careers for their children, should take into solemn account, not their own ambitions, but the ability of the child.

  15. There are many who start on their careers with the feeling and belief that money is a minor value, that to be useful and of service is greater than to be rich.

  16. It is a strange fact that in the run of their careers they seem fated to be brought into contact with such cases.

  17. In all careers that require keenness of brain, they can attain success, provided they have developed a sufficient amount of will power and continuity of purpose to stick long enough to any one thing.

  18. They are very much children of fate and circumstances, over which they appear to have no control, and seem to make or mar their careers independently of their strong will.

  19. As a rule they have the inventive faculties well developed, and succeed in inventions and in all new ideas in whatever careers they may have entered.

  20. Change in every way affects their careers as it also does their lives.

  21. While the college man is not fitting himself to become a draftsman, it is quite true that many start their engineering careers in the drafting office.

  22. The earth in itself is to be regarded as an organism and as the foster-parent of a great series of organisms that sprang into being and pursued their careers in the contact zones between its rigid body and its fluidal envelopes.

  23. Sadder still, such a recital would show strange contrasts in the careers of individual men, men who at one time acted well and nobly, and at another time ill and basely.

  24. Thousands of boys and girls have been stunted mentally, their careers handicapped, and in some instances completely ruined by such cruel suggestions of inferiority.

  25. Instead of starting on their active careers with the victorious attitude, with the idea that their careers are to be a triumphal march, many, if not the majority of youths, begin with the impression that they are not victory organized.

  26. They accept a life career which is destitute of self-realization, except for those few who are so gifted that they can make independent careers in the struggle for existence.

  27. Their careers were such generally that only the strongest moral natures could endure them without harm.

  28. That kind of speaking wins, and it is that virile, strenuous, aggressive attitude which both distinguishes and maintains the platform careers of our greatest leaders.

  29. In the sub-commissioners' towns the head officials must be Englishmen, but among the regions under the Landes Hoheit in the hinterland, Africans educated as doctors or as traders could have grand careers provided they did honest work.

  30. Sources of Information on Careers in the Scientific Fields.

  31. Science careers are open even to these students if they choose their colleges carefully.

  32. Careers for Women in the Physical Sciences.

  33. I have known a great many promising careers spoiled because young deacons would select a heavy, laborious town or city charge for the opening work of their ministry.

  34. But as no two leaves are alike and as no two careers are exactly parallel, so no two spiritual experiences are exactly the same.

  35. Some of the men whom I have seen in prison, condemned to death or a life of confinement, have begun their careers just in this way, showing disrespect for their elders and for the church.

  36. There are also always individual family members who are not interested in official careers or who failed in their careers and live as free "literati" either in the big cities or on the home farms.

  37. We cannot take leave of the Caricaturists without offering a few slight particulars concerning the respective careers of the most eminent and appreciated practitioners of the graphic art in its grotesque bearings.

  38. These circumstances were of a kind which reproduces itself frequently in the careers of all men of any public distinction.

  39. Before proceeding further, let us state a truth which will be convincing to every reader who knows anything at all about the careers of successful men.

  40. The new education of the grade schools, therefore, is coming to the rescue of the housemother's task, as the high school and college have come to the aid of those who would provide vocational careers for women.

  41. It is too late in the day to pass laws forbidding women from gaining economic freedom and social power in professional careers so that all the best of them shall again be obliged to marry as a "means of support.

  42. Our girls are as full of ambition for their careers as our boys.

  43. I should imagine it possible," I said, "that the interest which girls take in their careers as members of the industrial army and candidates for its distinctions might have an effect to deter them from marriage.

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