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Example sentences for "directs"

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directors; directorship; directory; directress; directrix; direful; direfull; direly; diremption; dirent
  1. Whatsoever the spirit aims at, which way soever it turns and directs its flight, thither it shall be constrained to go eternally.

  2. If anything seem imperfect in itself, yet it is perfect in relation to his glorious ends he directs it unto.

  3. And no answer would satisfy but the gospel itself, that directs unto the very fountain of life, and holds “forth the kingdom of God” as the true happiness of men to be sought.

  4. But a good man’s work is easy and pleasant, directs to a good and peaceable end, Isa.

  5. Because the people consider not, because consciences have given over speaking to them, therefore the Lord directs his word to the dumb earth.

  6. Here comes another force--the force of will, which directs the action of some of the vital forces, but not that of others.

  7. He has a steel cylinder slung on his back, and in a second, without any pumping, he directs a jet of fluid upon the fire.

  8. In a second the engine whistles, there is a spurt of water, and the fireman directs the jet from the distant head of the ladder to a tank in the centre of the yard.

  9. The Holy Writings, that Great Light in Masonry, which guides us to all truth, directs our path to the temple of happiness, and points out the whole duty of man.

  10. The Rule directs us to punctually observe our duty, press forward in the path of virtue, and, inclining neither to the right nor to the left, in all our actions to have eternity in view.

  11. They know everything that has been, that is, and that will be on earth and in heaven; they know the most secret thoughts of mankind, and they direct hearts as the wind directs tree leaves.

  12. His holiness alone directs the state, and whatever is done on earth proceeds from his will.

  13. We must affirm, no doubt, that God creates this force and directs its evolution, but it is a contradiction to say at once that He creates it and that it is unproductive.

  14. Hawkins, the editor of Walton, says that fine gravel should be strewed at the bottom of the vessel that contains the fish; and he directs them to be fed on bread and gentles, and to have their water frequently changed.

  15. If, rather, it be a part or phase of that something which directs and determines the expenditure of force, then it is not subject to the laws of the latter, and there is no ground for inferring its exhaustibility.

  16. The bird directs him to follow the high road.

  17. Speculation is valuable to science only as it directs the mind into otherwise-undiscoverable paths; but when the truth is found, there is an end to speculation.

  18. There is a nominal chief in each tribe, who sometimes acquires great influence and privileges by his wealth or personal prowess, but he has no authority, and only directs the movements of his band in warlike incursions.

  19. At Trinidad Bay they were 'governed by a ruler, who directs where they shall go both to hunt and fish.

  20. The foundation of the Doukhobors' teaching consists in the belief that the Spirit of God is present in the soul of man, and directs him by its word within him.

  21. But it is the active life which directs and controls the contemplative, as is clear from the words addressed to Moses: Go down and charge the people, lest they should have a mind to pass the limits to see the Lord.

  22. In the same way legal justice is termed a general virtue in that it directs the acts of all the virtues to the common good.

  23. It has, however, a certain general aspect in that, by its commands, it directs all the acts of the virtues to the Divine Good.

  24. But some deny that religion directs a man to God alone, thus: 1.

  25. But religion has God for its object, for it directs us to God alone.

  26. But religion directs man to God, not indeed as towards its object, but as towards its goal.

  27. But it is his second duty, and a close second, to do everything the law will let him do for the public good, and not merely what the law directs or compels him to do.

  28. But I hold it to be his second duty, and a close second, to do everything the law will let him do for the public good, and not merely what the law compels or directs him to do.

  29. On the other hand, one who lives in a mental atmosphere of ill-health, as sick and unhealthy people very often do, unconsciously directs all his sub-conscious activities in such a way as to produce sickness and disease.

  30. On the other hand, one who lives in a mental atmosphere of limitation and lack, unconsciously directs all his actions towards the production, in his life, of penury and restricted means.

  31. Here is seen the value of true religion, for it brings fresh ideals into the life and directs the attention to higher and better things.

  32. One who lives in the mental atmosphere of Divine Wholeness, health and harmony, unconsciously directs all the inner forces of nature into health channels.

  33. Thus St. Peter directs us to be sober, and now says further: And fix your hope firmly (or with all deliberation) on the grace which is offered you.

  34. Now the Apostle directs further how a woman should conduct herself toward other people.

  35. St. Peter directs that this should take place without murmuring; that no one should suffer it to seem too much for him.

  36. He moreover directs that the term of Forts, by which they are designated, be changed into Posts.

  37. As the missal directs that water should be mingled with the sacramental wine, often while saying mass he would be troubled in his conscience for fear he had not put sufficient water.

  38. It follows that the poetical mind is one full of the eternal forms of beauty and perfection; these are its material of thought, its instrument and medium of observation--these colour each object to which it directs its view.

  39. After these 'Our Host', who occupies the centre of the cavalcade, directs them to the Knight as the person who would be likely to commence their task of each telling a tale in their order.

  40. To this knowledge which all men carry about with them, and to these sympathies in which, without any other discipline than that of our daily life, we are fitted to take delight, the Poet principally directs his attention.

  41. An erratum at the end directs us to correct the second verse, thus: Asleep on Bunker's charnel hill afar.

  42. LOVE seems to resume all the obligations of parents toward their offspring; certainly, it directs all their actions, and they fulfil these obligations ill or well according to the quality of that love.

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