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Example sentences for "put the"

  • At the foot of the deed I put the words `Veuve Lacoste,' but I had been at pains to disguise my handwriting.

  • Meantime the Knights were searching for a way to put the Parisians to flight, and finding none that were not impracticable follies.

  • Let us drink, Thanks to Fortune, and may she ever pick out her favorites with equal judgment!

  • He would find it was weak, he would say it was weak, and I was lost!

  • On his asking me if I was satisfied with the ground, and on my replying Yes, he begged my leave to absent himself for a moment, and quickly returned with a bottle of water and a sponge dipped in vinegar.

  • Then I put the fastenings as I had found them, opened the door at which I had entered when I ran home last night, shut it, and ran for the misty marshes.

  • When at last I put the glass to him, I saw with amazement that his eyes were full of tears.

  • His first care was to put the capital in a posture of defence, by strengthening its fortifications, and throwing barricades across the streets.

  • Entering the captive city like a conqueror, he put the inhabitants to the sword, and razed it with all its stately edifices, some of which had been reared by his own father, to the ground.

  • But it would be cruel to put the reader to the pain of perusing the remainder of this description.

  • Let us put the Jew to ransom, since the leopard will not change his spots, and a Jew he will continue to be.

  • Prince John coloured as he put the question, "What is thy name, yeoman?

  • The young shepherd stopped, as if his feet had been rooted to the ground; then he put the butt of his carbine to his shoulder, took aim at the ravisher, followed him for a second in his track, and then fired.

  • Then he thought it was time to make the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lips of Faria, and without having occasion to force open his jaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole of the liquid down his throat.

  • Meantime Judah regained some of his strength, and, rising up in wrath and fury, and gnashing his teeth with a noise like unto thunder claps in midsummer, he put the army to flight.

  • The king ordered Abraham to be put into prison, and at the end of ten days he caused all the princes and great men of the realm to appear before him, and to them he put the case of Abraham.

  • So profound was the impression made by Rakyon that the king, the grandees, and the people, all together resolved to put the guidance of the realm in the hands of Pharaoh.

  • Thirteen years after the birth of Ishmael the command was issued to Abraham that he put the sign of the covenant upon his body and upon the bodies of the male members of his household.

  • Adam tried to put the blame on me, who had promised to hold him harmless before God.

  • I put the side-curtains up, it was so chilly.

  • He fell into a shivering fit as he put the question, and shutting out the light with his hands, sat shaking in every limb until it had passed away.

  • You know that I have but to put the question to Emma and learn the truth directly.

  • I put the heart (as you call it) into him when he has brought me safe home again, and his standing steady on his legs an't of so much consequence.

  • I put the jug on the banister and hastened to admit him myself.

  • She had some reason to put the question, for shame and pride threw double gloom over his countenance, and kept him immovable.

  • I put the orange in his hand, and bade him tell his father that a woman called Nelly Dean was waiting to speak with him, by the garden gate.

  • On opening the little door, two hairy monsters flew at my throat, bearing me down, and extinguishing the light; while a mingled guffaw from Heathcliff and Hareton put the copestone on my rage and humiliation.

  • Well, about eleven o'clock that night he came back and ordered a bed and told them to put the horses up--said he would collect the claim in the morning.

  • He tried to put the coin in my hand, and spoke again.

  • I put the courier in the care of a gentleman who was going to Lausanne, and then we went to bed, after laying out the walking-costumes and putting them into condition for instant occupation in the morning.

  • To touch with the lips; to put the lips to; hence, to kiss.

  • Upstairs, Molly, sitting on the Virginian's knee, put the flower in his coat, and then laid her head upon his shoulder.

  • He did not answer, and we put the saddles on without talk.

  • He put the flower in the leather band of his hat, and rode away on his Monte horse.

  • Then he put the sack in the sleigh and went round the house.

  • The meal being over, the grandfather went outside to put the goat-shed in order, and Heidi watched with interest while he first swept it out, and then put fresh straw for the goats to sleep upon.

  • But when I sent Jim after you about the hoe to put the spuds in, you didn't say you wouldn't bring it,' she said.

  • We might get good rain now, and, anyway, it wouldn't cost much to put the potatoes in.

  • Put the horse to the cart, Jim: I must go to that poor woman!

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "put the" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    bain marie; descend from; fair show; frequently happens; general exercise; great misfortune; great reputation; has already been pointed; magic power; maritime affairs; put down; put her; put him; put out; put the; put them; put you; putting down; putting himself; said the little doctor; seen here; several parts; sodium acetate; taken out; tortoise shell; white swelling