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Example sentences for "put into"

  • A strange belief obtains among the people that all serpents must not only be killed, but put into a fire.

  • This, with trembling haste, he put into my hand, and seemed greatly relieved when I had it securely.

  • All our private schools that wish for the protection of Government are forced to submit to the same military rules, and, therefore, most of our conscripts, so far from being recruits, are fit for any service as soon as put into requisition.

  • First of all, there is that solemn fact which we put into a long word that comes glibly off people's lips, and impresses them very little--the solemn fact of responsibility.

  • Bars of uncoined treasure and ingots of massy gold lie in His storehouses, to be put into circulation as soon as we need, and can use, them.

  • In this Bay we had 24 and 25 fathoms Water, the bottom good for Anchorage, but their seems to be nothing that can induce Shipping to put into it for no Country upon Earth can look more barren than the land about this bay doth.

  • What dread, terror, or frightful apprehension can there be put into a revelation of sin, where there is no sense of a day of judgment, and of our giving there unto God an account for it.

  • A righteousness, I say, put into them; or I had rather that you should call it a principle of righteousness; for it is a principle of life to righteousness.

  • And they of the people, and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put into graves.

  • Before man's conversion, there is in him a principle of death by sin; but when he is converted to Christ, there is put into him a principle of righteousness, that he may bring forth fruit unto God.

  • This plan was all very well, but how was it to be put into execution ?

  • He also directs me to put into a warehouse whatever furniture you may have at Ruel or elsewhere which you have obtained from Government.

  • The fish which were not yet dead were then taken out and put into a tub.

  • But what has God prepared this vessel for, and what has He put into it?

  • When I went out to seek the bread of life, some of them would follow, and the rest be put into a muse at home.

  • When I went out to seek the bread of life, some of them would follow, and the rest be put into a muse 15 at home.

  • To put into brisk or vigorous action; to move with life and vigor; -- usually with the reciprocal pronoun.

  • Put into bottles; inclosed in bottles; pent up in, or as in, a bottle.

  • Their houses are indeed small--so small that one of them might almost be put into a single room of a Mennonite's house; but there is an air of cleanliness and comfort about them that would do credit to a German housewife.

  • I request you, gentlemen, to consider how this can be put into execution, and to submit my words to the Noblesse for their consideration.

  • He was liable at any moment to fall into the hands of the police, and to be put into prison or sent back to his master.

  • I put into a flour sack and hang out doors until dry.

  • Put into a cold place and turn out before serving.

  • He being gone, they caused Sir Richard Browne to read over his minutes; and then my Lord Arlington moved that they might be put into my hands to put into form, I being more acquainted with such business; and they were so.

  • All knowledge can be put into a kind of pemican, so that we can have it condensed.

  • That is to say, if a man once violates the law and is caught, he is put into a machine from which it is very difficult for him to escape without further deterioration.

  • The Cumberland was now prosecuting the voyage, and I had come in her for a lawful purpose, and upon such an occasion as the passport allowed me to put into a French port.

  • He had therefore been in command exactly four months when Matthew Flinders, in the Cumberland, put into Baye du Cap on December 15th.

  • Although he does not propose to call at the Isle of France, it may be possible some unforeseen circumstance might compel him to put into port in the colony, the government of which is entrusted to you.

  • I felt that I was taking up again the clue which had been put into my childish hand at baptism, and was being led on by it into the unfolding mysteries of life.

  • These recollections, that so distinctly belong the baby Myself, before she could speak her thoughts, though clear and vivid, are difficult to put into shape.

  • Yes, I have for a long time been thinking over a plan which we'll try to put into execution; it is only six o'clock in the evening, and we shall have time enough.

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