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Example sentences for "put her"

  • Besides which, with or without exactness, the effect of each successive minute in the place was to put her more in presence of what Maggie herself saw.

  • I must save her; I had not the courage to put her from me.

  • Then I put her by, and told her to sit down on the verandah while I had a talk with George.

  • She'd twice the fun in her the other had, and was that good-tempered nothing seemed to put her out.

  • One of the young cows was a bit strange with me, so I had to shake a stick at her and sing out 'Bail up' pretty rough before she'd put her head in.

  • Saxon felt very nervous, visions of Billy's bloody fights and all the scabs he had slugged rising in her brain; but she had never seen her husband box, and but few seconds were required to put her at ease.

  • She stopped before the house and put her hand on the gate.

  • The hay for him, Bill; put her across to the jaw an' see 'm fall!

  • Come, now, and hold Miss Eva's horse while I put her on to the saddle.

  • Now, if Mammy was sick, you wouldn't want to put her in your own bed.

  • Sanction my speaking to her, just to put her on her guard, privately: not to injure that poor lady, but to explain.

  • To her lord it was an outcry of nature, astutely touched by him to put her to proof.

  • What she could not so distinctly imagine was, how he could reconcile the devotion to his country, which he had taught her to put her faith in, with his unhappy subjection to Madame de Rouaillout.

  • A maid, summoned by her cries, put her head in the door.

  • Mamsie," she threw down the brush and ran over to put her head in the closet, "where did she go?

  • One would suppose they'd put her in commission and find business for her between Pacific and Atlantic coast ports.

  • Put her on my private pension list, Skinner, and send her Cap'n Noah's salary every quarter-day as long as she lives.

  • I suppose after she was laid up a few years the thought of all the money it would cost to put her in commission again discouraged them--and she's been down in Mission Bay ever since.

  • So put her out of your mind for the present.

  • She felt an almost irresistible desire to put her head on his shoulder, for she was tired and depressed.

  • A King of Persia, in a fit of anger against his wife for a certain fault which she had committed, commanded his prime minister to put her to death, together with her nursing infant.

  • Then King Chah Djouhou, dismounting from his horse, received her, put her on his horse, and took her to the country of Damas.

  • Biyapri climbed up the tree, put her on his camel, and taking up his journey conducted her to the country of Bassrah.

  • The Vizier dared not disobey the King's commandment, so he put her to death and brought him another girl, of the daughters of the notables of the land.

  • She awoke and sitting up, put her hand to her trousers and finding them fast, fell asleep again.

  • Then they drew the ring closelier round her, and behold, she came to the King's station and standing still, put her forelegs to her breast, as if to kill the earth before him.

  • But finding that, besides her other shameful debaucheries, she had even gone so far as to marry in his own absence Caius Silius, the settlement of her dower being formally signed, in the presence of the augurs, he put her to death.

  • But she persisting in her resolution, and dying soon afterwards, he persecuted her memory with the basest aspersions, and persuaded the senate to put her birth-day amongst the number of unlucky days in the calendar.

  • A year ago he did not want to put her in a situation of trust about his children.

  • It seemed to put her half in mind of something, and she felt as if shame were coming.

  • This was such an evident attempt on Polly's part to put her questioner in his proper place that he could not rise entirely superior to it, even though her intention to hit back was so transparent.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    before breakfast; curious custom; fairy prince; humbly submitted; inherent tendency; marked varieties; nice colour; objective existence; ordnance stores; put her; put himself; put into; put off; put out; put the; put them; put you; putting down; putting himself; putting them; rank and file wounded; regard being; something that; thousand pardons; uniform coat; usually made