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Example sentences for "put himself"

  • He put himself in front of the confederacy which resulted from the congress of Utrecht in 1690.

  • The bishop of Liege, though actually dying, put himself at the head of the expedition, to revenge his brother prelate, and punish the audacious spoiler of the church property.

  • Albert, seizing the moment of this excitement, put himself at their head, and marched to seek the enemy, leaving his intrepid wife at Bruges, the nearest town to the scene of the action he was resolved on.

  • The celebrated James d'Artaveldt, commonly called the brewer of Ghent, put himself at the head of this formidable insurrection.

  • In this situation of danger the Lord James, afterwards so well known as Murray, the Queen's brother, put himself in the breach.

  • He was incapable of that crowning grace of the imagination and heart which enables a man to put himself in another's place and do as he would be done by.

  • His next point was to acquire the good will of the clergy; and by performing the ceremony of his coronation, to put himself in possession of the throne, from which he was confident it would not be easy afterwards to expel him.

  • He now wants to put himself in a neutral and, if he can, a dignified position.

  • He put himself therefore in mourning, out of regard to the memory of his departed friend, and exhibited genuine marks of sorrow and concern, though he had in reality more cause to grieve than he as yet imagined.

  • He put himself afterwards at the head of the rest, who followed him in troops, carried me a considerable way, then laid me down on the ground, and retired with all his companions.

  • Every man went and bridled his horse, fastened his wallet, and mounted again; and when the captain saw them all ready, he put himself at their head, and they returned the way they had come.

  • Zobeide, the better to put her design in execution, has availed herself of the absence of the caliph, who went lately to put himself at the head of his troops, to chastise some neighbouring kings, who have formed a league of rebellion.

  • As soon as the two armies were joined, he put himself at the head of them, with Queen Farasche, Queen Gulnare, and the princesses, who would all have their share in this enterprize.

  • In this affair of his marriage it had been represented to him as a matter of duty that he ought to put himself in possession of Mrs. Bold's hand and fortune, and at first he had so regarded it.

  • I fear, however, he put himself to more inconvenience than I wished.

  • He knew that his talents, his position, and his friends would have won for him promotion, had he put himself in the way of winning it.

  • Sit down there and write to him; tell him to put himself entirely in my hands.

  • Even if she hated him, he at all events ought not to put himself in the wrong by neglecting this ancient rite.

  • Was it wise to put himself into a position where he might have to eat his words?

  • It was not fair to her to put himself in such a false position; in fact, not decent.

  • He had friends, knew how to choose them, cultivate them, visit them, live with them, put himself on their level without haughtiness or baseness.

  • He took public leave of the King and of all the Court before going away, to put himself in the hands of the doctors.

  • Praslin, who had the command of our cavalry, put himself at the head of some Irish battalions which under him did wonders.

  • Undoubtedly he might; but the pious man was unwilling to put himself in opposition to God.

  • He did everything to put himself in the way of conviction, was constant at the evening meetings, wore a grave face, refrained from play, and tried to feel anxious.

  • It seems that after some of his former attacks he tried to put himself on his former footing of intimacy with Peel, and wrote to him 'My dear Peel.

  • The object of the malcontents is to prevail on Lord Lansdowne to put himself at the head of the party and the Government, if one can be made, not objecting to Lord John's leading the House of Commons.

  • You are to keep out of his way, he says, and he will not seek to put himself in yours.

  • Roland lazily proceeded to the outer passage, and, when he saw who was standing there, he put himself into a passion.

  • You tell your brother not to put himself in my way," said he, in a low tone, his lips scarcely moving.

  • I might have known that if there was a boy in the college school who would delight to put himself forward to trample on one younger and more sensitive than himself, it would be Pierce senior.

  • Alessandro, delighted to rid himself of a man so unaccommodating in the affairs of Florence, furthered a plan which relieved him of one murder at least, and advised Strozzi to put himself at the head of Catherine's household.

  • Not to come to Amboise would constitute the crime of treason; but if he came, he put himself in the power of the Crown.

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