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Example sentences for "put off"

  • Captain Terry convinced our captain that our reckoning was a little out, and, having spent the day on board, put off in his boat at sunset for his ship, which was now six or eight miles astern.

  • I shall feel a good deal disappointed if the visit is put off--I would rather Miss Ringrose fixed her time in summer, and then I would come to see you (D.

  • I do long to be with you, and I feel nervously afraid of being prevented, or put off in some way.

  • Canst thou be content to be put off with a belly well filled, and a back well clothed?

  • The debt I had contracted with the young Englishman made me resolve to put off my suicide to another day.

  • All this trouble had made me lose a good deal of time, and I determined to put off my departure till the next day.

  • Defn: To delay; to hinder; to neglect; to put off.

  • To pop off, to thrust away, or put off promptly; as, to pop one off with a denial.

  • As Bills began at that time to sink very much in Credit, I bargain'd with him, that I should not be put off at Lyons, upon any Pretence whatever, with any thing less than ready Money.

  • The Air of Freedom which reign'd at this little Court, and the Queen's Goodness in conversing with me so often, was the reason that I put off my Journey to Spain from one Day to another.

  • Aside from these general conditions that denoted that the operation was contra-indicated, the local condition of the organ itself also was to be examined, and if certain conditions existed the operation was to be put off.

  • Happily or unhappily, as you choose to look at it, there were no clients to put off and no real business exigencies to consider.

  • She tried to persuade you not to go in the room, but you refused to be put off.

  • Put off, put off, and row with speed, For now is the time, and the hour of need!

  • Put off, put off, and row with speed, For now 's the time, and the hour of need!

  • Of the remedies in the case of really bad wives, squanderers, drunkards, adultresses, I shall speak further on; it being the habit of us all to put off to the last possible moment the performance of disagreeable duties.

  • Yet so insistent was our case that we could not be put off by any small detail of this sort.

  • You would not, I am sure, have me put off my gentility now that I cease to wear its livery.

  • But after all his race are a good deal too tenacious to be put off so lightly.

  • Not to be put off, she retorted, timid, persistent, "Tell me when you think it would come.

  • She was not going to be put off by pretexts any longer.

  • I won't be put off, and stopped doing things, and shoved out of things for ever, just because I'm poor.

  • Mr. Watson, we'll stop at Delta, to put off a couple o' passengers.

  • We stop there," said Hugh, "to put off freight.

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