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Example sentences for "dies"

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dier; diera; dieron; diers; dierum; diese; dieselbe; dieselben; diesem; diesen
  1. The Witch gives the Drummer food and shelter, assigns three tasks, requires the log to be brought from the fire, tries to carry off the King's Daughter, and dies in the flames.

  2. The title and ornaments on the back of the books are made from strong brass dies that were engraved from drawings made by special artists.

  3. Gold leaf is laid over the section to be lettered and the dies are pressed upon it with such force as to fasten the gold upon the cover.

  4. Who dies in youth and vigor, dies the best, Struck through with wounds, all honest, on the breast.

  5. Later the three melodies come again in the former order, and the big climax of the plaintive episode precedes the end, where the main theme dies down to a whisper.

  6. As this dies down to dimmest bass, the old song from the Largo rings high in the wood.

  7. The song rises in surging curves, but dies away among the quick festal sounds, where the personal motive is still supreme, chasing its own ardent antics, and plunges headlong into the swirl of dance.

  8. The hunt dies away; emerging from the forest the jolly sounds greet us of a peasant wedding.

  9. A revel of new pranks dies down to chords of muted horns, amid flashing runs of the harp, with a long roll of drums.

  10. In one more burst it sings in big and little in the same alluring harmony, whence it dies down to soothing close in brilliant gamut as of sinking sun.

  11. On the song runs, ever mid the elemental motion, to a resonant height and dies away as before.

  12. Their lips meet in a last kiss and Antar dies in the arms of the fairy.

  13. The song at last dies away, breaking like setting sun into glinting rays of celestial hue, that pale away into dullest murmur.

  14. In the refrain of the stormy duet the sting of passion is gone; the whole plaint dies away amid the fading echoes of the trumpet call.

  15. A] As the song dies away, the festal sounds fade.

  16. There is no accompaniment save a soft roll of drum, and that soon dies away.

  17. As it dies away, the music of the falling waters plash as before.

  18. The prelude dies down with an exquisite touch of precious dissonance,--whether it came from the heart or from the workshop.

  19. Now the reel dances in furious tumult (instead of the first whisper) and dies down through the slower cadence.

  20. Finally, every one is aware that metal seals and dies of engraved stone were in common use amongst the Romans.

  21. And when the Lord shall call her to judgment, and she dies in our own faith, that grave shall be open for her.

  22. The name of the righteous never dies; but whoso dies in sin, that name shall never be mentioned.

  23. Mother, one does not die from blows; one dies from grief, from meanness.

  24. Especially your brother Charles," said Catharine; "whereas, if he dies after having betrayed him the King will regard his death as a punishment from Heaven.

  25. An outer circle is composed of the young men and maidens, who, singing Easter hymns, march round and round the fire in the direction of the sun, till the blaze dies down.

  26. A bright and crackling blaze shoots up, but soon dies down, and over it the young folk leap.

  27. But I to one these others prove, Who leaps 'mid lions for a glove, Or dies to set another free-- I drink to Loyalty.

  28. Just as many a flower blooms and dies unseen, so many a woman must have lived her life, serviceable to her special environment, but wholly unrecorded.

  29. If love of God and our neighbor did not guide us, of a truth there would be opportunity for some one to say "Pereat dies in qua natus sum, et nox in qua dictum est, 'conceptus est homo?

  30. When the singer departs, his singing dies with him; it is in eternal union with the life and joy of the master.

  31. It dies a hundred times in its enclosures of self; for separateness is doomed to die, it cannot be made eternal.

  32. One grows accustomed to such spectacles when traveling in oriental countries where Mohammed is looked upon as the great prophet of Allah, and the novelty inspired by the first sight dies away.

  33. A feeling of resentment springs up, then dies away as he gets a good look at his parent's face.

  34. No," replied the monk; "for if he die with a lie on his lips he dies in mortal sin.

  35. You come of a family in which one dies young, madam, and almost always of a sudden death: two of your ancestors perished by steel, and one by poison.

  36. Then, at the very time when the poor young man reproaches himself as if with a crime with having spent four florins, one of his cousins, a widow, dies and leaves three orphan children.

  37. Mouktar, roaring like a bull escaped from the butcher, "dost thou think an Arnaout dies like an eunuch?

  38. Then Mandáravatí suddenly dies of a fever.

  39. When called upon to sign the baptism certificate, he instantly dies of shame, pen in hand: he cannot write even his own name.

  40. The shepherd takes it to the king, who convicts his two sons, has them put to death, and dies of grief.

  41. The sensuous appeal of the 'fragrant crocus and the spring that dies not in the urn of death' is unique in Juvenal.

  42. Every three minutes some one in the United States dies from consumption.

  43. I remembered a certain kind of moth that dies soon after it is born.

  44. The slow tramp of unseen policeman draws near or dies away.

  45. The flesh judges that man dies like a beast.

  46. He who, attracted by its sweetness, drinks it, loses his life and dies the eternal death.

  47. I have in my heart a vision of spring begun In a sheltering wood, that feels the kiss of the sun: And a thrush adoreth the melting day that dies In clouds of purple afloat upon saffron skies.

  48. My best, more brief than frailest summer flower, Dies with the hour.

  49. There is an aversion to being a mediquillo, although it pays, because if a patient dies the medicine man who treated him is held accountable.

  50. When he dies the oldest son becomes the head of the family.

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