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Example sentences for "put them"

  • I am very willing to give any one of 'em a crown to help me with his tackling, to get my father and my uncle Toby off the stairs, and to put them to bed.

  • Why should I put them either to trial or to torture?

  • Coventry's surrendering do claim, but I cannot think he will come to live in them so as to need to put them out.

  • We had favours given us all, and we put them in our hats, I against my will, but that my Lord and the rest did, I being displeased that he did carry Sir W.

  • When they had heard these things, they were cut to the heart: and they thought to put them to death.

  • And the rest laid hands on his servants and, having treated them contumeliously, put them to death.

  • But that lady, kissing me, and making me put them back in my pocket, replied that she couldn't think of it.

  • When I seemed to have been dozing a long while, the Master at Salem House unscrewed his flute into the three pieces, put them up as before, and took me away.

  • Taste your legs, sir; put them to motion.

  • Methinks our garments are now as fresh as when we put them on first in Afric, at the marriage of the King's fair daughter Claribel to the King of Tunis.

  • Let this be done: Put them in secret holds, both Barnardine and Claudio.

  • I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious; with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in.

  • My gracious lord, retire to Killingworth Until a power be rais'd to put them down.

  • I never take the halfpennies off my cheques, I put them on," said Jolyon uneasily.

  • Put them in a nice box and have them all ready.

  • Then she said: "Has anyone told you to put them away as soon as I am finished with them?

  • I had not brought the boxes to put them in, as I did not know she was going to change again after the audience, and felt a little nervous as to what was the right thing to do, or as to what she would say.

  • He first assembled several old non-commissioned officers of experience, put them in office, and gave them blanks for requisitions for the full equipment of a cavalry regiment.

  • If I disapproved of its policy, I would join in order to fight that policy; if the union leaders were dishonest, I would join in order to put them out.

  • There was always fighting, always plundering; and the successful graspers for governmental power were always pawning ports and custom-houses, or trying to put them up as guarantees for loans.

  • It was hours after sunset, and the men wanted to see anybody try to put them on board.

  • Put them together, and I'll have more money than ever in my life before.

  • They went around inviting the authorities to try to put them on board.

  • Then cut them in halves or quarters, put them into a tureen, and just before serving pour a very good clear soup over them.

  • Then pour a few drops of oil on each shell, put them on the gridiron on an open fire, grill for a few minutes, and add a little lemon juice before serving.

  • If you like to add potatoes, cut them up, put them in the stewpan an hour before serving, and cook them with the meat.

  • Cut three or four young turnips into slices and put them on a dish, strew a little salt over them, cover them with another dish, and let them stand for about two hours until the water has run out of them.

  • Then drain the slices, put them in a frying-pan and fry them slightly in butter.

  • They had come in but there had been no hurry to put them on the car.

  • They were about four sizes too big for the Ford, but I put them on anyway.

  • Her clothes dried out before we got home and we put them back on her.

  • Sometimes the cows and horses would come and try to eat the cane and we had to put them in pens by the barn.

  • Of course, when they got older, we put them in pens.

  • The faction is content to mark them as mangy curs, to put them in pens, keep them on a leash, and to annoy them.

  • So many a conversation had come to a standstill because those who had a number of questions to ask did not dare to put them, and those who could have told held their tongues.

  • It is a sad thing, someone will say, that men absolutely must have alcohol to put them in a good humour -- and I am quite ready to agree.

  • On January 18 we began bringing up the materials for the hut, and as soon as they arrived the builders began to put them up.

  • At any rate, we had no better place to put them.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "put them" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

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